Nine Worlds Geekfest

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Name: Nine Worlds Geekfest
Dates: 2013-Present
Frequency: annual
Location: London area, UK
Type: fan convention
Focus: general fandom
Founder: Erich, Dan and Ludi
Founding Date: August 2013
Ymir the Cuddly Frost Giant, designed by Andrew O. Ellis
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Nine Worlds Geekfest is a multi media, multi-genre residential pop culture convention held annually in or near London, UK. The first three were held near London Heathrow Airport, in different hotels, the 2016 and 2017 conventions in Hammersmith, London.

The focus is mainly on fans interacting with one another, although there are also celebrity guests, book signings and performances. Content is arranged in a number of themed tracks, including general topics such as fanfiction, fannish academia, cosplay and books, as well as tracks for specific fandoms.


The first Nine Worlds, in August 2013, was partially funded by a Kickstarter[1] which achieved more than double its funding goal.


The convention moved hotels once while staying near Heathrow, before moving to Hammersmith.

After a couple of years of growing, the 2016 con included a separate expo for the first time, rather than the previous included dealers' hall. This had a big vision, but was rumoured to have lost money and have very few guests who weren't at the main con.

Commitment to Diversity and Safety

One of the hallmarks of Nine Worlds is its commitment to making the convention as welcoming as possible for all attendees. Measures include a detailed anti-harrassment policy[2] and accessibility information[3], a communication preferences system[4] and participation in Con or Bust[5]. There are also dedicated tracks discussing Race and Culture, LGBTQ themes, and other aspects of diversity. Panellists and moderators are encouraged not to assume someone's gender without asking, and pronoun badges are provided to all attendees.

Cabaret and Disco

The Cabaret on Saturday night is fast becoming a key event. It has included music, dance performance, stand-up comedy, poetry, and in 2014 an on-stage proposal. It has a mixture of serious content and lighter entertainment. It is followed by the disco, with much geek-themed music.


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