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Pairing: Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught
Alternative name(s): WayHaught
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Wynonna Earp
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: popular
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Waverly/Nicole, commonly known as WayHaught, is the juggernaut pairing of Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught from the Wynonna Earp fandom. Their RPF equivalent is known as DomKat.

The ship is incredibly popular, and is pretty unanimously shipped within the Wynonna Earp fandom, even among fans who also enjoy the likes of romantic Wynaught or Earpcest. Outside of Earpers, the ship is fairly well known in the wider sapphic fandom community, even amongst lesbian and bi fans who have never seen the show.


Waverly Earp is the youngest Earp sister. She lost her father when she was six. Her mother walked out sometime before that. She witnessed Wynonna shooting him accidentally while trying to protect her family from The Seven and witnessed Willa's abduction.[1]

Nicole Haught is a police officer with the Purgatory Sheriff's Department. She keeps a blog detailing some of the more colorful experiences she has in town, her affection for local barmaid Waverly Earp, and her growing suspicions regarding the bizarre happenings of Purgatory.[2]

These two begin their relationship in episode 9 of season 1, with Waverly calling Nicole her kinda girlfriend and admiting she loves her in the season finale. Ultimately the two are married in the final episode of season 4, the series finale.

The name 'Wayhaught' is actually referenced in the show itself.


Wayhaught gif featuring text from Emily Andras' June 2016 interview confirming both characters would survive Season 1

The pairing became popular very quickly after Nicole was introduced in the second episode and openly flirts with Waverly. However at the time of airing, the 2015-2016 TV season was in the mist of having several high profile shows using the Bury Your Gays trope. The most high profile death was Commander Lexa from the 100, whose shocking shooting lead to a massive fan backlash and the Lexa Deserved Better campaign.

In the lead up to the season 1 finale many fans worried that Wayhaught would follow this trend. Potential new viewers claimed they would not watch the show out of fear that it would kill off either Waverly or Nicole - with some fans choosing to avoid all wlw content on TV.[3] While there were concerns for both queer characters, most fans expected Nicole to die and that Wynnona's sister was more likely to survive.

These concerns prompted showrunner Emily Andras to address audience fears over the ship and the Bury Your Gays trope in general.[4] She confirmed (two months before the season finale) that both characters would be alive and very much in love at the end of season 1.

Emily Andras knows LGBT fandom. And she wants to reassure us that we can trust her with our stories.

The Canadian TV writer and producer served as showrunner on the much-beloved Showcase series Lost Girl, one of only a few shows in TV history to give queer women a happy ending, and is the creator of the new Syfy show Wynonna Earp, which is building an enthusiastic queer female fanbase based on its WayHaught coupling.


She also wants us to know that, through Hell and high water, Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught make it out of the first season very much alive.[4]

The show went on to avoid the trope with Nicole in its finale by having her wear a bullet proof vest when shot. This was particularly loved within the fandom as there had been jokes about lesbian characters needing a bullet proof vest to survive the current TV climate.[5][6]

Iconic Moments & Memes

There are several moments, both onscreen and off, that are regularly referenced in the fandom. These quotes, scenes, and moments have become memes and in-jokes, and are referenced in fanworks, whether they be in art pieces, crack vids, or fics.

  • "You're a lesbian not a unicorn right?"
  • "I'd do a lot of things to you." "For me?" "Yeah that too."
  • Sexy Cheerleader - A scene where Goo-verly dances seductively in a cheerleader costume for Nicole
  • Stairs - Iconic sex scene known throughout sapphic fandom generally, and praised for its portrayal of lesbian sex.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Fluff
  • Angst or Hurt/Comfort
  • Omegaverse - Usually with Alpha!Nicole and Omega!Waverly.
  • Height Difference - Nicole is very tall in comparison to Waverly
  • Daddy!Haught
  • Wynonna interruptus - Trope describing Wynonna's habit of interrupting Wayhaught before they can go any further. Equivalent of a cockblock.






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