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cover of 2011 program guide, featuring White Collar

Escapade 2011

Escapade 21 was held February 25–27, 2011.

From the program book: "MoreVids. Years ago (afterVividcon 3, maybe?) someone casually said,"Before vividcon, Escapade was the only game in town." We'd like to honor that vid-intensive past by introducing some more songvid programming, starting with the Escapade Vid Show Retrospective. The retrospective will include vids from Escapade's first 10 years, including, well, a literal "Escapade" vid.. Kandy Fong, who managed the vid show for many years, has compiled the retrospective which will air before the party, on a big screen but with a drinking game and open door policy. (Repeat showing may be scheduled in alt programming, if enough people would like to watch them again/more closely.)"

From the program book: "We'd like to think that eventually, less than half of our conventions will have been presented during a war (Escapade I: Gulf I). Escapades 2002-now: Gulf II). Seriously, this is getting weird. That said, anyone born at the first Escapade is old enough to toast to auld lang syne, and to wonder why the hell we still drive, fly, and train across the country when we "see" each other on the web most days.The answer is only found in the hotel halls, and the function spaces, and the fact that laughter (and bitching) isn't all virtual. Cons can have their own lives, and we like to think Escapade does, too: crochety at times, amusing at others, brilliantly intellectual before the real drinking begins, joyful always. At its heart, Escapade continues to be what it was born as: your convention. Your programming ideas, your panel chairing, your songvids, your stories. Your laughter This year more than even we're feeling old and phat and happy, and we hope you'll share that pleasure with us. And if along the way, you find something really cool to fight about in a panel room, LET US KNOW! We want to be there!"


The program guide can be found here.


  • Welcome to Escapade, led by Jennifer, Charlotte C. Hill (Start off the convention by greeting all your friends, and casting your votes for the wildcard panel (What do we want to talk about now...) and the flashback to Escapades past panel (Wayback Machine).)
  • Are TPTB messing with us?, led by Dail, Julie (Last year there was NCIS:Gay, er LA This year there is Hawaii 5-0. Totally married hot male buddy leads. Is this dynamic deliberate on the show runner's pan? They can't be naive enough to not know what they're doing, can they? Or are they simply hearkening back to the 'buddy shows' of 20 or 40 years ago?)
  • Castle: Something for (Almost) Everyone, led by Shrift, Ivy (Castle is a mystery wrapped in a comedy wrapped in a procedural, dipped in a warm and light-hearted murder sauce. Come and discuss the TV show and the tie-in novels, or find out why Castle is so charmingly gruesome.)
  • Try a New Fandom!, led by Saklani (A mini-fic exchange where everyone agrees to write/vid/art in a fandom that they have no familiarity with for someone else in the panel. A due date will be set within the group, and there will be time to do some discussion and maybe even get started!)
  • Flattering or creepy?, led by tartysuz, charlotte c hill (Are slash writers flattered or creeped out by increased canon references, academic notice and public reviews? Is the attention'encouraging or does it push slash under f-lock?)
  • Hawaii Five-OH! Wedded bliss. With guns. And snark., led by Sinead, Taz, M'lyn (What makes the Steve/Danny buddy cop dynamic in H50 better than the sum of its parts? How is it different than other buddy cop shows? In 2011, can any tv producer still claim to be ignorant of subtext? Let's talk about what makes this show feel so gay, and how it compares to other buddy pairings that get slashed.)
  • ebook hardware: Show and Tell, Upcoming Toys, led by Delibby and Melina (Kindles, nooks, Sony Readers, iOS things. Android tablets... What we have, what are we looking at getting? Whether you're thinking about getting started or you've been reading for years, join us to talk about tech toys.)
  • It's the End of The World as We Know It, led by Glorina, Dail (Zombies, comets, plague and pestilence - reading or writing, what's the appeal? Let's look at the qualities adverse circumstance can bring out in characters and pairings, and whether certain fandoms are better suited to such blight than others.)
  • Who are Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson?, led by taz, christy, Dorinda, Stacy D (Sherlock Holmes has 4 novels, 56 short stories, and 100+ years of fanon to its name, but with die introduction of the new Sherlock series, it updates the Victorian concepts for a modern re-telling. How does this new Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson compare to the canon, and how have they been influenced by previous film and television portrayals?)
  • Acknowledgment Forum, led by Jennifer (In fannish disclaimers, it's become customary to acknowledge the creators of our source material. But how often to we take the time to thank the fans who've inspired us? These may be our closest friends, or people we've never met Come and share some of your inspirations. Hey, you might have inspired someone without even knowing it.)
  • Pro Slash, led by Delibby, Marie S (It's been a year since we last gathered to talk about the rise of m/m books. A few weeks ago Library Journal had an article about it as a new genre with buying suggestions to start a collection. Does your library have any? Does you local bookstore? Let's about books. What's new? Where are you buying? Who are you buying?)
  • What Do We Want to Talk About Now? (We'll pick a topic at the Welcome to Escapade panel, recruit some volunteer moderators, and have an off-the-cuff panel about something that's so up-to-the moment we couldn't even schedule it in advance.)
  • Delicious - Rumors of Death Greatly Exaggerated?, led by Sandy (Delicious, fandom's favorite bookmarking site may be getting shut down (or at least sold out) by The Man. What to do?)
  • Is the Medium the Mistress?, led by tartysuz, dorinda, elynross, Kahtya Sofia, Winston the Slash Dog (Fandoms stem from a wide range of media forms: TV shows, movies, books, sports figures, even songs and games. Source material can be a single book or movie, or it can encompass different universes, media, and eras, like Star Trek or Sherlock Holmes. Does the source type dictate the fannish styles? Do the different forms of media in a single fandom all count as canon?)
  • White Collar: No More Secrets, led by Tracy L, K'Kathy, Stacy (Peter and Neal both promised each other that and it lasted one whole episode? Trust issues are a pervasive theme in this fandom. What will it take for Peter and Neal to trust each other? Or is that even possible?)
  • The Bra Is Your Friend, led by Dail and Kadymae/Devilc (With the massive success and happiness of last year's field trip to Aphrodite's Lingerie for proper education and bra fitting, we want to do this again. Guaranteed comfort (emotional and physical) for all.)
  • Escapade Songvid Retrospective Kandy Fong (A trip back to the days of yesteryear, when vids were made on VCRs and Escapade was the place for vids and vid programming. Compiled by Kandy Fong, this show will survey vids from a variety of vidders and shows, covering Escapade 1992-2001 in a fun, informal environment.)
  • He/He. A Round Robin Story every 5 minutes, led by Jencat004 (He/He is a multi-fandom, insanely fun, round robin story game every 5 minutes! Everyone writes I thing on a paper, passes it around and another thing is added. In 10 years of playing this game, everyone (Except ONE person) has laughed themselves stupid. Easy to play, and SO addictive. Stay all night, or for a few minutes. Come join the fun!)
  • Escapade Party


  • Professionals: Fic Discussion, led by Krisser (Do AUs work? One AU, one half AU and one canon fie, let's figure out why some work well, and others don't The fie to be discussed can be found online: Night Moves, Angels and Angles, Fevers, and if time permits, Tis the Season.)
  • What Rhymes with Ink? Kink!, led by Gloriana, Barbana, Commodore Marie (Wedging kink into your fandom: is it appropriate to the characters and the universe? Do we care? Come and discuss your new-found love of toe-bondage, your confusion over ponyplay, and the characters you like to see indulging.)
  • Justified: It's About the Hat. And the Gun. But Mostly the Hat, led by Kahtya Sofia and Christy (Timothy Olyphant: he looks good in hats. Justified is a smart, complex show with great relationships, and it came back on February 9. Come to talk about the first season and the beginning of the new season, or come and be pimped into the show.)
  • All the Stuff You Like: Pimping, led by Delibby, Kadymae/Devilc (Also referred to as Pimping Free for All or Free Range Pimping, this is your chance to rave about the wonders of anything. Did you find a great brand of shoes? A new author? The most comfortable set of sheets ever? Heck, we'll even talk about tv and movies. Come talk about anything you love.)
  • Uniforms and Tough Guys, and Where Has All the Rough and Tumble Gone, led by Kadymae/Devilc (This topic is so badass, its description won't be contained by this space: Where have all the tough guys gone? Are they in UNIFORM, regimented, traditional, hyper-masculine? Or are they leather-jacketed lone wolves? Where do we get our really tough guys these days? In the military, what does the repeal of DADT really mean? More SNAGs, or more thrills?)
  • Mentalist: Put on a Happy Face, led by taz and Jo (Do carnies turn you on? How about charming con men or damaged puppies? Since the murder of his wife and daughter, Patrick Jane has been obsessed with revenge. He uses his skills as a mentalist to manipulate those around him. He's capable of empathy and acts of great generosity, but that doesn't mean he'll let anything or anyone come between himself and his goal. Does it?)
  • Fan Art Meta, led by Naked Bee and Barbana (A chance to discuss the burning questions in the fan art world: what is art and what's not? how is art different from fic? where can I find the good stuff? Suitable for fanart creators, collectors, and critics alike!)
  • The Importance of Local Flavor, led by K'Kathy (How much does the integration of the story setting affect your enjoyment? For example, would SPN be as fun if the two hot guys drove a Volkswagen bus? Would Neal and his retro-hip Rat Pack suits work in LA? Bring examples of shows, movies, and books where settings work and where they don't so we can discuss this often overlooked facet of fandom.)
  • Mag 7: Deader Than a Beaver Hat, led by Jennifer, Charlotte C. Hill (They're gorgeous. They're archetypes. Lots of other randoms have less to work with. So, what the hell?)
  • Fannish Bullying, led by Jennifer (When we turn on each other, things can get ugly. Is bullying ever justified? What about plagiarism? Promoting a non-standard pairing? What if we only bully those who bullied someone else first?)
  • Wayback Machine (Chosen from the Escapade 2001 program book at the Welcome to Escapade panel, in this hour we'll revisit one topic with a decade's worth of hindsight.)
  • And Now For Something Completely Different: Crafts and Hobbies, led by Commodore Marie and Barbana (Many of us knit and some of us sew, but what else? Maybe you make dolls, or brew beer? SCA or RenFaire, anyone? Or maybe you prefer model trains? Come take a break from the serious meta for a bit and enjoy some lighthearted craft and hobby pimp-age. Pictures and samples strongly encouraged!)
  • OMG, We're Getting Older!, led by Dail and Stacy D (Escapade is now 21 years old, which means that we, as fans, are also ... older. Is there any such thing as 'too old to be a fan'? How are we planning for what happens to our fannish 'stuff?)
  • Glee: 25% Slash, 24% Femslash, and 100% Fabulous. Come Get Your Glee On!, led by AnneZo and Anoel (Creative and unexpected, or uneven and inconsistent? Fanon pairings like Kurt/Puck and Finn/Sam, Rachel/Quinn and Mercedes/Quinn-and then there's the *canon.* Are the characters mistreated just to create temporary plotlines? Are the kids believable? Are the adults frighteningly dysfunctional, or endearingly human? What IS it about this show?)
  • OTW/AO3 Wish List Conversation, led by Sandy H (Do you feel like you don't know how to get your A03 or OTW wishlist through the bureaucracy? A03 is getting better all the time, but there's a ways to go. Let's brainstorm and turn a list over at the end of the panel.)
  • Orphanded Fans, led by Hippediva and SmutCutter (What to do beside thumb twiddling between fandoms. Or, how to survive falling out of fandom before finding a new shiney.)
  • Burn Notice: Three-Legged Stools and Fourth Wheels: The Changing Team Dynamic (The addition of Jesse Porter has been met with mixed feelings in fandom. Has his addition changed the team dynamic, and if so, for better or worse? How has he affected the relationships between Michael, Sam, and Fiona, or even Madeline? Bonus question: how might the Sam Axe prequel movie impact how we view the characters and the series?)
  • Archiving Fannish History, led by elfwreck and Dail (What's involved in making a fannish archive? How much can be digitized, and how does that happen? What's the difference between re-creating the originals and making the contents accessible? Come talk about university collections, PDF conversion, metadata tagging, anonymity, and other issues involved in creating a usable archive.)
  • Fanlore: Are BNFs Writing Our History?, led by Sandy H (Fanlore has an official policy of 'plural points of view', but is that really happening? Have you ever looked up a kerfluffle you were involved in, and seen how your side of the battle was portrayed.' And on the other side, are we afraid of conflict, to the point that Fanlore is bland and safe?)
  • Supernatural: The Apocalypse is Over, But All Hell's Broken Lose, led by Kadymae/devilc and tartysuz (Is Season Six really a Season Sux? Let's get together and laugh and bitch about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the final season of Supernatural.)
  • Decoding Vid Meaning, led by Anoel (How do you read a vid? Clip choice, lyrics, structure, symbols or the tone of the music— vids offer plenty of clues, and we decipher them as we see fit. Come watch a vid (or two!) and discuss how we get meaning from what we see and hear to develop a deeper understand of what's going on in the vid. Multiple viewings are required!)
  • Art Show Review, led by Naked Bee (Like the vid show review, but for the art! A chance to talk about what we liked, why it worked, etc.)
  • My ***** is Not Ideologically Driven, But is it Homophobic, led by Charlotte C. Hill and Ivy (Slash fandom often sees itself as a mostly liberal community. IDIC, right? But recently there's been a slash backlash: it's anti-feminist, a 'symptom' of internalized misogyny. We're 'erasing' the women characters after all. Is slash homophobic? Does slash fandom appropriate gay culture? Is it awesome and ennobling as it makes us happy in our panties, or is all that self-hatred bubbling just beneath the surface of our porn?)
  • Sherlock: What Are We Dealing With, led by Layna (Sherlock (2010) has attracted traditional Sherlockians and those just discovering the universe in a heady rush. Themes have emerged that appear to be new, or more pronounced: asexuality, incest, dysfunctional family, psychological disorders. The kink meme has also contributed significantly to the fandom and the fanon. What gives? Really?)
  • ebook Softward, led by Delibby and Melina (Primarily an introduction to Calibre, but let's talk about some other software that we might be using. We can talk about exporting from archives, choosing file types, that kind of thing. What helps you get the most out of your ereading device?)
  • Escapade Songvid Reivew (Featuring new and nearly new vids from a variety of fandoms, the Escapade vid show is not to be missed. Choose your viewing environment on the big screen in San Miguel B (quiet and attentive atmosphere), or the Vid Show Annex in Buenaventura (where conversation and commentary are welcome).)


  • Art Show and Charity Auction (It's fun, exciting, and sexy (and that's before the artwork)! This is your last chance to take home lovely bits of crafts or artwork We'll also pull the final raffle winners.)
  • Vid Review, led by SmutCutter and M'lyn (Flash all the way back to Saturday night to dissect our favorite (or not) vids from the show.)
  • The Reccing Crew (Recommending a fanwork is deeply woven into our culture. Are there new social mores at work when we make public recs? How has the move from letters to mailing lists to Livejournal and Delicious affected reccing? Delicious was conceived as a bookmarking site, but often operates as a recs and comments site. If it goes away, what would replace it?)
  • Star Wars Fan Chat, led by KatBear (A chance for fans of the various Star Wars incarnations to get together for an informal chat about what's going on in our fandom.)
  • Old Enough or Too Old? How Age Difference Affects Pairing Potential, led by Commodore Marie and Gloriana (Do you like one half of your pairing 'well preserved'? Or is May/December slash romance the squickiest thing you can imagine - especially if one has a duty of care over the other. Which pairings are better because of the age difference, and which are harder to justify? Come and explore topics related to age and age difference in fanfiction.)
  • Inception: The Dreamer and the Dreamed, led by Aral and Sinead (Why did this movie spawn such an active fandom? How closely does fanfiction adhere to the film's characterization (such as it is)? Does it matter? Bring your opinions, theories and recs for favorite Inception fanworks and let's discuss.)
  • The Vidding Explosion (1985-1990), led by Kandy Fong (Who taught whom. The growth of storytelling, technique, and sophistication. Includes vid show and presentation.)
  • The Best Crossover Story Idea (That Someone Else Should Write for Me), led by Killa (The name says it all. Bring your favorite crossover ideas to this fun brainstorming session, get as general or detailed as you want, and be prepared to share them with a room full of like-minded potential plot-bunny victims.)
  • Stargate: The End?, led by AnneZo (We were charmed by the original movie concept, many of us were fannishly enslaved by the first television series, others were entranced by Atlantis and some of us even tuned in for Universe. Are we ready to let the Stargate concept go or are we sitting on the edges of our seats, anxiously awaiting the next incarnation?)
  • Escapade Review (This is the chance to talk about what worked & what didn't, and how we can do things better next year. Programming may be over, but the party's not Drop by to pick up your copy of the songvid DVD, register for next year's convention, fill out a comment form, and hang out 'til your plane or ride leaves. Kiss Ken goodbye. (Really. That alone is worth the trip to the convention suite.))

Vid Show Playlist


  • Vid submitted to the show (as opposed to requested by the convention) = *
  • Premiering vid submitted to the show = **
  1. Walking on the Sun by giandujakiss (Lost Girl)
  2. Cooler Than Me by anoel (Glee)*
  3. Blackbird by Clucking Belles (Imagine Me and You)**
  4. Under the Sheets by almostgaby (Inception)
  5. Bad Romance by smutcutter (Star Trek: DS9)**
  6. Hateful by mlyn (White Collar)
  7. Stronger Than Dirt by fahrbotdrusilla (Watchmen)**
  8. Mama Said Knock You Out by talitha78 (NCIS: LA)*
  9. Lost Cause by gwyn_r (Justified)*
  10. Breathe You In by Holdt (Stargate SG-1)*
  11. Something's Gotta Give by lamardeuse (Hawaii 5-0)
  12. This Town's Religion by destina (Top Gun)
  13. The Humbling River by feochadn (Red Cliff)
  14. Remembrance by hsv_fangirl (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)*
  15. Trust No One by Loki (Supernatural)


cover of 2011 Vid Show DVD
  1. Running Up That Hill by gwyn_r (Prison Break)*
  2. All the Way by greensilver (Invisible Man)
  3. Heartbreaker by destina and barkley (Southland)
  4. Critical Hit by jarrow (Big Bang Theory)
  5. Little Plastic Castle by marina (Lost Girl)
  6. Not Responsible by lamardeuse (Sherlock)
  7. Pocketful of Sunshine by talitha78 (Kings)*
  8. They Want More by bironic (Jurassic Park)
  9. Sex and Reruns by greensilver (Community)*
  10. When I'm Up I Can't Get Down by deejay (Takin' Over The Asylum)*
  11. Square One by killabeez (Appaloosa)
  12. Are We Real? by wistful_fever (Hawaii 5-0)
  13. Last Friday Night by estalita_11 (Star Trek: TOS)

Three bonus vids on the DVD:

  1. Because I'm Awesome by anoel (Glee)*
  2. Up Where We Belong by talitha78 (Community)*
  3. Wicked Game by Holdt (Stargate SG-1)*

Vid Show Reviews

Con Reports and Panel Notes

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