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Anime Club
Name: Animexx e.V.
Dates: 30. January 2000 (founded)
Founder(s): Johann Weber, others
Country based in: Germany
Activities: running websites, supporting conventions, doujinshi publishing, organizing a cosplay competition
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Animexx e.V is the biggest registered fan-run non-profit organization for manga and anime fans in German-speaking regions.

There are three forms of membership with different fees and privileges: Animexx Economy, Animexx Standard and Animexx Gold.


In 1997 the 1. Sailor Moon Online Fanclub in deutscher Sprache (SMOF) (First German language Sailor Moon fan club) was founded. The Club preceded Animexx e.V, which was founded when many members of the original Club found their interests had shifted and decided a new organization for fans of all kinds of anime and manga sources was needed. SMOF founder Johann “doc” Weber was also the first chairman of Animexx.[1]

Animexx e.V. was then founded in January 2000 in Munich and in September of the same year already had 100 members.[2]

In November 2012 the organization had 1187 members, more than half of them female.[3]


Animexx e.V. also owns and runs, an online platform that serves as multifandorm archive, social network and notice board for German-speaking animanga fandom. Registered users of are referred to as members of the free of membership charge online club.[4]

Since 2007 Animexx e.V. runs the animePRO site.[4]

Animexx supports and is involved in organizing fan meet-ups and conventions. Connichi is something like the official Animexx convention, but Animexx also supports the smaller conventions Yuki Con, Hanami, J-Con, Animuc, ChisaiiCon and NiSa-Con.[4]

Since 2002 Animexx holds a contest for entries to their fanart calendar, that is sold on conventions and via their Web-shop.[4]

Animexx supports their members in publishing doujinshi and original manga stories (by funding and helping to get together with publishers) and since March 2006 publishes the Manga-Mixx Anthology with many fan drawn manga and doujinshi by members and online club members.[4]

Since 2007 Animexx is also involved in running the German Cosplay Championship (DCM) together with organizers of Frankfurt Book Fair. Animexx organizes the preliminary rounds in different regions of Germany.[4]


The official mascots of the organization are the characters Aiko, a red haired girl with green eyes, and Yuki, a blue haired boy with a strand of red hair and gold/yellow eyes. Over the years profiles for both characters were developed with feedback from members[5] and fanworks about them are enthusiastically encouraged and the organization has a special copyright statement that allows all kinds of non-profit fanworks to be based on Aiko and Yuki.[6] Many categories and system pages use fan created pictures of these characters. Most fanworks in the Animexx multifandom archive tagged “Animexx” feature these characters.[7]


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