Goody Two Shoes

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Title: Goody Two Shoes
Creator: pipsqueaky and Laura Shapiro
Date: August 2006
Format: digital vid
Length: 3 minutes
Music: Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant
Genre: character study
Fandom: due South
Footage: all seasons of due South
URL: LiveJournal announcement

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Goody Two Shoes is an up-beat, fast-paced character vid that highlights the many eccentricities of Benton Fraser. The vid also contains some slashy moments between Fraser and Ray Kowalski and Ray Vecchio. Taken from all seasons of due South, the clips feature Fraser licking things, performing various death-defying stunts, and generally being weird, intercut with clips of both Rays at first shaking their heads in disbelief, but finally smiling fondly. The official vid summary reads, "Fraser has two Rays...and boy, does he drive them nuts."

The vid premiered at Vividcon in August 2006.

Fan Reviews/Reactions

"Goody Two Shoes" stands out in part because of its unusual clip choices; potentially overused scenes like the "buddy breathing" incident are kept to a minimum and employed wisely. In her review, Isis says, "The clip choices are brilliant, particularly the mirroring of similar actions from both Ray seasons." Fans have also remarked on the song choice ("Goody Two Shoes" by Adam Ant) as being both catchy and a good match with Fraser.

A vid announcement was cross-posted in several places, and brooklinegirl commented at ds_noticeboard:

Guys, this is BRILLIANTLY awesome. I CANNOT STOP WATCHING it. It fills me with GLEE each time. Fraser! And his Rays! And my god, it's just - the fucking detail and observation that went into this! How much the RayV and RayK seasons reflected each other! All of the MOMENTS between the boys! The "subtle innuendos follow" moments KILL. ME. DEAD.[1]

It was recced in other places:


There are lots of angsty vids about Fraser out there. Which is all well and good; Fraser is an angst muffin, after all. But Goody Two Shoes exposes a less vidded truth about him: that he's cute as a button, and also he drives people crazy. Specifically, the Rays.

This vid is just insanely clever. I mean, obviously it's funny, obviously it's fun to dance to, but there's not really anything in the lyrics to suggest that this vid should be about Fraser driving Ray and Ray nuts. Laura and Pipsqueaky could have just made a vid about how cute and weird Fraser is, and it would have been a fine vid, but this vid... oh, this vid makes me kick my feet in glee. (And also chairdance, but that's beside the point.) Because as the vid goes on, the Rays get progressively more and more frustrated and exasperated with Fraser (although *we* know they love him), until that last clip where Fraser claps their backs *on the beat*--which is impressive enough, but of course, that particular clip is just the ultimate example of Fraser being cheerful and oblivious and making his Rays seethe in aggravation.[2]


A hilarious and ridiculous vid. Really fun use of repetition in clip choice for the repetitive brass riff, in particular.[3]


Fans of due South quickly realize what a central focus Fraser and his quirks have. They are part of the loopy charm of the series, and this vid does the character justice. I like the happy feel of this vid; when I saw it at VividCon 2006, I laughed out loud. And the opening title rocks.[4]


This video is pure fun! The scene choices, pacing, and all-around editing are wonderful. This video just puts a smile on my face. It's full of happiness and glee! It captures the light-hearted, quirkiness of the show and its characters, and especially celebrates Fraser's relationship with both his Rays.[5]


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