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Escapade 2006

Escapade 16 was held February 24–26, 2006.

cover of Escapade 2006 Program Book


A PDF copy of the redacted 2006 program book can be found here.


  • Satisfaction vs Addiction, from both sides of the story, led by Devo, Rhi Shaw (Who's addicted? Who's satisfied? And for that matter, who's got the good stuff? Some stories hit our buttons and leave us wanting more, 'now', damn it. Others leave us satisfied, rereading occasionally, but they don't cry out for sequel. Feedback may be the ultimate addiction, although requests for it can be almost as big a turnoff.)
  • Lost: Who's Your Daddy, Gilligan?, led by Jane M. (Father issues on Lost.)
  • Why Does Most Fannish BDSM Fic... Well, Suck?, led by Melina, Ashlyn (Dail), elynross (It's a kink for a lot of us, yet finding good BOSM stories in many fandoms is hard, if not impossible. Why is that? Is there something about the fandoms, the characters, or the nature of BDSM that makes producing good stories particularly difficult?)
  • Angel: I Love My Dead Gay Show, led by Ruth A, K'Kathy (The series is dead, but the slash lives on. Join us for a discussion of all your favorite Angel pairings and slashy moments.)
  • Putting your fic on the web, led by Justacat (Jessica) (Basic skills for putting your fic on the web, including building your own very basic website, using LJ as a fic-site building tool, various options for labeling adult content, and using the standard upload interfaces for popular self-submit story archive software.)
  • Old Fandoms, New Fans/It's out on DVD, led by Ashlyn (Dail), Justacat (Jessica) (What happens when new and old collide.... Studios are getting smarter and fans of older fandoms are finally getting our source material on DVD!! Everyone in the fandom is thrilled,., but what will be the "real" impact? Is the fandom ready for legions of squeeing new fans who find the DVDs and feel like they've invented the wheel? What will happen when these newbies mix with "old" fans who have been in the fandom since the source material is new?)
  • Redemption and Philosophy in the Jossverse, led by Ozymandia, Stacey B (Buffy, Angel, and Firefly have a strong philosophical bent underneath the action. Each show presents a view of good and evil, individual choice, fate, and philosophy in general. How is each 'verse defined by its heroes and villains and the effects (hey have on their worlds? And how does each compare on the topic of redemption?)
  • Crafty Slashers/Stitch and Bitch, led by mouse, LJimousewrites, JoanH (Like to stitch? Like to bitch? Have we got a panel for you! Come knit, crochet, embroider, spin or anything else crafty, including Jedi Mind Weaving and Ancient Yakinese Hairbraiding. We'll have fannish patterns available (HP, Dr. Who, Star Wars, LotR, and others) and a Yarn Tasting. Don't know how to knit? Come on by; we'll have needles and yarn for you to try out.)
  • What are the underlying ethoses (ethosl?) of enduring fandoms?, led by MacGeorge, Rachael Sabotini, (... the elements that go beyond "Oooo, pretty" Some fandoms are here today, gone tomorrow, yet others endure, A discussion of the commonalities that spur long-term vs. short-term fannish loyalty (other than m/m UST <g>).)
  • HL: We'll always have Paris (and Seaconver), led by Killa, Devo (Highlander as a perennial fandom: what is the enduring appeal? Is there something unique about this fandom, was it just a moment in time (when all the net-forces converged to bring about the first real virtual communities), or is there simply nothing like your first fandom love? Bring your favorite moments, and how new input (new writers and vidders, new movies, and new fans with new questions) can bring back that old time religion.)
  • Research for Fic, led by Stacey B, Joan H, Webbgirl (A lot of times, people write stories that are meant to be or that attempt to use cutting edge science stuff but they don't know where to get the facts they need for their story. Other writers get so psyched about their research that their stories become closer to an academic paper than an actual tale. Research can be a fine line - where do you gel the information you need, and how much is too much?)
  • Brothers Should Be Close: Incest in Slash, led by Elek Pendragon, Maygra de Rhema, K'Kathy (Incest fic has been around for years, but has gained new and wider audiences with recent shows like Smallville and Supernatural. Where is it coming from, where is it going, and why is it so popular?)
  • Firefly: Behold the Power of Mal, led by Kass Rachel (Snarky, loyal, damaged, brave Malcolm Reynolds is the heart end soul of his ship. He's also the heart and soul of almost every 'ship in the "verse; we pair him with everyone on board (with the possible exception of Shepherd Book and Wash.) What is it about Mal that makes him so versatile? What do we want for him when we pair him with everyone under the sun? Why do we love him so gorram much?)
  • Beta Circle, led by RuthS, A, Amatia (Do you have a story that needs help or editing? Would you like someone else's opinion about your work? Are you willing to help out someone else with their work? Bring some paper copies of one or more of your in-progress or done-but-for-the-beta stories (leave room in the margins for comments!) and get the help you're looking for. Gen and het stories as well as readers without stories for editing also welcome. Red pens and highlighters will be provided.)
  • WILDCARD PANEL: to be determined
  • SPN: Myth Arcs and Metaphysics, led by Maygra de Rhema, Meg W, Tracy L (Stealing plots from dozens of urban legends, and special effects from a dozen popular horror movies, Supernatural is bringing both humor and horror to us in 45 minute mini movies. But in between the horror and fun they are also taking on less otherwordly issues like family bonds, sacrificing self for others, and the divisions between faith and fraud. Is this too big for a weekly series?)
  • The Changing Vid Audience, led by par avion, gwyneth rhys (The move to digital vidding, the availability of vid source and software, and the expectation of online distribution have all radically affected audience desires and expectations. What do audiences want from vids now? Vidders, share your historical perspectives. Vid fans, this is your chance to tell vidders what you want.)
  • Storytelling In the Post-9/11 World, led by Melina, Maygra de Rhema (From 24 to Battlestar Galactica to Sleeper Cell, popular media has been influenced by the events of 9/11 and everything that's happened since. What's the nature of this influence, and how has it affected our fandoms and our fannish output? Do we shy away from incorporating relevant themes into our fannish work, and if so, why?)
  • HP: The redemption of persistent darkness, led by Devo, Smara, JiM (How does slash in the Harry Potter universe between characters who canonically can't stand each other (Harry/Severus, Harry/Draco, etc) - fit within a paradigm of redemption of wrongs that have carried over from another time of life, generation, or incarnation (e.g., Snape's bad choices, James Potter's casual cruelties, even Voldemort's desecration of his soul)?)
  • Show! Don't Tell!, led by Jennifer H, Gloriana, Katbear (Writers are constantly admonished to Show, not Tell; but do we know what this really means? Let's discuss how to notice if we've fallen victim to this hideous crime, how lo rectify the mess - and whether it's ever acceptable to leave it as is.)
  • Umm, You Can't Do "That" In Bed, led by minotaur (12 things that guys absolutely, positively, unequivocally CAN'T do in bed, and a few that we can. With illustrations, and Q&A.)
  • Escape Party
  • Threesome, Threesomes, Threesomes!!!, led by K'Kathy, Katya, ZoeR (Trends in threesomefic across fandoms and over time, and the differences (If there are any! Let's discuss!) between writing all-male threesomes, writing all-female threesomes, and writing gender-mixed threesomes. OT3 has become a common term, but what about foursomes and moresomes... are they a growing genre, a declining oddity, or a persistent but relatively unchanging blip out on the edge of the fannish curve?)
  • Star Wars Pairings Today, led by Gloriana, Katbear (With no more movies coming out, how have the Star Wars community pairings fallen out? Has Obi/Ani taken the lead? Is Qui/Obi still viable? What other pairings have emerged? Have any surprises emerged from secondary sources?)
  • Defining the Character Study Vid, led by Rachael Sabotini, Par Avion (We love character study vids, so how do you go about making a good one? What's the difference between a vid about a character, a vid about a universe, and a vid about seeing the universe through the eyes of a character?)
  • From the Written Word to the Written Word, led by Ruth S, A (How does writing slash from a written source material compare to writing slash from a visual source material? What makes it harder or easier? Why isn't there more of it around?)


  • Doctor Who: What's Old is Who Again, led by Devo, Katya (Zoe R) (How do Doctors Nine and Ten bring new stories that must be told? Does the old tradition of the non-sexual Doctor still hold sway over the fandom, or can we expect that the more slash- and threesome-friendly newer series will reflect back (in an appropriately time-altering way) on the earlier incarnations of the Doctor? What about crossovers with other kinds of long-lived beings (e.g., Highlander immortals, vampires, etc.)? Bring story recs if you have them, or pairings and scenarios you'd like to see, if you don't.)
  • Nifty Technology and the Future of Fandom, led by Smara, Justacat (Jessica) (Fandom is quick to adapt to change and continues to bring fen together and to create fannish product. Fans have thrived regardless of how they communicate; via the post office, mailing lists, message boards, and Livejournal; they've pushed the frontiers of video and audio technology; and have managed to survive changes in copyright, pornography, and other laws. What are the upcoming trends and shiny new technologies on the horizon and how will fen use them to enhance fandom?)
  • SGA: First Marriage of Classic and Postmodern Fandoms?, led by Rachael Sabotini, Sandy H (Are we writing fanfic for the show, or are most stories just meta versions of stories from older fandoms, and commenting on each other comments? Remember when people complained all we had was hummus? All SGA has is crack(fic).)
  • Marketing Your Vid, led by Laura S and Lierdumoa (How can you stand out among the swelling ranks of vidders? What's the best way to present yourself, and to draw attention to your work? We'll focus on knowing your audience, timing your release, pimp communities, etc.)
  • Opening Pandora's Box: Effort and Ownership in Fandom, led by Maygra de Rhema and Smara (Most fans want more stories to read, more fic, more vids to watch, more possibilities. When does ownership of an idea that is founded in a common source, become private property and inviolate - and why are people so quick to claim foul when that happens?)
  • Rome: Secrets and Lies, led by Killa, Christy (Those in power never say what they mean, those who aren't often say too much, and everyone is excellent at hiding their feelings... except when they're not... which usually leads to bloodshed. If season one of Rome has any overriding theme, it's the power of secrets and lies.)
  • Are You Sure That Will Kill Them?, led by Dragon, Rhi Shaw (Fight scenes: the other type of writing where you need to keep track of how many hands are doing what, and where, exactly, their legs bend... Ever wondered if a fight scene worked, or if pistols will fire properly after they've been submersed? Want to discuss the relative merits of different weapons, or what might be lying around that your character could use for a weapon? What your character could reasonably do and what they choose to do says volumes, so come talk about it with us.)
  • One True Character, led by Ozymandia, Gloriana (For many of us, what pulls us into a fandom is not the source material, but The Character; the one who grabs us, makes us read and write and vid. The brooding hero, the funny sidekick - who do you profess your fannish love to, and why? What connects them all?)
  • Cowboys- Real Life v. Fantasy, led by Jennifer H Ashlyn (Dait) (From Magnificent Seven to Brokeback Mountain, from John Wayne toughness to curtain fic. What's reel? What's fun? And how much reality do we want in our fun?)
  • Intermediate Webmastering, led by Elke T, Minotaur (Designing your website for usability, options for restricting access to your website, making your stories easily accessed by mobile devices, and things to consider so fans can easily locale your site.)
  • Slashing History, led by Christy, Jo S (The ups and downs of slashing historically based source (Band of Brothers, Rome, Deadwood, Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander, Lawrence of Arabia, etc.)
  • SG-1: Heaven and Hell, led by Stacey B, Kathy M/Thevetia, karendreamer (Religion - What's up with this? We're cool with the Ancients, and the Asgard are fun, but the Orii? Heaven and Hell, salvation and condemnation. Can they do this?)
  • Running Ficathons, Challenges and Story Exchanges Without Losing Your Mind, led by Elke T, elynross (Methods for presenting the stories, dealing with outlier requests, defaulters, pinch hitters, deadlines, extensions, choices for author anonymity and reveals, feedback mechanisms to offer and/or encourage, & ways to pimp your exchange.)
  • WILDCARD PANEL - to be determined Friday morning at Escapade
  • Battlestar Galactica: There Are Only 12 Models, led by Melina, elynross, Sandy H (Paranoia, terrorism, the enemy within, prisoner torture, fundamentalist religious beliefs... (gee, it's a good thing we love escapist television.) BSG is packed full of complex and difficult questions about ethics, religion, and haw they intersect How do those views inform and develop character?)
  • Filking Hour, led by Jane M
  • The Wayback Machine, led by Rosa W, Charlotte C. Hill, Stranger (Escapade's been going strong for 17 years, and around it slash fandom has shifted and changed. The con chairs will choose a panel from Escapade 1996 and we'll revisit the subject..ready for sparks to fly as who we used to be, and who we are now, meet in the middle. The topic then was, "Female Heroes: Female Empowerment, or male power in women's bodies? Give a woman a gun and make her really tough Wow, cool! Yes, or now? Are we celebrating women, or are we merely putting breasts on male action heroes?')
  • HL: 'Who wants to write forever?, led by MacGeorge, Taz, Unovis (HL fans have been writing for at least the past decade and more. How has the fie changed? Help us count the ways. Differences in humor, themes, sex scenes, squicks, format, plotting, PWPs, characterization, favorite characters, torture, angst - you name it, and there's an arc from the "golden days" of the 90s to the work being written today. New fans and writers, accompanied by new trends, or evolution, building on a body of work?)
  • Songvid Show
  • Vid Show Annex


  • Art Auction, led by Shoshanna and Co. (The art is pretty, the staff is prettier. Don't miss it whether your buying or just browsing.)
  • Vid Review, led by permetaform, and Elke T (Like Ebert and Roper, but much better looking.)
  • The Absence of Color In Black and White Fandom, led by Lady J, Coniraya (They're in the credits, they're part of the main casts of some of fandom's favorite shows, yet there seems to be a dearth of fan fiction featuring characters of color. Is it just fannish preferences or is there something else at work that folks don't like to talk about out loud? Come to this panel to discuss this phenomenon. Bring ideas, story recs and an open mind.)
  • Firefly: Character Pairings, led by RussM (The characters of Firefly and Serenity present multiple opportunities for pairings of all gender combinations. What pairings work for you and why, onscreen or in fanfic? What pairings has the movie made more or less believable, more or less exciting?)
  • Song Choice: If Your Song Sucks, So Does Your Vid, led by Melina, gwyneth rhys (Good song choice can make or break a vid, What is a 'good song" in the context of any particular narrative, character, pairing, and fandom? What"s a bad one? Are some songs always bad? (Answer: Well, yes - but let's discuss why.)
  • Crossovers - When Universes Collide, led by Bren A and Russ M (Sometimes its a train wreck, sometimes it's pure magic. Now can you get your dream men together on the page when they'll never be together on the screen? Come brainstorm the ways to make your dream pairing live happily ever after.)
  • House: All Snark All the Time, led by Kass Rachel, Christy (What draws us to Greg House? Does Stacey's presence on the show in the first half of S2 change the House/Wilson dynamic? Are any of the House/duckling pairings viable? And what are the challenges of writing in this fandom—maybe especially of writing believable snark?)
  • Deus Detruditur Machhia, led by Permetaform, Lierdumoa (Wherein "God is returned to the machine." TV shows that tell stories without the cookie-cutler morality. Not every bad deed needs to be punished; not every protagonist is a hero. The panel will include discussion of the post-modernist themes of Stargate: Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica vs. the modernist themes of Firefly, Angel, etc.)
  • Sailing, Sailing, led by Elke T (Sex on board ship: this year's trends in Age of Sail slash (HH, M&C, PotC and others). Loyalty kink between officers out of uniform, hero/sidekick captains and cabinboys, powderkeg fox-n-hound pairings, and rascal pirate alliances and rivalries.
  • The RPS Explosion/Thin Line, led by Amatia, soo (Sometimes it feels all it takes is to have two actors in a movie or a tv show and you have instant RPS. Is this just the natural evolution of fandom or are we just pairing any two pretty boys (or girls) to get our rocks off?)
  • Escapade Review, led by elynross (Brainstorm: what went well, what didn't? How should we do it differently next time?)

Alternate Programming:

  • HP: Slash-o-rama, led by smara (Talk about what's up in HP slash (post Book 6 and Movie A), and what's coming up in Book 7 (and movies 5-7)
  • Religion and Slash, led by Sorcha P and Em Randominity (How do you make it work? A discussion both of religion in fiction and in the personal lives of slash authors.)
  • Eroica: Getting to Yes, led by Ruth S. (We all know Dorian would jump into bed with Klaus at the drop of a hat, but what about Klaus? What would make Klaus say yes to Dorian? Do Eroica first time fics get it right? And would Klaus keep saying yes after the first time?)
  • DamonAffleck, led by Amatia (Everybody On Their Own Road: Come discuss why the fandom is so dominated by specific pairings, themes and fandoms; what might happen to the fandom - and the fanfic - now that Matt, Ben, and Casey are all married and having kids...)
  • Dykes on Parade, led by Ruth S and A ("We're here, we're queer, and we're desperate for fic that reflects us. Get your recommended con allowance of femslash discussion here.")
  • Send... More... Slashers, led by J. Crew Guy. Elek, Pendragon (The bodies are cold, yet the relationships can be quite hot. Join us for a discussion on zombie films and the subtext that's very much alive in them. We'll talk pairings among the living and the undead - undead/undead, living/undead and living/living among them - and perhaps figure out why the subtext just won't stay down in these movies.)
  • Jay & Silent Bob, led by J. Crew Guy (The Love That STILL Cannot Spoil Its Name - One year later, they're still the most popular pairing. But why? We'll try to figure that out, take a look at some recs and probably discuss some of the more popular fanon, (Russian mobsters?), too. There'll be a highlight reel of Jay/Bob moments, including the Clerks 2 teaser, as well.)

Vid Show Playlist

Song NamePerformed ByFandomVidder(s)
First Half
Holding Out For A HeroJennifer SaundersHercules: the Legendary Journeysmarycrawford
StressSGAsherrold & wickedwords
Original SinMeatloafX-FilesD. Williams
Deja Vu Something for Kate Veronica Marsf1renze
Space CowboyPerformed by:Fireflyrandominity
After RainOysterbandBand of Brothersgwyn_r
Hotel CaliforniaLess Than JakeSupernatural.Morgan Dawn
Mighty FineLinda LyndellStarsky & Hutchkassidy62
If I Wrote YouDar WilliamsStargate Atlantislierdumoa
The BucketKings of LeonAngelsisabet
BarcelonaJewelBattlestar Galacticalaurashapiro
What's My Age Again?Richard Cheese (song by Blink 182)Due Southlierdumoa
New Frontier Benefits of Being ParanoidFireflyheresluck
Second Half
Running Down A DreamTom PettyStargate Atlantisfan_eunice
Icebound Stream Laura VeirsDue Southsisabet
One Last Cry Brian McKnightFireflyvandonovan
Jesus WalksKanye WestAngelmimesere
Welcome Home"The Blood of Cu Chulainn", by Mychael and Jeff DannaStargate Atlantispermetaform
Hurt Johnny CashVelvet Goldmine amsosorry
Cold As It GetsPatti GriffinStarsky & Hutchmorganlogan
YouCandleboxHomicide: LotS.barkley
Cool RiderCast of 'Grease'Veronica Marsdualbunny
Back In BlackACDCStar Wars (complete series)smutcutter
These Two ArmsStill on the HillXenakillabeez
Rumble (Shark Challenge)Mystery medley Stargate Atlantisastolat & cesperanza

Vid Show Reviews

Con Reports and Panel Notes


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