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Name: ClexaCon
Dates: 2017 - present
Frequency: Yearly
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Type: Procon
Focus: Femslash, The 100‎, Multifandom
Founder: Holly Winebarger, Ashley Arnold, Danielle Jablonski
Founding Date: 2017
URL: ClexaCon
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ClexaCon is a multimedia convention held in Las Vegas. While the convention is named after The 100 ship Clexa it is aimed at queer female fans across all fandoms.


After the death of Lexa on The 100 and a growing number of female LGBT character deaths that were happening in 2016, Holly Winebarger, Ashley Arnold, and Danielle Jablonski started to plan ClexaCon, a multimedia con for LGBTQ women and allies.[1] It was originally intended to be a small fan-run convention of around 100 people but grew into a much bigger event after more interest was shown online.


The first con, held in March 2017, featured several panels and workshops as well "reunion" panels between actors of popular ships such as BAM from All My Children, Hollstein from Carmilla, Shoot from Person of Interest, Spashley from South of Nowhere and the Saving Face cast.


The second ClexaCon was held April 5 - 9 2018. There was also a London ClexaCon on Nov 3 - 4, 2018.


The third ClexaCon was held April 11 - 15, 2019.


On April 15th, 2019, Jiji Knight started a twitter thread sharing their experience at ClexaCon'19 as a vendor in the artist alley.[2] The thread summarised how there was no promotion of the artists, no vendor list on the official website, and little signage at the con to show attendees where artist alley was. As a result several vendors did very poorly in sales. There was also confusion around vendors having paid different amounts for table space. Jiji encouraged others to share their experience using #clexapocalypse, which several more vendors and attendees did.[3] Outside of stories from artist alley, there was also concern that the heavy fandom promotion, particularly for Wynonna Earp and the Arrowverse, lead to the space having a more cis white lesbian focus and was less welcoming to other orientations. On April 17, five core staff members stepped down from their positions within ClexaCon, citing personal reasons.[4][5][6][7][8]

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