These Two Arms

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Title: These Two Arms
Creator: Killa
Date: 05 March 2006
Format: digital vid
Length: 4:47 min
Music: These Two Arms by Still on the Hill
Genre: femslash vid
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Footage: S1-6
URL: vidder post, now locked; at AO3

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These Two Arms is a Xena/Gabrielle vid by Killa. It was first shown at Escapade and was later made available on the web. Video Elite links the vid as a winner for April 2006.[1]

Recs and Reviews

  • "This is a visually breathtaking video with a beautiful song that fits the emotion of the characters and of the show."[2]
  • "the truest story that was ever true about Xena and Gabrielle. One of the most amazing things about the show, for me, was the way that they (usually) didn't have super strength or anything, they just had skill and practice and trust. And this is a vid about how beautiful that was, but also about how it was never enough, so it's simultaneously about love and death and sadness. Oh geez, killa, way to make me cry every time. (It is also, though, a vid that uses the Orientalist tropes of the show, and I really wish that one line in the song wasn't taken literally here.)"[3]
  • "When I was trying to write blurbs for the program book I initially kept coming up with embarrassing phrases like "the epic scope of Xena and Gabrielle’s love" (because who knew writing blurbs could be so difficult?), but this vid has a fairy tale quality which is both visually and emotionally beautiful. It's gorgeous and heartbreaking at once, and I still cry watching it."[4]
  • "I've never seen an episode of Xena in my life. [...] Where to even start? This vid is so masterfully done. Killa does a wonderful job of matching the feel of the music to the visuals, of using color and motion to highlight a lyric or a section of the song. This vid is *lush.* And epic, and so deeply moving and sad. It made me want to give Xena and Gabrielle a happy ending, take them away from the pain and the fighting and give them peace. You could interpret the ending as doing that, or maybe not; I'll leave that to you."[5]


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