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Escapade 2005

Escapade 15 was held February 25–27, 2005.

2005 program guide cover
From the program book:
Community. We're thinking about that.

We've been thinking about the fact that, for many of us,media fandom (and slash fandom in particular) represents the place where some of our closest relationships were born... where some of us learned about our independence... where others of us figured out that interdependence felt really, really good.,, and where all of us noticed that two (or more) hot guys doing it was really, really sexy.The community at Escapade, we bring with us, in friends and common fandoms, and common fannish interests like reading, writing, and vidding.We find people to laugh with,and people to laugh at. <g> And most of all, we laugh. And sometimes we might have the slightest bit of fun complaining about this, or that, or fie, or cons, or aging fandoms. or rising prices, or the fact that while it's easy to get inspired about the new flavor of the month, maybe it's a little harder to get inspired talking about them all day Or, you know—not. When the concom started Escapade, we were the only attendees, and thank God that changed, or we could've kept doing it in our living room and it would've gotten old. fast. Every single attendee, though some of the faces change, has been a thread in the tapestry of this party for 15 years. But what the heck is the party, anyway? What makes us fly across the country every year to meet face to face when we can talk instantly with each other daily? For free? Community is the people we love enough to take for granted, and the people we meet on Thursday night who we know we'll be fast friends with forever. It's the people who volunteer their time to run this party, and the people who send in their reg monies to pay for it. ft really is all of us. Our fondest memories of this event are those in which so many of us worked together to plan, suggest, create fan entertainment, and veto or vote for various ideas.

We can't remember a time when we dedicated an entire page of the program book to a speech, but without community we're all just a bunch of strangers who happen to be in the same hotel. We hope you have brought with you this weekend not just a sense of what's here for you, but of what you're here for friends old and new are in every panel, at the vid show, at the party. Enjoy.


A copy of the 2005 Program Guide can be found in pdf format here.

  • Special BNF party. Big Name Fans: you know what they are, you know what they contribute to fandom. YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE ONE. Come and mingle with your sister BNFs. Discuss the futures you have scheduled for your fandoms. Maygra, Megan, and Charlotte, BNFs all and your party hostesses will be checking credentials at the door.The only requirement of attendance is that you admit you know you're a BNF, or you admit that you want to ogle folks who are.
  • Dealer's Room Coupons. In an effort to thank those ever-present dealers who've been kind enough to brave torrential rains, dwindling zine production, torrential rains and, well, torrential rains, you'll find in your reg pack a $5 coupon, good for any purchase in the Dealer's Room. See Jim. Apologize to him for not voting for the barbeque in the state park next door. See any and all other dealers. Get a discount <g> You must sign your coupon at the dealer's table, and your coupon must match your badge name. ENJOY!
  • Filk revival. We missed filks. We missed fan entertainment but as we get older and wiser, fewer of us are willing to get up on a stage and totally embarrass ourselves. So we brought back filks this year on the grounds that we might be only partially embarrassed. On the following pages you'll find the lyrics to one of the filks you'll be lambasted with—we mean treated to-on Saturday night either or before or during the Vid Show (not simultaneously, of course). Join Melissa, Charlotte, Laura, Sandy, and Shoshanna for a blast from the past and join them on the choruses if you like!


  • Where Have All The Good Conversations Gone? Rise & Fall of the Escapade Panel, led by Jennifer H. and KathyM (Are people still interested in talking about the characters, plots, and themes of their shows? Has in-depth analysis of our fandoms been abandoned in favor of meta and fannish introspection? The forums for analytical discussion are disappearing as self-censorship and over-moderation increase. Can we change this? Do we want to?)
  • You Can't Say That About My Friend! How Loyalty is Killing Fandom, led by elynross, rache (wickedwords) (Friendship. Loyalty. Passion. Obsession. These are the things that fuel our participation in fandom, but they are also the things that tear it apart if someone is perceived as being mean, sides are chosen and posses are dispatched.)
  • Stargate SG-1: Character Arcs in SG-I, led by KathyM, Stacey D, Nebt Het, Michelle, Widget (How has the SG-1 team changed? How are their relationships with one another different in seasons 7 & 8 because of those changes? Has Carter been turned into a damsel in distress? Will Teal'c ever get a life off the mountain? Does General Jack make you drool or cringe? And was Daniel better as a bookish geek in oversized clothes or as a t-shirt-wearing, ass-kicking hottie?)
  • Organized Pimping, led by Elke & a cast of thousands (Kind of like a fannish trade show, you get to wander the booths, shop for a new obsession, and receive a friendly overview of what's in store for you.)
  • Clams and Curmudgeons: We Love Our Dysfunctional Guys, led Christy, Katya (ZoeR (Clams: characters who repress and repress until the pressure builds and they explode - a clameurism [Spock (ToS). Jack Malone (WaT), Frank McPike (Wiseguy)]. Curmudgeons: acute, pitiless observers of human nature, with no patience for polite society - Sherlock Holmes, Greg House (House, MD). Why do we love them despite their prickly exteriors? Would love soften them, or would they remain clammish and/or curmudgeonly to the last?)
  • ST:TOS: Bond and Bond, What Is Bond?, led by Jennifer/Gail, Killa (The Vulcan Bond: the most ubiquitous fanon in all of fandom. so common that many ST:TOS fans are shocked that it doesn't exist in any of the canon. Why is it so popular? Is it spiritual transcendence and ideal intimacy? Or an avoidance of true intimacy, and an oversimplification of love between consenting adults?)
  • The Fannish Wiki, led by Janis C. (So we have the directorium, the directory of All Things Fannish. We visit it and it's just so cool, and we look for our fandom to see what it says... and it's not there! How to add it? What sort of info belongs there? How does a wiki work?)
  • I Was So Much Older Then, I'm Younger Than That Now, led by elynross, Jennifer (We've all heard about or lived through the tumultuous era when fandom moved online. But how has slash fandom, particularly slash fandom, changed since then? Are the changes the result of online fandom, or simply of a change in culture?)
  • Comics: All Grown Up - Cartoons, Anime and Manga, led by Jo and J. Crew Guy (Join us as we talk about shows and series people think are "Just for kids" but often, definitely aren't. From Batman: The Animated Series to Yu-Gi-Oh!, we'll probably talk about'em all, so be prepared to talk about your own favorites, time permitting.)
  • Getting the Good Parts of a Story Just Right, led by KatBear, khaleesian, Temve H (Yes, we mean Those Parts. Sex scenes. Topics include purpose of scene, explicitness, construction, realism vs romance, safe sex, exploring all the senses, first time vs. old couple, & exposure to words you never thought you'd see in a slashy bedroom.)
  • 'Historical' Slash - Why Won't the Movies Show It?, led by Jennifer/Gail, tilla, Stacey B (Achilles and Petrodus; Alexander and Hephaistion; Hercules and Hylas...what aren't they showing us and why? We know they were doing it. It's canon. Why won't the movies 'play it like it is/was'?)
  • HL: Exploring the Possibilities, led by MacGeorge. Melina (What canon-based alternative realities can be extrapolated, since Our Heroes can live into infinite futures? Bring your imaginations, and let's get wild!)
  • Minding Your L's and J's: Etiquette in the Livejournal Era, led by Justacat (Jessica), Smaragd Grun (Where's Miss Manners when we need her? The etiquette of interacting LJ in particular, and online community in general. Do we need community standards for things like commenting (and responding to comments), use of cut-tags, spoilers, work-safe posting, public criticism, and many other issues, or is anarchy preferable?)
  • Not My OTP, led by Stacey B, and tzikeh (Just how do you survive in a fandom where your True Pairing isn't the fandom's OTP? Or can you even surivive in fandom where your main pairing isn't the accepted norm?)
  • House: Out of House and Holmes, led by Stacey B and tzikeh (A late entry to the 2004/2005 broadcast slate, House is a medical drama with a slash fanbase. The show's creator has said that it's a loose update of Holmes and Watson, transferred from criminal detective work to medical detective work. There are many parallels to Conan Doyle's world as well as some direct contrasts, but at the end of the day it's Escapade, and we're in it for the slash!)
  • Writing Workshop: The Craft of Poetry. Part 1, led by Joan M. and Sharon B (What is poetry anyway? How does it work? Why does pouring your heart and soul out not work? And what can you do about it?)
  • Slash & Fandom: Two great things that go great together, led by Smaragd G and Jennifer H (...Or do they? Now that appreciation of the homoerotic on TV is out of the closet and on to the pages of Newsweek, we can have all the fun without all the old baggage, right? Where do "slash" and "fandom" overlap? Is this area growing shrinking? What should we (or can we) do to cultivate our shared playgrounds?)
  • Slash in the Movies, led by Christy, J. Crew Guy (What slashy and gay movies are out there and what is yet to come? Where do you find movie slash online?)
  • Escapade Party!! 9:00 PM – 8:00 AM (or until the last person's standing)
  • Late night write-fest, led by mouse (Feel like staying up late? Need help with a plot? If we could find an empty room, we could write all night! A bit of music, a few friends... What could be better to get those juices going? Writing help and extended critiques could also happen in the Late Night Writer's Sancturary...)


  • Hit me baby one more time, led by Mouse, Jennifer H, Ruth and Al (From BD5M to non-con to guys gettin' hot fighting the enemy, violence often plays a part in slash. Do you go looking for it? Avoid it? Do you like it ritualized and stylized or unstructured and unpredictable?)
  • LotR: Those Troublesome Elves, led by Jennifer/Gail, Jo, Melina (Beautiful, immortal, androgynous, mysterious-Elves are perfect slash fodder. So how do beloved characters like Legolas wind up whiny, petulant girls? What about Tolkien's Elves make for better fanfic? What does "immortal" really mean for Elves? And what's the deal with marriage, sex and monogamy?)
  • What's My Story?, led by Jennifer/Gail and Sandy H (Readers notwithstanding, what do you want from a story you're writing? Are you trying to increase the fandom's angst quotient? Get a laugh? Capture or exorcise a blue mood? Recreate canon atmosphere? Done properly, writing is a lot of work What do you get out of it?)
  • Smallville - Turning the Myth on Its Head, led by StacyD, tilla (Are the writers turning the Superman Myth on its head? Is there a chance for Lex and Clark to retain their friendship and/or for Lex to be the hero?)
  • Vidding: Let the Lyrics Help You, led by Carol S (How to look at lyrics to add depth and structure to your vid. or why top 40 songs usually make you do all the work.)
  • Fandom Sluts and OTFs: The Decline and Fall of Monofannlshness, led by Janis C, soo, rache (wickedwords) (Certain fandoms seem to attract long-term fans, HL/DS/Sen/Pros, for example. What common factors exist compared to fandoms people flit through? Movies vs TV? Spotlight star vs ensemble? SF vs real world? -AND- Didn't we used to love one fandom exclusively?Today it seems like everyone is fannishly por/amorous. How did this come about and how has it changed the fannish experience?)
  • Professionals: And the Pros goes ever on and on..., led by Justacat (Jessica), Katharine S (In this shiny new era of high-tech and popslash and fandoms-of-the-week, somehow Pros endures. Why has a fandom based on a 70s show with bad hair survived so long - particularly for Americans? What's the best way to integrate "new school" fen, who are accustomed to having everything at their fingertips on the web, into an "old school." primarily print-based fandom?)
  • Let's talk about research, baby! (OR, Researchers are thorough lovers), led by Mo, Stacey B. (What kind of research do you do when writing fanfic? What besides canonical sources is important to you? How much of what you research actually gets into the story? Readers, what is rt important that the author gets "right"? What would really bother you if the writer didn't research it first?)
  • RPS: How real are you willing to get?, led by soo, Sandy (When slash becomes stalking.)
  • HL Methos, Methos, Methos, led by Ashlyn (Dail), Devo (MethosLuv?? The show was about Duncan, dammit! The one with the angst and the hard choices and right and wrong not some really old guy. Right? Wasn't ft? Yes, we've done this one before, but it's back by popular demand. What's changed in the last 3 years?)
  • Making it Work: Shaping your Story, led by Denise R, Temaris R (You've got a great idea for a story - now what? Is it best told as a novel, missing scene, or drabble? Can you avoid short-changing the readers of the parts they most want to see, and also don't bore them with peripheral details? How do you get the idea in your head into a form that others will read and enjoy? Story pacing, beginnings and endings, and most of all, getting it written!)
  • State of Slash Fandom Today, led by Raven D, Thalia (A long time ago, in what seems to be a galaxy far far away, slash fandom used to have taboos. You know, people didn't write [[chan or mpreg or even het. So how did slash fandom change?)
  • HP: The Sins of the (God) Fathers, led by Kass Rachel, Sandy J, (How are the mistakes of Snape, Black Lupin, et al. echoed by the next generation? What are the parallels and the differences—and what does this say about gender, teamwork and our heroes' chances in the second war?)
  • Fanfic Archives, led by Justacat (Jessica) (Setting up and administering fanfic archives: concepts, considerations, techniques.)
  • pretty, angsty, snarky, and camaraderie: 4 of the elements of slash, led by rache (wickedwords), Devo (A host of new shows-Lost House, Fullmetal Alchemist SG Atlantis may be making a bid for our attention. How to choose? Lost has the pretty and the angsty. but it's not too big on the snarkand camaraderie. House certainly has snark, angst and camaraderie—but it's low on pretty. FMA and SGA have a little of it all, but FMA is animated, so the pretty is, well, animated, and SGA... does bummed really count as angst? What elements are you looking for in a new show?)
  • X-Men: Queer Subtext and Slash, led by Mo (The X-Men's mutant powers have often been used as analog for the position of homosexuals in society. With an openly gay director, the movies gave new life to queer subtext in this fandom. How does canonically subtextual queeress inform the slash? What analogs in real life are there for this phenomenon?)
  • Mo' Beta, Mo' Bettah, led by Thalia, KC (Did you write a story you love? Do you want to help ensure everyone else loves it, too? What beta editing can really add, and how you can find the best friend of your fannish life. Telling truth to power.)
  • Make New Friends, But Keep The Old?, led by Jan L;, Kass Rachel, Maygra de Rhema, Sandy (Some of today's fandoms have been around the block, while others arise with each new crop of television shows. How do we balance the slow and steady hum of old fandoms with the shiny excitement of the new? How can one preserve fannish relationships if the mutual source-love isn't there anymore?)
  • I-Man: Reviving The Invisible Man, led by Katya (Zoe R), Rei (Sharyl) (This wonderful show aired for two seasons on Scifi and then seemingly died. 3 years later, it's making a resurgence. What caused this, and why should you take notice of this show and this fandom? Drop by for your I-Man online resource list.)
  • Writing Workshop: Poetry. Part 2, led by Joan M, Sharon B (Prosody The technical aspects of poetry—meter; various kinds of rhyme, form and its apparent absence, etc. (If you're an English major, you probably know all this.))
  • The Best Worst Thing: How LJ has changed fandom, led by elynross, Nestra (The best thing that ever happened to fandom! At least the newest thing. And like the last newest thing (free mailing lists!) opinions are strong on both sides. Now that so much interaction has moved to LJ, let's discuss what the longterm looks like.)
  • Buffy, Now, more than ever, we love Spike/Xander, led by Ruth S and Al (Once upon a time, there was no Spike/Xander. And then there was a little bit. And there there was "Hush." Let's talk about what combination of serious subtext and playful bantering makes this pairing one we love so much.)
  • Saturday Night Vid Show and fannish entertainment


  • Vid Review, led by Katharine S. (A Sunday morning tradition at Escapade, and a chance to discuss those great vids.)
  • The Tipping Point in Fandom: Mavens, Connectors, Salesmen, led by tzikeh (We all wonder why our current fascination has no random, while other, less engaging shows are huge. M. Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point, explored the three main force behind social memes: Mavens (information), Connectors (wide net of contacts), and Salesmen (convince others to take part). Do fans have equivalent roles?)
  • POTC: Buggery on the high seas, led by Hippediva, smutcutter (Explore the not-so-subtle m/m in canon, and the historical reality of sodomy in the 18th century. Just how many folks can Jack shag senseless without striking his colours!)
  • Who Watches the Watchers?, led by Jennifer H, Katharine S, ivy (Once a secret society, we're now every academic's pet project. Some fans are happy to speak for All Of Fandom: ("Slash = Sex in Anime!". or 'Slash all started in 1995.."). Others shy away from our desires and peccadilloes being trotted out every time some backwater Gender Studies Ph.D candidate "discovers" slash fandom; is it time for armed revolt? Or do we write our own book now?)
  • Jeremiah: Science Fiction or Theological Renaissance?, led by Killa, Maygra de Rhema (The same world that gives us bio-warfare and genetic mutation also gives us miracles. Biblical symbolism, prophesy and spiritual questions about the salvation of mankind So what are we to make of the show's mythology, and how important is it to the future of that world? Is the Big Death really coming back, and if so, is that part of the Plan—or has mankind upset a crucial balance? And who is Smith really listening to?)
  • Mag7: Where has the Old West gone?, led by Jo S. and Ashlyn (Dail) (Magnificent Seven has it all! Seven sexy men, horses, the old west, guns, adventure, right and wrong, you name it! So why isn't there more Old West fic? Why all the modem and future AUs? Where do we go from here?)
  • Escapade wrap-up panel. It's been 15 years. Even we feel like things are getting stale. What to do about it, and how do we enroll people in participation so that Escapade is the convention we all want it to be?)
  • Dead Dog Party

Alternate Programming

  • Where have all the lesbians gone?, led by Ruth S and A (When some slash lists explicitly state m/m only, where do you go for femslash? Are there any hot femslash couples? Pimp your femslash fandom here, or bemoan the lack of strung female characters in the current conservative social climate.)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!, led by J. Crew Guy (Let us show you that Yu-Gi-Oh! is more than kid's stuff much, much more. It's actually the gayest, most dramatic soap in ages, and it should be your next fandom.)
  • SG-1 --Jack/Daniel in S8 and beyond..., led by Crystal (Does J/D exisst in season 8 or is it still waiting to be consummated? Does Stalker Sam pose a threat to J/D? Can J/D exist in season 9 and what are our hopes for it.)
  • SW: TPM - Q/O, led by Bant (So dead we can't even get an Escapade Panel: what does TPM still have to offer us?)
  • SG-Atlantis - "It's legal in Pegasus", led by Tafkan, Greensilver, Salieri, Otter (Does a setting light-years from the rules and regs of home make slash more or less plausible? Has a cast with few cookie-cutter hotties impacted the way slash is written in the fandom? What is the state of slash in the Atlantis fandom today?)
  • Skaterslash, led by J. Crew Guy (...Or how I learned to stop worrying about Frontside Gay Twists and focus on cute guys who touch each other a lot. Join us for a look into why slashers who hate football games can love half-naked dorks who tackle, punch, and tie each other up.)
  • Boston Legal, led by Crystal (I just want to talk with others about the show, but to put it in a slash context., we've slashed Shatner as Kirk... we've slashed Spader as Daniel... are they slashable here? Do we want to slash them? Keep them as father and son? Buddies?)
  • Rapid Heart Films, led by J. Crew Guy (Heartbeat! Feel my heartbeat! Especially when you take a look at the bumin' hunks of love who have no problem touching each other in Rapid Heart Film's various titles.You may have heard about us. We're the ones who stopped people in their tracks last year. We're back, with more footage and Rapid Heart DVDs to raffle off!)
  • How Things are Done in the Industry, led by Crystal (Every time I go online I see fan comments that show a lack of understanding of how the industry works. So with 15 years of working in the industry, mostly TV, in various positions, I'm here to answer any question to clarify what you might want to know.)
  • Jay & Silent Bob: The Love That Cannot Spell It's Name, led by J. Crew Guy (How did a pair of'"hetero lifemates" come to be the dominant pairing in a fandom rich with other choices? Is it just that Jay/Bob is the least fucked-up possible pairing? With the impending release of Clerks 2, will there be a resurgence of other pairings or will we all submit to a world of Jay/Silent Bob, end without end, amen?)
  • Vinne Terranova, Serial Monogamist, led by Killa, rache (wicked words) (We get to rewrite the ending of Wiseguy The movie (what movie?) doesn't exist and Vinnie returns alive from El Salvador, and Sonny Steelgrave is alive and well and somehow involved in his rescue. Who does Vinnie ride off into the sunset with: Sonny, Roger; or Frank? Does it work out or crash and burn?)

Vid Show Playlist

2005 Vid Show DVD cover
Disk One
Song NameVidder Name(s)Fandom
Straight UpSmutCutterPotC
Give a Man a HomeBarkleyDS
Orinoco FlowGayle F. & Tashery ShannonMultimedia
When I GoMelinaLotR
The Chemicals Between UsLierdumoaTF&TF
Everything I DoAngelSW
Nothing Else MattersKassidy RaeSH
In a Big CountryGwynethMag7
Do You Realize?AbsoluteDestinyDead/Alive 2
Karaoke SoulLithiumDollI-Man
Sayhafital & killaHL
WinterMagpie & WolflingLotR
IngLaura ShapiroBuffy
Disk Two
Song NameVidder Name(s)Fandom
Live Till I DieMary CrawfordHercules
Hallo SpaceboyJanis C.2001
My ImmortalSianSW Prequels
The Soldiering LifeP.R. ZedSharpe
An Innocent ManVersaphileAngel
Weeping Willow (streaming version at the Internet Archive)sisabetI-Man
Forever AutumnSianLotR
I Am The HighwayMorgan DawnJeremiah
CainSmutCutterSleepy Hollow
So Damn HotSandy & RacheSmallville
If I Didn’t Have YouMelinaLotR

Vid Show Reviews


Con Reports



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