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Name: animePRO
Owner/Maintainer: Animexx e.V.
Dates: 2002-present
Type: formerly fan forum and database, now database and web magazine
Fandom: animanga
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animePRO is a German online database and magazine for anime, manga fandoms and related fandoms like Japanese videogames, J-Rock, Cosplay, Visual Kei and Gothik Lolita.[1]

In 2002 the site was established as a news site with forums aimed at German manga and anime fans. In 2004 the animePRO Magazin was launched and the site was changed into a database and magazine providing more in depth information about anime, manga, Japan and Japanese culture and also started to feature convention reports and coverage of related local events.[1] The magazine is run by volunteers and "by fans for fans".[1]

Since 2007 Animexx e.V. runs the site and features articles and links to the site on their own online commuinty.[2]


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