Charlie Bradbury

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Name: Charlie Bradbury
Occupation: IT, Hacker, Hunter
Relationships: Gertrude Middleton (mother)
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: played by Felicia Day
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Charlie Bradbury is a fictional recurring character from the Supernatural television series, portrayed by Felicia Day.



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Winchesters: assisting Dean and Sam on their hunts or other encounters with the supernatural, can been seen as a type of casefic
  • Charlie Lives: Charlie does not die in Season 10, or is resurrected
  • Supporting Character: usually a featured secondary character in stories focused on Sam and Dean
  • Apocalypse World: in season 13 Charlie's Apocalypse World self is brought into the show's universe, to help distinguish between the two Charlies fans will often use Apocalypse World!Charlie or alt!Charlie to help differentiate between the two in fanworks


After Charlie's death in Season 10 there was some accusations of the show using fridging, in this case killing Charlie to push Dean's revenge storyline, and using the trope known as Dead Lesbian Syndrome


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