Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy Baum

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Pairing: Charlie Bradbury/Dorothy Baum
Alternative name(s): Darlie
Gender category: Femslash, F/F
Fandom: Supernatural
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: Rare
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Charlie/Dorothy is the femslash pairing of Charlie Bradbury and Dorothy Baum in the Supernatural fandom.


Dorothy Baum is a hunter whose father was L. Frank Baum, a member of the Men of Letters. Desperate when it appeared that The Wicked Witch could not be killed, Dorothy used a spell to bind herself and the Wicked Witch, keeping them both trapped in stasis at the Men of Letters bunker for decades. After Charlie Bradbury killed the Wicked Witch, she and Dorothy went to Oz in order to continue fighting against the Witch's forces.

After the war was won by Charlie's dark side, Dorothy became the new leader of Oz alongside the Wizard of Oz. Unknown to Dorothy, the Wizard was evil. After Charlie killed the Wizard on Earth by killing his good side, Clive Dylan, Dorothy and Oz were safe again and Dorothy was left the sole leader of Oz. Charlie was unable to return to Oz to rejoin Dorothy however as her dark side broke the Key to Oz.[1]



  • Charlie/Dorothy has consistently been within the top 100 femslash pairings on Archive of Our Own ranking:
    • 57th in 2015[2]
    • 65th in 2016[3]
    • 78th in 2017[4]

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Charlie Lives: Most fanworks set in canon circumvent Charlie's death.


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