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Name: Wynonna Earp
Creator: Emily Andras
Date(s): April 1, 2016 - present
Medium: television show
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: Wynonna Earp official website

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Wynonna Earp is a SyFy tv series based on the comic book series by Beau Smith.


The series follows Wynonna Earp, a descendant of Wyatt Earp. When she returns home to her hometown of Purgatory for her uncle's funeral, she turns 27 and discovers that she is the current Earp heir. As such, she is able to send Revenants (previously killed by Wyatt Earp) back to hell using Peacemaker. Deputy Marshall Dolls of the Black Badge Division recruits her, her sister Waverly, and eventually Doc Holliday to deal with the Revenants and other supernatural threats in Purgatory.

Judging from dialog in the pilot, and the show bible(from 2014-ish?), the town of Purgatory seems to be set around the Montana border and the Badlands of Alberta, Canada.


Main characters

Recurring characters


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As of July 2016, the vast majority of works for Wynonna Earp on AO3 are femslash. It is notable for averting the the Bury Your Gays trope with Nicole Haught during the 2015-2016 tv season.



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