Tribal Forces

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Name: Tribal Forces
Dates: 2006-
Frequency: annual
Location: Eastern Pennsylvania
Type: fan run, slash fan con
Focus: multifandom
Founding Date: 2006
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2006 Convention logo

Tribal Forces is a small fan run slash convention held in April in Eastern Pennsylvania. Initially, Stargate and The Sentinel were the heavy favorites with the group, but the number of fandoms represented has grown over the years. The convention supports two charities: the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Moonridge charities. In 2008 Tribal Forces raised $200 for each charity.


  • 2006, April 21-23 - Valley Forge Convetion Center; hotel in the Scanticon, meeting room in the lower level of the Radisson (~a 15 min walk between them).
  • 2007, April 27-29 - Valley Forge Convetion Center; everything was on the Radisson side; meeting room was in the middle of the Main Line Mothers of Multiples convention.
  • 2008, April 18-20 - Homewood Suites
  • 2009, April 17-19 - Homewood Suites; decided to move because we were starting to outgrow the space.
  • 2010, April 16-18 - Courtyard by Mariott
  • 2011
  • 2012


From their website:

Who are we? Good question! We are seven fans who seem to have lost our minds. Back in 2006 the studio was releasing season one of The Sentinel on DVD. A small group of people decided to get together to celebrate. This small group quickly grew and grew and eventually it was decided that an outside location was going to be needed. This was the very simple birth of Tribal Forces.
Over the past few years we have survived many situations:
  • business meetings that we disturbed with our vids and laughter
  • cranky hotel guests who had ridiculously early flights
  • national high school debate team mobs bowling us over in hotel hallways
  • nosy hotel guests who just wanted to check out our items
  • oh and let us not forget the MMOMs *shudders*

Convention Reports


The convention offers a variety of programming: Friday afternoon trips to attractions, a Friday night kick-off dinner, discussion panels, dealers room, fandom pimpage, silent and live auctions to raise funds for charities, and a Saturday night Chocolate PJ party.

2009 Programming

  • New in 2008/2009
  • SG-1 Movies? What did/do we think?
  • Underappreciated pairings in popular fandoms
  • Slash Issues
  • Crossovers
  • AUs
  • Intro to Astronomy - International Year of Astronomy
  • "I'll watch anything with _______ in it."
  • Pimp my show
  • Stargate Universe - aka Babygate
  • NCIS vs the CSI Franchise
  • Heroes
  • Slashability
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Slashing the Legend (Merlin)
  • Accuracy in fan Fiction?
  • Torchwood? Slash? Cannon?
  • TV Shows vs Movie Reincarnation
  • Supernatural
  • Stargate Atlantis - The Ending and the Beginning
  • Military Fandoms and DADT

2012 Programming

  • What Were They Thinking?
  • Supernatural
  • Gateway Drugs Are The Best! (what got you into fandom?)
  • NCIS - The #1 Scripted Show in Television
  • Remake and Reboot
  • Fandom Through The Decates - Part 1
  • The Future of the Stargate Franchise
  • Open Book or Dirty Little Secret
  • Game of Thrones - Book and TV Show
  • Writing
  • Hawaii-5-o
  • Oh God Not Another New Show!
  • Castle - The People's Choice
  • It's All Over
  • Women in Crime Dramas
  • Sherlock (BBC)
  • Alive And Kicking in Fandom
  • NCIS:LA - Man Are They Married or What?
  • Dr Who
  • Help! I'm Addicted to White Collar
  • Fandom Through the Decades - Part 2
  • Sanctuary
  • Fringe
  • Convention Stories
  • Real or Fake? I Don't Care (reality shows)