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Escapade 2017

Escapade 27 took place on March 10–12, 2017, near the Los Angeles, CA airport at the Embassy Suites LAX North. Since this was the three-to-the-third year of Escapade, some fans decided it should have a threesomes theme, and proposed several panels with threesomes or OT3s as the focus. Program book covers featured Kirk/Spock/McCoy in both original Trek and new movies trek, as well as other Trekkish trios.

In addition, the Escapade Con Committee added a new position: that of a Welcome Committee. Raine Wynd served in this role.

New Hotel

This was the first year at the Embassy Suites, and reactions were positive. Among the most-loved features of the new hotel were:

  • Free breakfast every day
  • Happy hour 5:30-7:30 with free booze
  • Robot waiter who delivered things to rooms
  • Open seating area with couches, tables with electrical outlets, and enough chairs for everyone


Panels were scheduled from 11 am to 6 pm on Friday, 9-6 Saturday, and 11-3 Sunday, although the only panel at 2 pm on Sunday was the Escapade Review panel. This year changed the standard Sunday brunch scheduling because the hotel offered a complimentary breakfast buffet every day, so Escapade attendees weren't separated in a banquet room but shared the atrium dining area with other hotel guests. Friday night had a dance party with snacks and party fanvids, and Saturday night had the vidshow.

Fandom-specific panels

  • Capes and Cowls (Pixie boots optional) -
  • DC CW Arrowverse Catch All -
  • due South: For Reasons That Continue To Need Exploring At This Juncture -
  • The Expanse S2: In Space No One Can Hear You Kick Ass -
  • Fannibal Pannibal -
  • Grimm going out with a Bang -
  • HP: Potter, classic and next generation -
  • Jeopardy – Professionals Style -
  • MCU: Hanging Up the Shield: Where does Captain America fandom go from here? -
  • Pacific Rim: Canceling the Apocalypse Again -
  • Quite logical: 50 years of pon farr -
  • Sense8: Orgies and Sing-a-Longs -
  • Shadowhunters: Malec -
  • Sherlock: Behind the doors at 221B Baker Street -
  • Star Trek Beyond: Spock Hurt Comfort at it’s best -
  • Stargate: Classic Fandom Flashback -
  • SWRO: A Woman, a Rebel Operative and an Imperial Defector Walk into a Bar -
  • What’s new and where to find it -
  • Yaoi on Ice -

Meta Panel Descriptions

  • AO3 Tagging for Fun and Kudos -
  • Black Jewish Superman -
  • Dead Fandom Museum -
  • Fandom vs Cheeto Voldemort -
  • The fax about fixits! -
  • Home on the Web -
  • I want to read graphic novels, but I don’t know where to start -
  • It’s a Holiday -
  • It’s Canon, but is it Slash? -
  • The Kids Are Not the Problem -
  • Let’s Collab! New Forms of Collective Fan Creativity -
  • LGBTQIA+ in Slash Fandom -
  • The Most Meta -
  • NFAF: Non-fannish Films About Fandom -
  • OT3 for Me -
  • Representation Matters -
  • Wank: It’s Coming From Inside the Fandom -
  • We’re All Going to Hell -
  • Where did the sex go in our slash con? -
  • Wildcard 1: Asexuality in Fandom -
  • Wildcard 2: Rec Room -
  • You’re Totally Welcome on my Lawn, but I Wish You Wouldn’t Pee on the Grass -

Tech/Workshop/Alternate Programming Panels

  • Calibre – Plugins for Fandom -
  • How to Threesome -
  • Pegging Our Boys -
  • The Slash Book -
  • Vidding 101 -


  • Welcome to Escapade -
  • After (vid show) Party -
  • Art Gallery Crawl -
  • Fandom Dating Game -
  • Fandom Pictionary -
  • Gaming Fun -
  • Peer-run Trauma Support Check-in -
  • Escapade Review -
  • Dead Dog Party -


Vid Show Playlist

Dance Party Playlist

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Second Half

Vid Show Reviews

Con Reports and Panel Notes

Convention Reports

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