Dom P-C

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Name: Dom P-C
Also Known As: Dom Provost-Chalkley
Occupation: Actor
Medium: TV
Works: Wynonna Earp
Avengers: Age of Ultron
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Dom P-C is an actor most well known for their role as Waverly Earp, one half of the femslash ship Wayhaught, in the TV series Wynonna Earp. In 2017 they crossed sapphic fandoms, playing Elle in the Carmilla Movie, and had a very brief appearance in the second Avengers film.

In 2021, they came out as non binary, and revealed they use they/them pronouns. Fics involving genderqueer!Waverly began to arise at the time, though knowledge of Dom's coming out still seems to be unknown to certain parts of the fandom. Their appearance at Earp Fest 2022 seems to have lead to a small spurt of new fics featuring non binary Waverly, especially AUs and post-canon fics, and a greater number of Earpers knowing about their identity.

They're also known for their activist work, creating the non-profit Start the Wave which is partnered with the Earp convention non-profit EH Con Canada.


As with many of the other actors from the show, Dom is a much beloved member of the Earper family.


#DomIsTheBombThursday is a hashtag that fans use every Thursday to tweet about Dom, and it'll occasionally trend on Twitter.


They are both platonically and romantically shipped with their Wayhaught costar Kat Barrell.