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Science Fiction Convention
Name: NotJustAnotherCon
Dates: 1985-to at least 2002
Location: University of Massachusetts in Amherst
Founding Date:
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"This convention is sponsored by the University of Massachusetts (Amherst); Science Fiction Society. The organization was founded by A. Joseph Ross, who for many years was very active in NESFA and Boston fandom. Note that, at the second con, the writer, artist, and fan guests of honor are the same person (well, not Shirley Maiewski). As of NJA4C the sponsors are called the Science fiction Conventioneers of UMass (SCUM). This organization is separate from the UMass SFS for legal and financial reasons."

Guests of Honor

See: NotJustAnotherCon Reference for Fan Gallery, Archived version

Nerdcon (1992)

cover for the subsidiary "Nerdcon." Art by pyracantha.

Yes, that would be me. Not in 1992, but in 1969 which would be a high point in nerdiness for me as well as the ossumness of the Buchla synthesizer and my trip to Europe. I'm wearing my shabby grey sweater and a similarly shabby turtleneck. Fashion and I were not friends in those days. (Or any days, I guess.) I have those hideous black "cat eye" glasses that were popular about 10 years previously, and my hair is frizzy. I'm carrying Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land," published first in 1961, which was the rage among the more intellectual types in the ritzy private school I went to.

"Nerdcon" wasn't a real con, it was a party to be held at "NotJustAnotherCon" at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. The invitees commissioned me to do the program cover art which would also be on the invitations and T-shirt. So "Nerdcon" was a mini-convention inside another convention. I must have gone to it but I don't remember much about it, even without alcohol. This was a college convention so drinking was illegal. As for NerdMe, fortunately by 1970 I had gotten rid of those horrible specs and wore a more modern set.

Original art for this was ink and computer lettering on illustration board, 11" x 14", September 1992. [1]

1985 (1)

Chair was Matthew Saroff.

GoH was Hal Clement and Ben Bova. Artist GoH was Phil Foglio.

1986 (2)

Chair was Matthew Saroff.

Fan artist GoH was George Richard.

Fan GoH was Harry Stubbs.

Maiewski, Shirley - special GoH

1987 (3)

Chair was Ane Livermore.

Frenkel, Jim - editor GoH

Farley, A.C. - art GoH

Vinge, Joan D. - GoH

1988 (4)

Chair was Ane Livermore.

GoH was jan howard finder and Samuel Delaney.

Kidd, Tom - artist GoH

1989 (5)

Yolen, Jane - GoH:

1990 (6)

The six con.

cover of the 1986 program book, artist is Pyracantha, who was also a fan guest of honor.

Wells, H. G. - anachronistic GoH

Drake, David - GoH

Janet and Chris Morris were guests.

1991 (7)

Fan GoH was T.J. Glenn.

Fan GoH was Paul Chadwick.

Elms, Duane - special GoH

GoH was Steven Brust.

Chair was Mike Phipps.

1992 (8)

Longyear, Barry B. - GoH

Doherty, Tom - publisher GoH

Hanson-Roberts, Mary - artist GoH

1993 (9)

Chair was Suzan Palmer.

Kennealy, Patricia - GoH:

1994 (10)

1995 (11)

Judith Tar was one of the GoH. Another was Cortney Skinner.

1996 (12)

1997 (13)

1998 (14)

1998 (15)

2000 (16)

2001 (17)

2002 (18)

The last con.


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