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The following are lists of fan conventions that are or were held at regularly scheduled intervals (annually, biennially, etc.). For a complete list of all conventions documented on Fanlore, see Category:Conventions.

Conventions Still Running

  • Anglicon, a midsized mediacon in the Pacific Northwest
  • AnimagiC, a German anime and manga con held since 1999.
  • Arisia, Boston area SF con held since 1989.
  • Balticon, Baltimore SF con held since 1967.
  • Boskone, an SF con and sister-con to Arisia; held in Boston since 1941
  • Close Quarters, 2007-present (July). Bi-yearly (odd-numbered years) Professionals con in Maryland, USA.
  • Comic-Con, 1970-present (July) yearly, in San Diego, CA, USA. Huge.
  • Con 70 2015 [1]. 70's TV & Movie SF convention - Melbourne Victoria Australia.
  • Con*Cept, 1989-present (October). SFF con in Montreal, Canada.
  • CON.TXT, a multi-fandom slash con held in Silver Spring, Maryland (Con.Txt website)
  • Connexions, 1999-2005 (April), returned in 2015 (July). Multimedia slash con held in Northern Virginia, USA.
  • Creation Cons, procons run by Creation Entertainment
  • Connichi, a German anime and manga con held since 2002.
  • DexCon, yearly comic fanfic con in Toronto, Canada.
  • Dragon*Con, 1987-present. Massive convention held yearly in Atlanta, GA, USA.
  • Eastern Media Con, 2007-present (October). Multimedia con created to fill the gap left by Eclecticon, held in Newark, NJ, USA.
  • Escapade, a slash relaxacon near Santa Barbara open to all fandoms (Escapade home page)
  • Fedcon, 1992-present (April/May). Trek and Sci-Fi media con, usually held in Bonn, Germany.
  • German Comic Con (GCC), 2015-present. Gen Multifandom con held in Dortmund, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich on several dates.
  • Finncon, 1986-present. Fan-run science fiction and fantasy con held in Finland.
  • Hanami, a midsized German anime and manga con held since 2006.
  • Intercon, 1992-present, a LARP con
  • KisCon, 2008-present (May). Kirk/Spock con held in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • Koon-ut-Cali-Con, a Southern California K/S con
  • LosCon, The Los Angeles Regional Science Fantasy Convention
  • Magic Con, 2018-?, a new German con for Fantasy media franchises, successor to the defunct Ring*Con
  • MediaWest*Con, the biggest fan-only media con (
  • M.E.M.E., the Midwest Entertainment and Media Expo ([2])
  • Nattercon, (1989-present). A small Professionals con held in the UK.
  • Necronomicon, (?-present). Fan-run science fiction con held in Florida.
  • New York Comic Con, 2006-present. Multi-fandom convention held in New York, NY.
  • NotJustAnotherCon. Con held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from 1985[1] to 2002[2].
  • Pacificon, aka Bitchin' Party. Seattle area.
  • Redemption 1999-present. Multifandom con held in Coventry, UK.
  • REVELcon, 1989-present (March). Multimedia con held in Houston, TX, USA.
  • SwanCon, Australia's longest-running science fiction convention, starting in 1976.
  • Vidcon, 1991-present (July). Multimedia con held in St. Petersburg, FL, USA.
  • VidUKon, vidding convention held in the UK starting 2008.
  • Vividcon, Chicago convention dedicated to vids (Vividcon home page)
  • Westercon, 1948-present. Science fiction con held in western North America.
  • WinchesterCon, 2006-present (October). A Supernatural con that was slash-only for its first year, but now is for all Supernatural fans. It moves to a different city each year.
  • WisCon, 1977-present (May). Feminist-oriented science fiction convention and conference held in Madison, Wisconsin. (WisCon home page)
  • Worldcon, SF con that includes media fan panels (World Science Fiction Society)
  • Writercon, 2004-present (summer). Fanfiction convention focusing on TV fandoms.(Writercon home page)
  • WriterconUK, 2006-present (summer). Small UK-based fanfiction and fanart convention.
  • Yaoi-Con, 2001-present (September). An anime and manga slash/yaoi con held in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Discontinued Conventions

These cons are defunct or on hiatus.

Failed Conventions


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