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Escapade 1992

Escapade 2 was held February 7-9, 1992.

cover of the program book


Program Book(PDF)


2:00 -- "Coming of Age: Are our heroes men or boys," led by Marion [the description of this panel in the program book appears to be a typo and prints the description regarding holodecks from last year]

3:00 -- Minipanels, "a brief introduction to some neat series you might have overlooked"

Quantum Leap, led by Jane, "part science fiction, part comedy, Sam and Al's adventures throughout history"
Robin of Sherwood, led by (Megan Kent), "Robin Hood was never so young and cute, and just how merry were those men?"
Miami Vice, led by Nola, "cops and music, right, well, maybe there's a little more here..."

4:00 -- "Slash Taboos," led by Marion, "What's okay, what's not? If not, why not? What's censorship? Are our standards changing? Should they?"

5:00 -- gather at Ming Wathne's house (1.5 miles away) for an introduction to the Fanzine Library, "This continuation of the Zine Library started in 1977, has been reopened in Santa Barbara... Orig SW, it has been expanded to include all fandoms. Ming Wathne, the librarian, will have refreshments and share with you what the library is, how it works, how editors can submit their out-of-print zines and how you can borrow them!"

7:00 -- Con Suite, M. Fae Glasgow reading, led by Nancy. "Reading of a work in progress by the shy and retiring Glaswegian's editor."

midnight: bowling, "All our heroes do it! Let's make fools of ourselves at the local alley. Meet in the Con Suite to car pool. Be there or be square!"


10:00 -- "Everything you always wanted to know about K/S but were afraid to ask," led by Carol, "zines, the fandom, trends in stories, a historical perspective, you name it, you've got it."

11:00 -- Alternate Universes, led by Joanne, "Are our characters really the same outside of the environment that created them? Or is it a case of 'only the names remain the same?' Are some characters easier to shift to an AU? What about 'hystericals'?"

1:00 -- Minipanels, "a brief introduction to some neat series you might have overlooked"

Cuckoo Waltz, led by Kandy, "Is there more to this show than a baby-faced Lewis Collins? Does there need to be?"
Anime, led by Barbara, comic books and animation from Japan, "The prettiest guys you've ever seen."
Wiseguy, led by (Charlotte Hill), "Great writing, sexy guys, one [oh]-so-sexy guy with round wire glasses, what's all the fuss here? Come and find out!"

2:00 -- Fandom 101, led by (Charlotte Hill) and (Megan Kent), "What does every new fan need to know? Jargon, perspective, history. Come if you're neo, or if you don't know what that means. Come if you're not and you have something you want to share."

3:00 -- "Professionals: The Convention in Fannish Writing," led by Lily, Shoshanna, and Kathy, "Who said that Doyle was a street kid? Or that Bodie grew up on the Liverpool docks? How do we know Murphy's call sign? How does Fan Canon get developed and reinforced?"

4:00 -- "Lesbian Slash," led by Shoshanna and Barbara, "Why does 'slash' apply only to male/male relationships? There has been some interest in woman/woman stories. Why are they attractive (or not)? Do you want to see them in your zines?"

5:00 -- Wiseguy panel, led by Melody and (Charlotte Hill)


12:00 -- "Romance, Fantasy and Slash," led by Meg, Barbara and Kathy, "A discussion of their similarities, differences, and attractions."

1:00 -- "Zine Quality: Are you getting what you pay for?," led by Kathy, (Megan Kent), and (Charlotte Hill), "What constitutes quality in a zine? Page count? Cover art? Quality of writing? Where are the editors spending their time and efforts? What would you like to see?"

2:00 -- "Blake's 7 Free for All, led by Meg and Chris, "Talk about characters, episodes, stars, whatever strikes your fancy..."

Songtape/Vid Show

Song Vidder Fandom
Wild One T'Rhys Spock, Star Trek
Being Alive-Gypsy Wind Sharon P Pros/Ladder of Swords
Something to Talk About Sharon P Starsky & Hutch
I Think I'm a Clone Now Gina Martin/California Crew or The Z Team Star Trek: The Next Generation, comparing that show to Star Trek: TOS
Modern Man Anonymous RoboCop
Neutron Dance Anonymous (possibly Z Team or California Crew Indiana Jones
I'm Your Captain S/M Videos Star Trek
Yellow Submarine Kandy Fong Doctor Who
Studs in Black Leather Kandy Fong Blake's 7
Sounds of Silence Kandy Fong Blake's 7
Star Trekkin' Anonymous (possibly Z-Team Star Trek

Additional videos shown later by Sharon P:

  • Pros: "Not While I'm Around," "It's a Sin," "Foreign Affairs"
  • Blake's 7: "Can't Stop Me Loving You"

Also shown (but not on the con tape)

  • Pros Porn. "Freddy Pig," singer unknown. Vidder's Notes: "When I saw the movie & realized that 5 of the actors looked like ones from The Professionals, I had to do it." (Kandy Fong). The music may have been by Christopher Rage from his LP: "The Singing Rage"[1]

Convention Reports

In issue #15 of The Zine Scene the editor reports:
"First, a report on Escapade II: It was the usual fun time we've come to expect from [the convention organizers]. Good work, guys! The Holiday Inn staff was charming and helpful, the Santa Barbara (okay, Goleta) setting was as beautiful as usual, even with the rain. We even managed to get home 24 hours ahead of the Ventura flash flood. You can't ask for more than that, even though it was a little bizarre to have flash floods in the middle of a drought ? (Only In California)."



  1. The Record Robot: A Terrible Rage, Archived version