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Name: Root (alias);
Samantha Groves (birth name)
Occupation: Computer hacker/all round criminal
Location: New York City
Status: Alive
Relationships: Harold Finch (canon: nemesis, and then later begrudging father figure) Agent Sameen Shaw (canon: love interest)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Other: Portrayed by Amy Acker
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Root is a recurring character on Person of Interest, who was initially established as Harold Finch's adversary in the Season 1 finale. Although she is first mentioned in s1e13 as the architect of a major crime, she first appears in s1e22, where she orders a hit on herself to draw Harold Finch and John Reese out. She has guessed the existence of the machine, and wants to interact with it, since unlike people, the Machine is perfect. In an attempt to find Harold, Reese finds out that Root originates from Bishop, Texas. Born Samantha Groves, her first act as a criminal was avenging her friend's rape and death. Throughout the series, Root's machine worship makes her become an asset to Team Machine, and thus she begins to form a working relationship with them, although Harold is continuously suspicious of her.


Her belief that people are "bad code" and thus murdering them is not morally problematic initially alienates her from the audience.


The most common pairing for Root is Root/Shaw, though there is also some speculation that Root could have interacted with Nathan Ingram while he was still alive. Some other more minor and rare ships featuring Root have emerged, such as Root/Zoe Morgan, and then some crackships such as Root/Reese.

Fanon and Common Tropes

Root has a very active fandom since her first appearance in Season 2, although her complicated relationship with Harold initally earned her some fandom hate, as people are very protective of Harold. As their relationship grew and matured, however, the fandom became far more interested in it. Ever since the Machine appointed Root as her Analogue Interface, there has been a lot of interest in the dynamics of Root/The Machine, including artwork featuring a humanoid machine. Her relationship with Sameen Shaw was very popular, spawning the very popular Root/Shaw ship since Season 2, and was confirmed in Season 4 as a romantic with an onscreen kiss in episode 11. Root's friendship with John Reese has also earned them the nickname Murder-in-laws or Team Rocket.

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