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Name: FaberryCon
Dates: 2013-2016
Location: Atlanta, USA
Type: Fan convention
Focus: Femslash
Organization: FF Events, LLC
Founding Date: 2013
URL: faberrycon.com
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FaberryCon was a fan-run convention focused on the Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray femslash pairing from Glee. The group running the convention went on to run TGIF/F.

From the convention website:

"FaberryCon is an in-person gathering of Faberry fans from all over the map to celebrate everything about our awesome ship in amazing ways that can’t be duplicated online. For some, it's a chance to meet their Tumblr friends or favorite fic authors in-person. For others, it's a chance to make new friends they'd never get to meet otherwise. It's certainly a rare opportunity to be in a safe space surrounded by others who love Faberry as much as you do. No matter what your angle, it's going to be a fantastic time."


"There were five FaberryCon conventions from 2013-2016. We brought over 100 fans together from all over the world to celebrate the ship of our hearts. We built family and community, made memories, and created a safe space for queer people to be themselves. Information about these events is still available here on our site, if you're curious to see what kinds of things took place.

Though FaberryCon is officially over, our mission and community lives on at TGIF/F, a multifandom femslash convention run by the same FaberryCon crew. Come join us there!"

See These Curious Times Interview with Jarrow & Leah (2017) for much about FaberryCon.