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Name: Bit of Earth
Date(s): January 2002-December 2003
Founder: Victoria Bitter
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
URL: Bit of Earth at (2003-10-26 edition, earlier posts to "Hobbiton Crier" news are archived there)
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Bit of Earth was a Lord of the Rings-themed charity group created in January 2002 by Victoria Bitter.

It sponsored the creation of a children's reading garden called "Project Elanor" in April 2003. The actor, Sean Astin, was a participant.

"Bit of Earth" was also the sponsor of the scam, Tentmoot, a supposed Lord of the Rings con planed for December 2003. This con was supposed to feature appearances by a number of "Lord of the Rings" actors and various musical acts.

"Bit of Earth" had a mailing list and a website, now offline.

The group generated massive wank due to scams, leadership, and more.

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