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Name: Fanfest
Dates: 2000-2004
Frequency: yearly
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Type: fan con
Focus: Hanson
Organization: Rizocking Productions
Founder: De
Founding Date: 2000
URL:,, and
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A lanyard from Fanfest 2001

Fanfest was a fan-run Hanson convention that was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Other events under the same name or similar names have been held in other cities at other times.


The first Fanfest was held at River Park in Tulsa on Thursday, July 27 prior to the first concert of Hanson's This Time Around Tour.[1]

The original announcement of the event was posted on HansonHouse:[2]

I am trying to get the word out that we are having a HANSON FANFEST July the 27th in conjunction with the Hanson concert in Tulsa. The FANFEST will be at the Riverside park in between 15th and 21st street on Riverside Dr. It will be held from 10:00-2:00 and there will be contests and games, face painting and artwork. Fans can bring picnic lunches or eat at the restaurant called Rivers Edge at the location. The Festival is free but in order to get in you must bring canned goods or dry food for Tulsa Food Bank or a new toy for DVIS. If you have any questions you can e-mail me.


Hanson Fanfest 2001 was organized by Laura, Lindsay, Shannon Eddington and Ashley and held in River West Festival Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 24, 2001.[3]

The event featured several contests, including a giveaway of a drawing by Monica Geist of Masterpiece of Hanson and a t-shirt donated by Hanson themselves. Several bands performed, including Black Midnight, Emalya and Invizible. Secrets and Jessica Harp headlined and an afterparty was held immediately following at Adams Mark Hotel. From Syah's review:

The afterparty was scheduled for 9:30 p.m. immediately following HansonFest at the Adams Mark Hotel in Tulsa. Members of the Staff, all of the Bands that performed at Hansonfest were present at the party! Things started off a bit slow but, a fun time was had by all. Admiral Twin, Nathan Brant, Jessica Harp, Secrets, Invizable, Emalaya, Black Midnight, Wendi, Blue Background, and Allison Rae Kane where present at the afterparty. Many signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. HTP magazine was also present and did interviews for the next issue.

One sad note was that because of security reasons Hanson could not enter the Hotel! Well, there's always next year to look forward to. I'm sure they were as disappointed as we were that they couldn't make an appearance at the Afterparty!

I left the party a bit early but, I did manage to get several autographs and pictures. I meet alot of people there that I became friends with over the internet. I wanna give a shout out to Erin, Shanna, and all the members of "Black Midnight", Barbara and Becka, Ashley, Ashley's mom and her 2 little sisters Kendra and Kasey from Tulsa and to Kirsten and her dad from New York!" I also wanna say "Hi!" to Josh/Laura the Zac look alike. You did an awesome job of being Zac for a day! You Rock! Tammy aka (SYAH)

An attempt was also made to organize a Fanfest in Michigan this year.


Fanfest 2002 was organized by the same fans as the 2002 event and was held on July 13 at Curly's in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Taylor and his wife Natalie were spotted at the event, their first public sighting together since their wedding the month before.[4] The event featured performances from Tina Rose, Upside, Hero Factor, Nathan Brant and Admiral Twin.[5]

Ashley Greyson was at Fanfest. We met him, so he knew we were French and a little while after he came to us and brought us to the "VIP" balcony. It was around 10 p.m. Nathan Brant was playing. Isaac came first, then Taylor. They were really nice. We talked about our trip in Us and they also ask where we live in France. We ask about the album, if they were still in Studio and they said yes ... . They also talked about a documentary wich will be released soon... We talked about the song "Someone" (Half in French, half in English). It was funny. All I want to say is that they were really really nice.

A small Fanfest was also held in Barcelona, Spain this year, and attempts were made to organize events in London and Six Flags Over Texas (under the name "When Fansons Attack").


Rizocking Productions, run by Shannon Eddington and Tara Jay, planned Fanfest for this year. It was held at Cronie's in Tulsa on July 13.

Related Events

Attempts were made to organize a Fanfest in California in 2005.[6] Other such smaller events have been organized around the world over the years, such as numerous events held by Hanson Philippines.

In July 2003 and May 2007, Hanson invited fan club members to come to Tulsa to sit in on live recordings for their EPs.[7][8] Beginning in 2009, this became a yearly "Members Only Event" (or MOE) during the month of May that functions as an official continuation of Fanfest.[9] [10] The event took place at Halloween in 2010 (including a costume contest), but has otherwise been held in May and now coincides with the band's Hop Jam festival. Since 2012, it has been known as Hanson Day, despite taking place over an entire weekend. Fans often plan their own unofficial events throughout the weekend, including picnics, pub crawls and afterparties.


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