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Name: Hanami
Dates: 2006-present
Frequency: annual
Location: Ludwigshafen
Type: fan run
Focus: animanga, cosplay
Organization: Animexx e.V.
Founder: Animexx e.V.
Founding Date: 2006
URL: http://www.hanami-ludwigshafen.de/
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Hanami is a German animanga convention run by fan organisation Animexx e.V. that takes place annually in Ludwigshafen on the first weekend in May. It is named after the traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers in spring, jap. hanami, 花見, “flower viewing”. The mascots of Hanami are a drawn Sakura flower named Kurt and a Kimono wearing girl caled Hana (flower).[1]


The motto of Hanami is: Con meets festival. The event strives to connect elements of regular conventions with elements of traditional japanese festivals (matsuri) and is sometimes described as being like a mix between the German-Japanese festival Japan Day in Düsseldorf and a animanga conventions. In their program for the weekend there is room for aspects of traditional japanese culture, like Taiko concets and other themed workshops, as well as the usual fanish showacts, fanwok workshops, cosplay competitions, games and video rooms.

Usually there are some booths with matsuri like games and for some years there has been a maid café, organized by maid cosplayers.

Since 2008 the Hanami is the venue of one of the German Cosplay Championship (DCM) preliminaries.

Since 2011 there is a grand ceremony with a parade around the city streets (in cooperation with the city of Ludwigshafen).

Since 2012 Hanami also hosts a special cosplay ball.


Hanami was founded in 2006 after there had been previous trouble with the organisation of Con-Neko - another animanga convention in Ludwigshafen. The first Hanami had around 400 visitors, the second one already over a thousand. Till 2011 the event took place in the culture center called “das Haus”, but by then the event had already seriously outgrown the premises and in 2012 took place in the bigger “Pfalzbau”. The event had grown to around 5.200 visitors.

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08.04. - 09.04.2006, Ludwigshafen

  • Special Guests: Prin and Umi Konbu
  • Contests:
  • Showacts:


05.05. - 06.05.2007, Ludwigshafen


03.05. - 04.05.2008, Ludwigshafen






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