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Synonyms: fan gathering, meet up, meet-up, fanmeet
See also: Convention
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A meetup is a gathering for fans, often with a focus on a specific fandom. They allow people to meet and interact based on their shared interest. The term usually refers to Real Life meetings.

Meetups can be independent of conventions, but often take place at an event where people are already gathered based on fannish interests. Meetups at conventions may be fan-run or procon. Fan-run meetups are usually arranged and promoted online.

Ativities at meetups are wide-ranging. Ex: cosplay, skits, dancing, games, trivia, drawing fanart, readings of fanfiction or other content.

Attendence at meetups depends of the location and the size of the fandom.

A Slashbash is a meetup for slash fandom. Meetups can be focused on specific activities, such as cosplay.

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Before the internet, meeting in person was the default method for fans to interact. Letters were time consuming, phone calls could be very expensive and the internet was not a possibility in the palm of your hand as it is nowadays, when we can communicate with a finger key.

With the support of the internet and dating apps like, in-person fan encounters have become even easier than before.

Notable Examples

  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: In 2009, Hetalia fans on LiveJournal created Hetalia Day. Hetalia Day meetups were and are held on October 24th, or as close to it as possible. At the fandom's peak, there were meetups in over 30 countries, with most of the meetups occuring in the United States.[1] In recent years, with the decline of the fandom, there have been fewer meetups, though as of 2018 Hetalia Day was celebrated in 8 countries and 9 states within the U.S. Meetups typically included cosplay, dancing, and games. Each group is supposed to take a photo with the state or national flag of where the meetup takes place. Hetalia Day New York City also raises funds for UNICEF.
  • Homestuck: Homestucks regularly have 4/13 meetups on April 13.

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