Waverly Earp

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Name: Waverly Gibson Earp
Relationships: Nicole Haught - Wife
Fandom: Wynonna Earp
Other: Played by Dom P-C
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Waverly Earp is a character from Wynonna Earp and one half of the femslash ship Wayhaught. Her relationship with her sister, the titular Wynonna, is one of the most important in the show, and this is often reflected in fanworks. She is a canon bisexual.


Waverly Earp was raised the daughter of the late Ward Earp and Michelle Earp. She is the younger sister of Wynonna Earp and the late Willa Earp. She is introduced as dating Champ Hardy but soon breaks up with him. Her relationship with Nicole Haught continues throughout the series.

It's revealed in Season 3 that she is a half-angel.


Queer Identity

For some time, her canon sexuality appeared to be ambiguous. Though she had been in a relationship with Champ, prior to Nicole, fans were a little divided on whether she was bisexual, or a repressed lesbian with comphet. This was especially unclear with characters using 'lesbian' to describe her, such as by her mother in Season 3. It wasn't until Season 4 that it was clearly established that she is, in fact, bisexual, with the word itself being used, and Waverly herself corrects someone who assumes she's a lesbian.

After Waverly's actor, Dom P-C, came out as non binary, fics began to appear in which Waverly was as well.


Nicole Haught/Waverly Earp is the juggernaut pairing in the fandom, and all other ships featuring Waverly are rarepairs. Other ships include Waverly Earp/Rosita Bustillos, featuring a character she canonically kisses in the show, and Earpcest, the romantic incest ship between herself and Wynonna.


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