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In Harry Potter fanworks, Slytherin!Harry is a shorthand for a type of AU in which Harry has been sorted (or sometimes re-sorted) into Slytherin rather than Gryffindor. It is probably the most common example of the highly popular sorting AU. Slytherin!Harry is a label mostly applied to fanfiction, but it is also a recognized theme in fanart, graphics, and meta. Sometimes the term is also used merely for stories in which there is an emphasis on Harry's Slytherin qualities, rather than only for a literal sorting.

Fan Perspectives

Fans who dislike the Slytherin!Harry trope, or at least the execution of it, tend to follow similar lines as the broader fannish discussions about Slytherin house and the canon bigotry it is associated with. For one example, see an excerpt of a meta by hapennydreams in response to a tumblr ask:

" I think they [...] have the potential to be deeply interesting, but I see a lot of Slytherin!Harry fics which tend more towards “Hey! Pureblood culture is a thing!” (do you mean: aristocracy and classism) and “Hey! Purebloods are experiencing #cultural genocide!” (no they aren’t) and “Hey! Purebloods have a reason to hate muggle-borns that’s actually scientific and not based on racism!” (Sure Jan.) [...] There’s very rarely any depth given to this, it’s very rare for Harry to ever challenge the things his Pureblood housemates tell him, very rare for him to ever go “that sounds like bullshit” or “even if you think that muggle-borns dilute pureblood culture… why don’t you teach them your culture?”. [...] There’s a very limited number of good Slytherin!Harry fics."[1]

There's also a comedic edge to the idea of a Slytherin!Harry, considering the strong reactions characters have to the house system. One tumblr post proposes the idea of Sirius Black breaking into the Gryffindor dorms, unaware of Harry's Slytherin status.[2]

There's also the subject of the Harry & Snape dynamic:

tbh the best part of a slyrtherin [sic] harry au is that snape would be constantly in a war of "make this literal child's life miserable because i don't like his dad" vs "favor my own house and let them get away with literally anything and never dock points from them"[3]


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