Sapphire (Steven Universe)

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Name: Sapphire
Occupation: Crystal Gem
Relationships: Ruby (Spouse), Steven Universe (Guardian of), Amethyst (Crystal Gem), Pearl (Crystal Gem)
Fandom: Steven Universe
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Cyclops Sapphire cosplay by SquidInkCosplays

Sapphire is a Steven Universe character. When fused with Ruby, she forms Garnet, the defacto leader of the Crystal Gems. Sapphire's canonical ability to see the future makes her high-status among gems, one of Blue Diamond's most valuable agents. While she originally worked against the rebellion on earth, after a short fusion with Ruby, the two ran away together.

Sapphire is rarely seen on her own; both she and Ruby prefer to be Garnet most of the time. For most of the series, only extreme stress, emotional or physical, breaks them apart. However, by the end of the series, they sometimes spend time apart to relate to each other as separate individuals before re-fusing. She and Ruby are among the few pairs of gems who will sometimes fuse by accident; they are so in sync with each other that any contact often results in a fusion.

The wedding following Ruby's proposal to her was the first F/F marriage in a mainstream US cartoon show.[1]


Many fanworks speculate about Sapphire's history with Blue Diamond before the events on earth. Before the final season of Steven Universe, nobody knew how Ruby and Sapphire had first fused, so there are many now-jossed fics showing how they met and what caused their first fusion.


Sapphire is almost exclusively paired with Ruby. This is likely due to its canon nature, and Garnet's statement that "Three's a crowd", indicating a lack of romantic interest in anyone else. Very few fanworks are made pairing Sapphire with anyone else--even Reader-Insert fic tends to be Ruby/Sapphire/Reader.

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