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Escapade 2014

Escapade 24 was held February 28-March 2, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. This was the first year the Friday night party became a dance party officially.


The con's program book is here, Archived version


  • Arts & Crafts Hour, led Naked Bee (Join us for an informal jam session to produce some fan art. Some supplies will be provided: construction paper, glue, macaroni, tin foil ... all the essentials! Afterwards you can display your work, be it scribbled sketch or triumphant masterpiece, in the Art Show!)
  • Teen Wolf: Share the Feels and Bitch about Jeff Davis!, led lovesrain44, aral (Love Teen Wolf? Come talk and share the love; all ships welcome. Also, season 3a was a special kind of terrible. While Davis has never quite made the same show fans are watching, things really went off the rails in terms of basic plot and character consistency. Let’s evaluate where we’re at now, and where in the mess we can keep finding the Teen Wolf stories and characters we love.)
  • Welcome to Escapade, led Megan Kent, Charlotte Hill (Start off the convention by greeting all your friends, and casting your votes for the wildcard panel (What do we want to talk about now...) and the flashback to Escapades past panel (Wayback Machine).)
  • Cons New and Old, led Franzeska, Megan Kent (It seems like new cons are being organized via Tumblr all the time as anime cons are going strong and slash cons are waning. What kinds of cons are out there these days, what do we like, and how can we maintain and promote the ones we prefer?)
  • Due South Retrospective, Denise Raymond, Raine Wynd (Let's stage a dramatic historical reenactment of the Ray Wars for the benefit of those who missed it the first time around! Or we could skip that part and just talk about how awesome Benton Fraser is.)
  • Remembering Lewis Collins, led Eileen Salmas, Snow, Krisser (Kris) (Fans don't mourn - we celebrate! Let's share our memories of Lewis Collins with stories, favorite scenes in Pros and his other roles and some photos and vids.)
  • Epic Dogpiles of Fandom History, led Rache, Aral (The Cult of Nice. Social Justice Warriors. Can fans talk without dogpiles or is the art of thoughtful debate dead? Is conversation limited to what I can find in my own echo chambers? How do I talk outside of my friends about things that are important to me? Should I even try?)
  • Lost Girl: The Little Faendom That Could, led kerithwyn (Lost Girl season 4 has reached a delightful new level of sexy, smutty fan service. How many pairing possibility bingos will canon hit before the season ends, and what’s the likelihood that the entire cast will end up in a tangle? Let's talk about the many permutations of sexuality, gender roles, and relationships this show offers.)
  • MCU: Clint/Coulson: Making slash out of nothing at all, led Megan Kent, Katie (Two characters who have never been in the same frame are one of the most popular pairings in a dynamic fandom. Is that what fandom has come to? Yes! Yes, it has.)
  • Out Of Step With the World, led Dail, Denise Raymond (You have no current fandom. You can't even get Tumblr to load. What do you do when you're feeling disconnected and alienated, but you don't want to leave fandom for good? If this sounds like you, come join us to figure out some strategies for rekindling the love, making new friends, and finding your place.)
  • Haven: Can the OT3 survive?, led kerithwyn, Killa (Season 4 of Haven gave us a lot of answers about the underlying mythology...and a host of new questions. What lies ahead for the characters and their complex, tangled relationships? And can Audrey, Duke, and Nathan find their way back to each other in a dark (Tower) world?)
  • Vidding 101, led Franzeska, Nate Y (Never edited before? Haven't made a vid since the VCR went the way of the dodo? Come learn how to turn those vidbunnies into reality!)
  • Vids for the Viewer, led Kat (We often discuss writing from the perspective of a reader, but vidding from the perspective of vid-watchers not so much. Let's talk about how to read a vid, different vidding aesthetics and how accessible or popular they are with viewers vs. vidders, and impostor syndrome in vid review.)
  • Almost Human: FeelsBot & AngstCop, led Michelle, Gentlenonnie (You've shipped it since the moment you saw the first preview, and Dorian & John haven't left your mind since. We're only 12 episodes in, but Almost Human has provided so much slash fodder that the fic practically writes itself. Join us in discussing if it's the next great slash canon or just a flash in the proverbial pan.)
  • Plastics Workshop, led Naked Bee (Learn how to make all sorts of things out of plastic or silicone! There will be a demonstration of basic sculpting, mold-making, and casting techniques for simple objects. We'll pass around equipment and examples of more advanced techniques for complex items - like sex toys! At the end, anyone who wants to get hands-on will get a chance to mix resin and cast a small plastic object as a take-home souvenir.)
  • Real Fannish Community, led Franzeska, Denise Raymond, Calysta Rose (Has AO3 ended the era of real fannish community or has it ushered in a new era of increased connectedness? Is Tumblr better or worse than the old days (and were the old days livejournal? yahoo groups? APA snail mail zine groups?)? I'm hoping for equal parts 'get off my lawn' and 'the future's so bright I gotta wear shades' debate here. Combine with: Tumbling Towards the Future.)
  • Sleepy Hollow and Mythologies of American National Identity, led Aral, Sinead (Sleepy Hollow is a fun, silly show built around adding supernatural elements to the American national origin story. It plays with the way Americans mythologize our history, and the writers have fun poking at the realities behind some of our beloved national icons and founding stories. How can we read Sleepy Hollow in dialogue with the political discourses and nationalist rhetoric of our time, the America of Barack Obama's Presidency and the extreme right wing backlash to it?)
  • Calibre: ultimate fanfiction ebook tool, led Amalthia (Sharon) (Come to this panel to learn how Calibre can download ebooks directly from A03,, and many other archives! Add your own custom covers to the fics you love most.)
  • Escapade Party with Vids & Dancing (The social event of the convention. We’ll bring the snacks and drinks and a bar; you bring the good company.)
  • Escapade Party Annex, Hollywood (Same party, less music, more chatting.)


  • Supernatural Revived, led by bren/glacis (This season has seen some of the best episodes in years. What could be next for the Winchester crew? Dean and Cas go on the road? Where's Sam under Gadreel? Could Crowley be the key? Let's talk about it.)
  • Death of Zines, led by Dovya Blacque, CatalenaMara (When you can download any story or collection of stories you like, is there any purpose to zines? Is there a future for print zines, with high production and distribution costs, in the face of AO3's downloads and Tumblr's endless new content? Discuss whether rec lists could fill the purpose of zines and how to attach art to fic in a digital setting. Are vid-fest masterlists a kind of digital zine?)
  • Sleepy Hollow: Revisionism Made Sexy, led by bren/glacis (Calling all Hollowheads! Free-flowing panel on all things Sleepy Hollow - will Ichabod find Jeremy? Will the sisters get past their past? How about that sineater? And what's up with Capt. Irving? (this panel is intended to focus on male slash, complementing the femslash panel already listed) Combine with: Headless Horsemen and Hotties)
  • So You Wanna Turn Pro?, led by Kahtya Sofia (50 Shades and filing serial numbers are yesterday's conversations. If you know you've got the talent, there's no excuse for not trying to turn pro. Writing as Kendall McKenna, fangirl Kahtya Sofia turned fandom training into pro writing success. Nominated for a Bookie Award in 2013, winner of MLR Press' 2013 Best Selling Author, Kendall can share knowledge and experience in navigating the industry for the first time.)
  • (The End of?) Ladybashing in Slashfic, led by Rache, Charlotte Hill (Slashfic used to regularly feature bashing of female characters. Now, blatant bashing seems less fashionable. If you recognize this trend, let's talk! Were most ladybashing fics ones for juggernaut pairings in megafandoms, or were they everywhere? What's causing the change: more women in leading roles/ensemble casts, fic writers being more conscious to avoid bashing ladies even if they're not their favorites, more willingness to blame show writers' bad writing (instead of the character being just bad/evil/stupid) for bad female characters, or something else entirely?)
  • Professionals: Bodie and Doyle: Still Catching Bad Guys (& Snogging) After 40 Years, led by Kat, Snow, Krisser (Kris) (Not familiar with this classic fandom, or you've drifted away for a new shiny? It's time to check out (or revisit) The Professionals, so come and chat about all the fun that can be had in this small but busy group of dedicated fen. We'll talk art, vids, fic (and shagging) because we do love those boys together.)
  • Fan artist hangout, led by Naked Bee (Come hang out with your fellow fan artists, show off your sketchbook, share tips, or work on your projects.)
  • Clamming Up, led by Megan Kent (Do you love the strong and silent types? Let's discuss our favorite emotionally constipated clams and the joys of slashing them.)
  • Grimm: Uncharted Territory, led by bren/glacis (The Grimm's kind of a zombie, his girlfriend is open minded, his partner's fascinated by it all, his boss is feeling territorial and revolting, his best friend is marrying a fox and the fox is caught up in her wolf (what WILL the in laws say?). What could come from this wild mix? So many possibilities with this tight crew!)
  • Tumblr: Missing Missing E, led by Michelle, Calysta Rose (So you've just gotten the hang of Livejournal when all of a sudden fandom has jumped shipped to this new "microblogging" platform called Tumblr. What is "microblogging" anyway, and where do you even start? Join us in this tutorial/discussion on creating an account, deciphering the culture, finding fandom, and making Tumblr work for you.)
  • Before It's All Gone: Fannish preservation from zines to oral histories, led by Franzeska, Charlotte Hill (Should we preserve our history for posterity, or is it better to let our embarrassing juvenilia be lost in the mists of time? Are university collections a gateway for new fans or just a way to get us all studied like bugs? On a practical level, what do we want to preserve and how can we do that?)
  • Sherlock, John & Mary, Oh My!, led by ChelleToo, Barbana (Season 3 has aired. Did you love it or hate it? Was the 2-year wait worth it? Are you looking forward to Season 4? Sherlock has truly become a family affair with Martin's partner, Benedict's parents and Stephen's son joining the cast.)
  • Fan costumers commiseration and inspiration..., led by Elke Tanzer (Are you new to costuming, what are you working on, and if you've been costuming for a while, how have your creations and your creative process changed over time?)
  • Is There an After Life in Fic?, led by tartysuz, Kadymae (Devilc) (What is fic's response to a major character death? Do characters stay alive in fic, or does fic meet canon? And what happens when one of the stars of a fannish show dies in real life? Glee and Fast & Furious fans are especially welcome.)
  • Person of Interest: Everything Changes, led by bren/glacis (Carter is gone, Root is in the wind, Shaw is picking up the slack, Fusco is the go-to guy, Reese is conflicted, and Finch just wants the band back together. The Machine is everywhere and nowhere. What does the end of HR and the rise of Vigilance mean to a traumatized team? Plus, new background on Finch and Reese! What can we do with this?)
  • This Year in Festivids, led by Nate Y (There are hundreds of vids in Festivids. Come see the obscure gems you may have missed this year and chat about the exchange.)
  • Wayback Machine (Chosen from the Escapade 2004 program book at the Welcome to Escapade panel, in this hour we’ll revisit one topic with a decade’s worth of hindsight.)
  • It's Elementary, My Dear MS Watson..., led by Krisser (Kris), Michelle FishieMishie, snow (How has Watson as a female changed the dynamics. . . .or has it?)
  • Library Workers Unite! , led by De, Kadymae (Devilc) (Work in a library? Let's chat. How does you job influence your participation in fandom? How does fandom influence what you do at work? What are you learning in one place and using in the other? Similarities and differences between Reader's Advisory and Viewer's Advisory, aka pimping. Boolean searching and the annoying lack of it in some archives.)
  • Art Show Gallery Crawl, led by Naked Bee (Join us for a group stroll through the Art Show to talk about the art on display. Critique and squee equally welcome!)
  • Pretty, Angsty, Snarky, & Camaraderie: The 4 Elements of Slash?, led by Denise Raymond (What elements are you looking for in a new canon now? *Are* these the keys to success in slash fandom?)
  • Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot Love, led by Raine Wynd , Gwyneth (Come talk about one of the best movies of the year - giant robots, alien monsters, characters of color in leading roles, and oh - the hero doesn't get the the movie anyway. Discuss ideas for stories and art, things you loved/hated, fanworks you've enjoyed (or want to find), anything Pacific Rim goes! Team Hot Dads, everyone lives (or not), drift compatibility, jaeger names (problematic or not) - in Raleigh's words, Let's do this!)
  • Pew! Pew! Pew! There's More to Guns than More, led by Dakka Kadymae (Devilc), Dail (Your new favorite fandom involves firearms ... and you've never picked up a gun in your life. Details matter, but also, in storytelling, a character's choice of weapon also shows character. Gather round and we can discuss the differences between various historical and contemporary firearms and where to go to find information about who uses what, where, when, and why.)
  • More is More: OT3s, Moresomes, and the Canons that Inspire Them, led by kerithwyn, Katie (Is three the magic number? Do you always ship the whole team? Every fandom? Just one? And how do ensemble canons vs. canons with one or two leads affect things? Let's discuss relationships of more than 2.)
  • Thor: Loki... Mad, bad and absolutely delightful, led by spasticat, CatalenaMara, Gloriana, Tenaya (Let's discuss what makes the God of Mischief tick. Nature or nurture? Did he really want to rule Midgard or was all that just to stay ahead of Thanos? Can he even be defined without a referring to Thor? And bring your story recs, too!)
  • Fanlore, led by Franzeska, Denise Raymond (Come talk about this tragically under-utilized OTW resource. Let's brainstorm articles to add and ways to make Fanlore more fun and accessible to edit.)
  • Escapade Songvid Show (Featuring new and nearly new vids from a variety of fandoms, the Escapade vid show is not to be missed. Choose your viewing environment: on the big screen in California C (quiet and attentive atmosphere), or the Vid Show Annex in Westwood and Hollywood (where conversation and commentary are welcome).
  • Escapade Songvid Show ANNEX, Westwood, Hollywood (The same songvids, but no one cares if you're quiet.)


  • Escapade Art & Charity Auction (It’s fun, exciting, and sexy (and that’s before the artwork)! This is your last chance to take home a lovely bit of crafts or artwork, and win those last raffle prizes.)
  • Vid Review, led by Nate Y, astolat (Flash all the way back to Saturday night to dissect our favorite (or not) vids from the show.)
  • Orphan Black: She, herself, and we, led by kerithwyn, Melina (The first rule of clone club is that they don’t talk about clone club. The second rule is that none of the c-words are very good at following the rules. Let’s talk about this amazing show, the multiple permutations of clone-cest, and what we’re hoping to see next season.)
  • Captain America: Is It Don't Ask, Don't Tell If We Don't Know Yet?, led by Raine Wynd (Speculate about the ramifications of the Winter Soldier on Captain America's life, the potential revealed by the trailers, and share your general Captain America feels.)
  • Hurt/Comfort, led by Megan Kent (Who does it well? How can we do it well? What would we like to see more of? Is this going out of fashion, or is it a perennial favorite?)
  • Wildcard Panel, led by (There’s always something that comes up at the last minute that we ought to be talking about. What is it this year? Topic to be selected at the Welcome to Escapade Panel.)
  • Good Marketing and Bad Publishers, led by Kahtya Sofia (Got your manuscript ready to submit, but not sure what to do next? Author Kendall McKenna (MLR Press 2013 Best Selling Author) has first hand info on avoiding shady publishers, contracts, keeping Executive Editors happy, realistic self- marketing, and the horrors of Goodreads. Pro writing is like its own fandom, and not as scary as it seems.)
  • It's Coming From Inside the Fandom: Celebrity, Social Media, and Fannishness, led by Aral, Sinead (Orlando Jones is pioneering a new level of celebrity fourth wall destruction, using tumblr and twitter to produce and engage with fanworks and meta, and consistently identifying himself with fannish values and practices. Are we seeing the advent of a new subcategory of fan, the celebfan, maybe analogous to the acafan as a hybrid fannish identity? Can celebrities BE fans in that way? What does this mean for fandom and how do we feel?)
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: What is it?, led by Megan Kent, Katie (New vehicle for all of your Clint/Coulson feels? The Melinda May show? How are things looking after half a season?)
  • Fandom Flashback, led by Denise Raymond (Spin the wheel of fate and travel back to another year in fandom history! (Okay, we'll probably pick out of a hat.) Revisiting the 90s and before, whether you were in fandom then or you're just curious. Trade war stories or listen to the mod blather.)
  • Escapade Review (This is the chance to laugh, to cry, to complain bitterly—to tell us what worked & what didn’t, and what will make Escapade better for you (and others) next year.)
  • Dead Dog Party (Programming may be over, but the party’s not. Drop by to pick up your copy of the songvid DVD, register for next year’s convention, fill out a comment form, and hang out ‘til your plane or ride leaves.)

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