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Escapade 2009

Escapade 2009 was held March 6–8, 2009. An archived copy of the Escapade 2009 website can be found on oocities.


A copy of the 2009 program book can be found in PDF format here.


  • Little Black Dresses (and Town Bicycles), led by Kady Mae/Develc (Alex Krycek, Tom Paris, Ronon Dex, Tim Riggins, Dean Winchester, Methos ... some characters will just sleep with anybody, anytime, anywhere, won't they! What makes some characters Black Dresses and others not? What's the appeal of Black Dresses! Who's become wash-faded? Is there a difference between a Black Dress and a Town Bicycle?)
  • Stargate: What Now?, led by wyomingnot, Lapis Lazuli (SG1 and Atlantis are now regulated to movies and Universe airs later this year. Where does fandom go from here?)
  • Wayback Machine (At the start of the con, we'll look at some of the great panels from Escapade 1999. What were the hot topics 10 years ago? We'll pick one, get a couple of volunteer moderators for it, and see how the conversation might be different this time around.)
  • Ocean's 11, Hustle, Leverage: The Attraction of the Con, led by Christy and elynross (What is it about con men that's so attractive?)
  • Hot Slash in Old Shows, led by Julie and Katharine (Do you think old series can still generate hot new slash (fic and/or vids?)
  • Iron Man: Comic Book Sex!, led by Kady Mae/Dveilc and Dorothy 1901 (Tony Stark—would you do him? Who would? Captain America? Bring your slashy comics and let's bring this fandom out into the open!)
  • The Organization for Transformative Works, led by Shoshanna, Melina, Logovo, and shrift (Off the ground and starting to soar! Come here about the latest developments in the OTW's projects and discuss where you'd like to see it go next.)
  • Supernatural: Dear God, What is Kripke Up To?, led by K'Kathy and Jo (What does the Evil Genius (aka Kripke) have in store for the brothers? Will they be enemies by the end of S4? If so, what's gonna happen if they aren't picked up for S5?)
  • Fannish Aesthetics: Extrapolation v. Subversion, led by Katharine (How do we as writers (and especially as vidders) interact with the source material? Is that relationship evolving? What can we say about where we've been and where we're headed?)
  • Professionals: Fanon vs Canon, led by Kris and Jan (Does fic get them right, or do we love to shift away from the screen characters?)
  • SW:TPM: Ten Years Later, led by Katbear (Join us to talk about ten years of Jedi, lightsabers, and space intrigues. What did we first love about them, and what do we still love today?)
  • There's Homework, led by De (How do you pick what new shows you're going to try watching? Ads, homework (studying upfronts), word of mouth? What resources do you use? Do you think, going into a show, "this is going to be slashy?" or "this could be my next fandom ?" or does it just happen?)
  • Chuck Versus Reinventing the Spy Genre, led by TreeWishes (The writers on Chuck (NBC on Monday nights) seem to take delight in turning every spy show cliche on its ear. What has Chuck successfully taken from Get Smart, I Spy, Bond, and MUNCLE? What are the good, bad, and ugly similarities and differences? What do we love about those adorable nerds, softhearted spies, and relatives of awesomeness « and where do we (or don't we) want Chuck to go next?)
  • What Do You Want to Talk About NOW? (The topic and moderators were chosen on the fly at the Welcome to Escapade panel. Come on over to see how it all turns out!)
  • Torchwood: Jack and Ianto: Twu Wuv or Dabbling, led by Melina and Christy (What kind of relationship do Jack and Ianto have, based on what canon gives us in the show and official novels? Is it twu wuv and a white picket fence or just dabbling? Does having a canonical m/m pairing make it more or less fun for us fans?)
  • Escapade Party!


  • So ... About This Yuletide Thing, led by Kady Mae/Devilc (Yuletide, J8BS, and Big Bang challanges have become very popular. Let's gather and share sage advice about participating, tricks and tips on hitting deadline and wordcount, and even those "I can laugh about it now" stories.)
  • Supernatural: Angels and Demons - Traditional Lore vs. Supernatural Canon, led by K'Kathy (Bad-ass angels? Good demons? Let's discuss the traditional and religious lore regarding angels and demons and contrast that with how they've been used in Supernatural.)
  • Save Fandom's History—Fanlore Live!, led by Melina (Contribute to the new Fanlore wiki ( by sharing your own experiences, memories, and oral history of random. Intrepid Fanlore editors will type rough drafts of your thoughts and memories directly into Fanlore, for panel participants and others to read, edit and expand upon later.)
  • Female Character Stories: Halfamoon, Full Moon or Just Moony, led by Stranger and ivy (F/f slash, and other stories centered on female characters, are gaining visibility in fandom. Are there things fens will write about women that we won't about men? (Given MPreg, *are* there?) Should f/f be like m/m, or is it unavoidably different?)
  • Leverage: Getting Even, led by Kady Mae/Devilc and Christy (Is Nathan really an honest man? Is there anything hotter than someone who can kill a man with an appetizer? And can you say Geek Power?)
  • Photoshop 101, led by Thalia (Confused about layers, brushes, styles and effects? Learn how to get started with graphics programs. We'll be using Photoshop, but most of the concepts will translate to PSP and GIMP. Feel free to bring questions.)
  • But Research is *Hard*, led by Dail (Ashlyn), Stacey (With all the historical randoms out there, how much research do you/we put into our stories? What about the fandoms that rely on "modern" AUs or time-shift stories? Fandoms like Mag7, Wild Wild West, Highlander, Merlin, Robin Hood. etc.)
  • Merlin: Glorious Crack, or Crock of Shite, led by Jo and Minotaur (The new BBC version of Merlin has taken some pretty severe liberties with the classic myth—best thing ever, or evil incarnate? With bonus discussion of who has the best cheekbones!)
  • What a Long Strange Trip It's Been, led by Katharine S. and Sinead (We share fandoms, but we don't always share our frame of reference. Sometimes you squee like a teenager and sometimes you just want to say, "you kids get offa my lawn! (All while coping with hot flashes.) Let's take a few whacks at talking about aging in fandom, one the last big taboos; my hot flashes joke notwithstanding, all ages and levels of estrogen are welcome.)
  • Fan Incognito, led by TreeWishes (Discussion of who/what/when/where/why of staying under the radar.)
  • Stargate Atlantis: On a Clear Day, I Can See the Pegasus Galaxy, led by Aral and Sinead (How are you feeling about the end of SGA-relief or regret? Are you looking forward to the rumored film(s), or planning to be snuggled up with your favorite fic that night? Have you ever been part of an active fandom whose canon closed, and do you have any thoughts (or advice!) about how to keep the fannish energy going? Let's discuss our hopes, fears and fondest dreams for the future of the fandom.)
  • Meet the Kindle, led by Melina and Christy (Come meet the Amazon Kindle, and learn why it's an awesome way to read and share fanfic.)
  • Of Farts and Low Tech, Young Upstarts and Technoglut, led by Katharine S, Stacey and m'lyn (The old days of low tech, scarcity and secrecy made for intense fannish friendships, and now high tech can provide both instantaneous access to a wealth of fanfic and anonymity. Are these benefits mutually exclusive? Are fannish generational differences about age, history, or technology?)
  • Burn Notice: Too Hot to Handle, led by Jennifer and Charlotte C. Hill (Come discuss by Sam Axe (retired Navy SEAL and inveterate playboy) is the best thing that ever happened to ex-spy Michael Western. Hot Miami nights will never be the same.)
  • Craft of Writing—Beginnings and Endings, led by KatBear (Share your favorite tricks on how to hook a reader into your story and end it gracefully, or share your frustrations as a reader with stories that leave you hanging.)
  • Why is Justice So Damn Sexy, led by Aral and Sinead (Benton Fraser, Charles Gunn, Xena, comic superheroes—who are some of our other favorite fighters for justice? And why are they so compelling and sexy? Come share your love for this character type, and let's explore why we love it so much!)
  • Star Trek: Everything Old is New Again, led by Elke, Kathleen R (With the new movie release, and fanfilms getting more press than usual lately, what's new on the Trek fandom front this year? What's on the rise, what's on the decline, how is the new movie catching your attention (or making you cringe) and how is the ur-slash fandom integrating the next new generation of fans (they get younger and younger every year!)?)
  • Escapade Songvid Show (Live on the big screen.)
  • Escapade Songvid Show in the Annex (The same vid show, but in a smaller room, with permission to chat and comment. The social songvid show.)
  • Midnight Madness: Songvid Retrospective (At 11:30 because we're old now... assembled with loving care by Sandy Herrold.)


  • Art Show and Charity Auction
  • Vid Review (Last night was for watching, today is for analyzing. What worked, what didn't, and why?)
  • They're SO Doing It! But I So Can't Write It!, led by Kady Mae/Devilc (We've all seen that pairing yeah, they're SO doing it... but try as we might, we just can't go there. Let's share some favorite TSDIs, and see if we can't figure out shy it is weren't not going there.)
  • Pimping 101, led by De (Anything you want to pimp/can pimp in a minute or so. Books, movies, food, shoes, your town, anything. There are a lot of things that don't need the full pimping treatment, they just need a quick mention as something good that's worth checking out.)
  • NCIS: The Little Show That's Worked Its Way Up to a Huge Ratings Success, led by Karita Wyr (What took so long and why are so many people just now discovering its entertaining characters and slashy goodness?)
  • The Times, They're Are a Changin', led by Aral and Sinead (Our media has eras that mirror changes in the culture; we seem to be entering a new era now. Race and racism were often at the forefront of our news media for the past two years of election coverage. How do you think this may have changed or will change the media we consume-both fictional and non-fictional—in themes, stories, and characters?)
  • Dante's Cove/The Lair: OMG Werewolf!, led by De and Elke (Does one work and the other not? Is one taking itself too seriously? What are they going to do next, other than the crackiest thing possible?)
  • Escapade Review, led by Dail (Ashlyn) (This is the traditional last panel of the convention, where we review what worked and what didn't work, and make plans for next year.)
  • Dead Dog and Dail's Retirement Party (Please come and celebrate Dail's transition to a life of leisure. As hostess, Dail is bringing trays of sushi from a local restaurant, we'll crack a case of champagne and party, party, party. Bring along leftover goodies to contribute to the bash.)

Alternative Programming:

  • Becoming Better Allies: Consciousness-Raising for White Fans, led by Aral and Sinead (All fans are welcome, but this panel's purpose is for white fans to help each other get better at supporting fans of color in discussions of race. We will kindly and respectfully challenge each other to think past triggers, knee-jerk defensiveness, guilt, and fears of "getting it wrong." We will focus on hearing what fans of color have actually said (with textual examples!) and applying it to our own behavior.)
  • Being Human, led by Minotaur (A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost share a flat in Bristol—sounds like the set-up for a bad joke, but really it's slashy, funny, creepy joy.)
  • Keep the Peace: Flashpoint Pimping, led by gwyneth rhys (A Canadian production also airing on CBS, Flashpoint delivers gear porn, sniper porn, touch guys and gals who also have tender hearts, and a great seasoned vet slash pairing. Clips will be shown, a vid,and discussion of fic.)
  • He/He, Round Robin in Minutes, led by JenCat004 (He/He is a round table, round robin story game. Ridiculously fun and easy to play, I've been playing it at cons for over ten years, and there has only been ONE person who didn't laugh themselves stupid. Come join the giggles!)
  • Veritas, led by De (Nikko lost his mother in an archaeology accident and has been estranged from his dad for a decade. Yes, an archaeology accident. He believes his dad is an archaeology professor, but he's really the head of an international group dedicated to finding The Truth. Starring: Eric Balfour, Arnold Vosloo, Coble Smulders, and several others you'll recognize.)
  • BBC Merlin Clips Show, led by TreeWishes (You just went to the panel, now see what all the fuss is about.)
  • Burn Notice Clips, led by Jennifer (The looks, the laughs, the jump cuts, the hot, sweaty men. You don't want to miss it!)

Vid Show Playlist

cover of the 2009 Vid Show DVD
First Half
Good Touch, Bad Touch: PSAClucking BellesSGA
New MathCatyahRiptide
Still The OneLaura McEwanStarsky & Hutch
Dirty Little SecretDiana WilliamsTorchwood/Doctor Who
Everything's Not LostGreensilverMulti
Girls Just Wanna Have FunKarita WyrThe Trouble with Angels
Brand New KeywyomingnotStargate: SG-1
BelieveGianduja KissSupernatural
Love Thee DearestHelenKirk/Spock
If I Ever Lose My Faith in YouDiana WilliamsDonald Strachey Mysteries
Strange AngelsKassStargate Atlantis
Read My MindLaura McEwanStarsky & Hutch
Hard Times Come Again No MoreJill and KayPeacemakers
Second Half
Big Big LovewyomingnotStargate: SG-1
Queen BitchLaura ShapiroHedwig and the Angry Inch
Stunna Glassestalitha78The Invisible Man
Counting BodiesMillyAngel: the Series
The Lies of Handsome MenDiana WilliamsMulti-fandom
It's All Been DonewyomingnotStargate: SG-1
I Am What I AmLaura McEwanStarsky & Hutch
That Don't Impress Me MuchSmutCutterMulti Fandom
All These ThingsKillaPrimeval
Is She Really Going Out With HimClucking BellesStargate Atlantis
Come OnGwyneth RhysFlashpoint

Vid Show Reviews

Notes from the vid review panel are here[1]

Con Reports and Panel Notes


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