The Bash at the Loft

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Name: The Bash at the Loft or 'BashCon'
Dates: 1997-2000
Frequency: yearly in August
Location: Maryland, USA
Type: small fan-run convention, fan con
Focus: The Sentinel
Organization: AMC Press
Founder: TACS?
Founding Date: 1997?
URL: WayBack Archive link to the 2000 convention website
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The Bash at the Loft or 'BashCon' was a fan-run slash convention held in Maryland that focused on the TV show Sentinel. It ran for four years, from 1997 to 2000, and styled itself as "A Zine Relax - A - Con". The convention was also the place to announce the winners of the "Golden Guppy Awards for the 'best' in 'Sentinel' fandom."

In spite of its Sentinel focus the convention page stated: "ALL FANDOMS (STAR WARS:TPM, Professionals, One West Wakiki, Man from Uncle, Due South, Starsky and Hutch, Stargate SG1, Blake 7, etc.) WILL BE REPRESENTED AT THE CON WITH EMPHASIS ON 'THE SENTINEL'."



Sept. 4-6

"Bash at the Loft III -- Labour Day weekend of 1999. Same as the previous two years, with a few extras, including a Panel Thinker Upper. It will be held at the same hotel in Baltimore again.

Memberships limit is 100. The price will be $25 until January 1, 1999, then it will go up to $30. The dealer tables will be $25.

And there may be a surprise guest!

For info, email Bash at the Loft, or you can also contact: Carole Swoboda." [1]




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