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Name: TGIF/F, TGI Femslash
Dates: 2016 to present
Frequency: once a year
Location: Los Angeles, Santa Ana
Type: fan convention
Focus: femslash, queer representation in media
Organization: FF Events, LLC
Founding Date: 2015
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TGIF/F - a Gal Pals Convention took place in Los Angeles in February 2016, and featured a wide variety of femslash-focused programming, including discussion panels, film screenings, games and other entertainment. The con is run by the same team that hosted FaberryCon from 2013 to 2016.

The con is described as such:

TGIF/F is a multi-fandom femslash convention designed to bring together various fan communities to build connections, encourage discussion, and create art.

Founded in 2015, TGIF/F provides a safe space for online friends to meet in person and foster new relationships across fandoms both young and old. We celebrate many different kinds of relationships between women, whether officially established onscreen or celebrated by fans through subtext. Together, our voices demonstrate a true demand for femslash representation in media.

See These Curious Times Interview with Jarrow & Leah (2017) for more about TGIF/F.