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Escapade 2016

Escapade 26 was held February 26–28, 2016 near the Los Angeles, CA airport.


Panels were scheduled from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday 11-2. Sunday morning was reserved for the brunch, which was open to all attendees. Friday night had a dance party with snacks and party fanvids, and Saturday night had the vidshow.

Fandom-specific panels

Program Book (PDF)

  • Agent Carter: California Dreaming. Saturday, 1pm, San Diego 1. Now that Agent Carter is in California, let's discuss what's different and speculate on what's to come.
  • AOS: Your Fave Is Problematic. Saturday, 10am, San Diego 1. This season of AoS has taken some risks and built upon the MCU mythology in interesting ways that don't support the solid fanon pairing of Clint/Coulson. And this season's Coulson doesn’t necessarily connect with his Marvel history or his fanon. Where is Coulson heading in AoS, and what are we going to do with (to?) him?
  • Captain America: Civil War on Horizon. Friday, 4pm, San Diego 1. The Civil War trailers promise an emotionally packed storyline. What are your hopes and fears for the new movie? How will it affect the fandom?
  • Flash, Arrow, and the Castoffs of Tomorrow. Saturday, 9am, San Diego 1. Let's talk about Barry's massive crush on Oliver, how Felicity and Iris would be great together, that Flash/Flash/Reverse Flash OT3 (or is it OT4?), and why we think Legends of Tomorrow will be cancelled before the con.
  • Hamilton: The Panel Where It Happens. Saturday, 4pm, San Diego 1. How does a soundtrack, not crack, bring a Founding Father back to the spotlight, every site— consider this your invite to squee, ham, come and get loud, let's get these guys in front of a crowd! A Hamilton pimping panel! Come if you're a HamFan, or if you just want to know what we know, and bask in the love.
  • Highlander: Upon Our Page, So Much More Is Written. Sunday, Noon, San Diego 1. Highlander gives us the past, the future, psychic abilities, magic, secret societies, Immortal FBI agents—almost limitless possibilities for storytelling. What stories haven't been written? What have you always wanted to see? Let's brainstorm and get creative.
  • Librarians: Fictional and Loving It. Saturday, Noon, San Diego 1. Season 2... quirky, magical, geeky, wonderful, family, library, Prospero and Moriarty, Flynn and Eve, Jacob and Cassandra and Ezekial... so many doors opened, and so many paths they could take for Season 3. Come, discuss with your fellow Librarian fans!
  • MCU: Hell’s Kitchen. Sunday, 1pm, San Diego 1. Daredevil and Jessica Jones, darker and more intimate than the epic Avengers movies, the Netflix series challenge viewers and offer some terrific slash and femslash. These are some damn dark superheroes. What lines do characters this engaging make us cross? Are we ready to do that with them?
  • Professionals: Clueless In London. Saturday, 2pm, San Diego 1. Clueless Bodie or Clueless Doyle… which do you find easier to believe? Do they get hit by Cupid's arrow? Or does the slow realization work for you? Which lad is likely to catch that clue bus first… let's puzzle this out together. *Sense8: Built In Soulbond OT8+. Saturday, 3pm, San Diego 1. So Sense8 is fantastic, queer and has soulbonding. Let's talk about it!
  • Sentinel: Celebrating the Senses: The Sentinel's 20th Anniversary. Friday, 2pm, San Diego 1. Sentinel and Guide. Jaguar and Wolf. Jim and Blair. We still love 'em after 20 years, and the recent DVD release could mean a whole new wave of fans. What is it that has made this such an enduring fandom? What about the popularity of the Sentinel/Guide element in fusions? Here's a chance to revisit a perennial favorite.
  • Sherlock: Calling all Irregulars! Friday, 3pm, San Diego 1. The latest episode of Sherlock certainly had a lot to consider with its multi-layers. Since most of the plot took place inside Sherlock's mind palace, were we given new insights into Sherlock and his relationships?
  • Star Trek: The Big 50. Saturday, 5pm, San Diego 1. 2016 is Star Trek's 50th Anniversary plus the third reboot movie. Look back over your favorite or worst moments in the long legacy, favorite pairings/moresomes, what has Star Trek meant to you and where we think it's going.
  • SWTFA: Star Wars Rises. Friday 5pm, San Diego 1. The Force finally rose! So, what did we think- good, bad, indifferent? Is the legacy safe in Disney's hands? Where do we think it will go? And of course, was there slash goodness to be had?
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Saturday, 11am, San Diego 1. Brunet vs. blond, American vs. Russian, spy vs. spy, tall vs. taller. And a smoking hot female character to rock everyone's boat. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie was stylish and breezy, with charisma to spare. Is it more fun to watch Napoleon and Illya fight, bicker, or make out with each other (and/or Gaby)?
  • Wildcard Panel. Saturday, 5pm, San Diego 1. SOMETHING happens between the closing of panel ballots and the first day of Escapade. We set aside this hour to talk about the biggest "something". Bring your hot topic to the Welcome to Escapade Panel.
  • XF: Reopening the X-Files. Friday, 1pm, San Diego 1. We have more canon! Do we care? And what have we seen so far? Discuss the new season and its promises and pitfalls.

Meta Panel Descriptions

  • 2015 Year of the Awesometacular Heroine! Saturday, 2pm, California C. Peggy Carter, Jessica Jones, Jupiter Jones, Rey, Imperator Furiosa. When was the last time we had so many amazing, asskicking, smart, and super competent women in one year in our mass media? The 25th of No-Never, that's when. So, why now? And whose shoulders do these giants stand on?
  • By Us For Us. Saturday, 4pm, California C. Fic, even kinky slash, is practically mainstream these days. The ebook revolution puts publishing within reach of almost anyone. Sundance hits have been filmed on iPhones. So why aren't fangirls making more media? Or is it happening right under our noses? Is this a place where our women's gift economy does our community a disservice? Discuss what's out there, what we'd like to see, and what's holding us back.
  • Canon Gay. Saturday, 11am, California C. It's here, it's queer, but does it scratch the same itch as homoerotic subtext?
  • NonCon, Knots, and Names on Wrists. Friday, 4pm, California C. What wacky kinks are we into this year? Come (over)share your favorite kinks and fanworks. Wincest and Chan and Noncon? Stories and situations we would never condone in real life? We’re reliving some of the controversies we thought were long settled. Should we even bother trying to justify these tropes to an ever-growing audience? What happens if we don’t?
  • Escapade Review. Sunday, 2pm, California C. The last official panel of the weekend, this is your chance to talk about what what worked, what didn't, and what you might like to have different next year. Never run by a con chair (but always attended by both), the Escapade Review seeks to capture the essence of the weekend to carry forward into years to come—and to quarantine any problems that arose, so we can leave them behind. It can be very funny. It can be very heartwarming. It always helps you, the attendee, since you're the designer of this con.
  • Fandom Dating Game. Saturday, 9am, California C. Between fandoms? Feeling lonely? Think you'll never feel that first flush of love again? Then you, yes you, could be our first contestant! Interview our lovely bachelorettes to pick which Mystery Fandom you'll be going home with today! [Yes, we stole this game from CON.TXT]
  • Fandom Is Fic: from BNF to TL;DR. Sunday, 1pm, California C. From paper through Usenet to Livejournal, text was king. On Tumblr, long text is an imposition—isn’t it? Has fic been dethroned from its place at the top of the heap and fic-writing BNFs along with it? Discuss the dirty little social dynamics of the shifting patterns of fannish value and how we define 'fandom' itself. And what of zines and zine eds?
  • Fandom of One Support Group. Friday, 1pm California C. Are you currently (or perpetually) head over heels for the fandom(s) nobody loves? Do you watch huge fandoms wistfully and think, one day? Do you imagine all the stories you'd write if only someone else cared? This panel is to commiserate, comfort one another, and maybe even pimp your tiny fandom.
  • Ladies Loving Ladies. Saturday, Noon, California C. There would seem to be enough queer women in fandom to write/want more f/f. Do lesbians write f/f, m/m? Both? Do straight women? Or are we still missing the iconic female characters and relationships that create a great slash fandom? Did they figure out the answer to this question at TGIF/F and if so, what is it?
  • Next Steps for the OTW. Saturday, 10am, California C. The OTW had a tumultuous election in 2015, resulting in all 5 board members resigning as 2 new electees took their places. Bring your rumors and your facts, and we'll try to sort out what actually happened and what that means for the future of the OTW.
  • OTP shows vs. pairings galore: What makes for lasting fandoms? Friday, 2pm, California C. Is is better to have OTP for a show, (or at least mainly OTP) for the longevity of a slash fandom or for shows to have many popular pairings? Does the volume of fans getting behind one pairing make them more durable than the less popular pairings for multi shows? Do the strength of the characters in the show, or the fannish universe version of them, make the biggest impact?
  • The End of the World As We Know It. Saturday, 1pm, California C. We fans love our post-Apocalyptic scenarios. Whether your jam is The Walking Dead, Mad Max, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or post-apoc AUs starring your favorite RPF characters, this panel offers the chance to roll around in end-of-theworld goodness.
  • The Expanse of SyFy. Friday, 3pm, California C. Killjoys, Dark Matter, Childhood's End, The Magicians, The Expanse ... there's a metric crapload of good programming on a network that was once the laughing stock of fandom. (Sharknado anyone?) Let's gather and rave about our favorite new shows and discuss what we'd like to have happen next.
  • The Future of Conventions. Saturday, 3pm, California C. From Worldcon to monster Trek cons, to Creation Cons to Comic Con, huge cons and big-names conventions have always existed. From IDICon to WinCon to Virgule to Escapade, midsize and small multi-media and slash conventions have existed. With big cons' profile rising, is that impacting small cons? Is there space for multi-media any more?
  • Wait! Where did everybody go? Friday, 5pm, California C. (this panel will be filmed)] Once upon a time media fandom was a very niche, private interest. First there were fanzines and etc. Then there were mailings lists and etc. Now there are YouTube and… How is fandom actually connecting these days? *What are we looking for in a next big platform—and does it already have a web presence?
  • Wayback Machine. Sunday, 11am, California C. One of two "wildcard" panels that we select as a group at the Escapade Welcome Panel, the Wayback Machine pulls a topic from Escapades past that still has relevance today.
  • Welcome to Escapade. Friday, 11am, California C. Every year, the best way to help start the convention is with the Welcome to Escapade panel. If you're new, you'll meet people. If you've been around for a while, you know you need to be there to help select the wildcard/wayback panels and Have Your Voice Heard. Also, we have snacks.
  • Who Are We? Sunday, Noon, California C. How do we define ourselves in this age of so many OT3s and team orgy pairings? Does m/m/f count as "slash"? Is slash-only space slipping away? (And would that be bad?) Do m/m and f/f belong together more than they do with m/f? Is "Media Fandom" a valid term any longer? Who are we if we start shipping het?

Tech/Workshop/Alternate Programming Panels

  • Accessibility for Fandom. Friday, 1pm, San Diego 2. What resources do we know about, and what can we do to make our fan works more accessible? For new and aging fans alike, greater accessibility makes for a better fandom experience.
  • Alan Rickman: Memories. Friday, 5pm, San Diego 2. An open panel for Rickman fans to come together and celebrate the great actor's life and work.
  • Art Show Gallery Crawl. Saturday, 2pm, Brentwood. Join us for a group stroll through the Art Show to talk about the art on display. Critique and squee equally welcome!
  • Fanlore Editing Party. Friday, 4pm, San Diego 2. Bring a laptop if you've got one with you, or just a list of fannish details you think the world should know. We'll pick a topic to make a new page, go over a few basics, and set everyone loose to create (or at least record) the history of fandom.
  • Fannish Pictionary. Saturday, 11am, San Diego 2. Bring your artistic talent (or lack thereof) out to guess fannish phrases, titles or characters, based only on images created by your fellow fans.
  • My Fanzine Collection: How do I keep my fanzines from being thrown out when I move or downsize? Saturday, Noon, San Diego 2. We will discuss options for planning what to do with your precious collections. Planning ahead is key. Options include selling privately, selling on ebay, donating to libraries.
  • The Most Meta of Tech Panels: A Panel About Panels. Friday, 2pm, San Diego 2. What is a successful panel? How do you guarantee it if you're a mod? Come discuss different ways to approach an Escapade panel, how to wrangle discussion without stifling it, and tips and questions from personal experience. Let's share what we've loved about the best panels we've attended. It's a new quarter-century of Escapade. Let's see what we may be doing differently in years to come.
  • Reality TV: “Unscripted” Guilty Pleasures. Saturday, 9am, San Diego 2. From all sorts of competitions to living in extreme situations to partner swapping, reality TV has given us years of fodder for fic and conversations. Come discuss the outrageous, the too-setupto- be-believed, and everything in between.
  • Slash, through the Eyes of Escapade. Saturday, 1pm, San Diego 2. A mother of meta panels, we made this workshop because maybe it’s time for THE SLASH BOOK, a collection that brings together slash fans (readers, writers, artists, friends), and academics to discuss and debate the meta topics that have endured since Escapade’s launch in 1991. Let’s talk about what made Escapade so meta, and how great (or terrible) it might be for fans’ unfiltered voices to finally be presented through our own fannish processes alongside the more familiar academic work that has been out there as long as the convention has.
  • Slashy Crafter Meetup. Saturday, 10am, San Diego 2. For those who do not write or draw but express their interest in Slash in other creative and crafty ways.
  • The State of *Vidding Fandom. Sunday, Noon, San Diego 2. What's going on in vidding fandom today? Where are people hosting and posting? What's next?
  • Vid Review. Sunday, 10:30am, San Diego 2. Flash all the way back to Saturday night to dissect our favorite (or not) vids from the show.
  • Vidding Aesthetics. Saturday, 3pm, San Diego 2. "Why is there so much show audio in this vid?", "Why didn't that cut hit on the beat?", "What do you mean 'Cheesy?' She's Celine Dion!" and other immortal questions of vidding aesthetics. If you've ever watched a vid, we want your opinions.
  • Writing Workshop. Friday, 3pm, San Diego 2. The art and the craft of fic.


  • After Party.Saturday, 10:30pm, La Jolla. For those night owls among us, join us after the vidshow on Saturday night for The After Party. First up, a screening of the good parts of Demon Under Glass (an early 00's turkey starring Blair from The Sentinel and Marcus from Babylon 5). We call this version: Demon Under 45 Minutes. After that, we'll read perverse bedtime stories, watch more vids, or just chill. Bring your jammies and your filthy mind.
  • Art & Charity Auction. Sunday, 9:30am, California B. It’s fun, exciting, and sexy (and that’s before the artwork)! This is your last chance to take home a lovely bit of crafts or artwork, win those prizes, and support artists, our charity, and the con.
  • Dead Dog Party. Sunday, 4pm, La Jolla. The convention is winding down. Some people are already flying or driving home. Join us to finish the snacks, wax rhapsodic about the convention, finish those last conversation threads, and tank up on coffee or other appropriate drinks to help end the con with the right kind of buzz.
  • Genius Mixer. Friday, Noon, California C. Take this opportunity to meet other fans with mad skillz and an urge to share them. You can set up one-on-one appointments for later in the con.
  • Good morning, sunshine! Friday, 10am, California C. Continental breakfast in the main panel room. Drop in, gather early for the Welcome to Escapade panel, collect coffee and tea, fruit and danish, and get your good seat for the panel. (Consider this a freeform, pre-panel/intro/chat/ mixer run by whoever gets there first.)
  • Opening Night (re)Boots Dance Party. Friday, 8pm, California C. Come dance to a playlist of classic fanvids or sit back and watch, cocktail in hand. Come in your festive best or your jeans, in cosplay or just as yourself. We’ll be chatting and drinking and dancing the night away.
  • Songvid Show. Saturday, 8pm, California B & La Jolla. Featuring new and nearly new vids from a variety of fandoms, the Escapade vid show is not to be missed. Choose your viewing environment: on the big screen in California B (quiet and attentive atmosphere), or the Vid Show Annex in La Jolla (bar-adjacent, where conversation and commentary are welcome).
  • Sunday Morning Breakfast Buffet. Sunday, 8:30am, Comfort Restaurant Join us for a delicious buffet breakfast, and build up your strength to bid on awesome stuff in the art and charity auction.
  • Welcome to Escapade. Friday, 11am, California C. Every year, the best way to help start the convention is with the Welcome to Escapade panel. If you're new, you'll meet people. If you've been around for a while, you know you need to be there to help select the wildcard/wayback panels and Have Your Voice Heard. Also, we have snacks.

Vid Show Playlist

vid show playlist
cover of the 2016 vid show DVD


  • Napoleon & Gaby ♥ Ilya (M.U.N.C.L.E. 2015), by Franzeska
  • Sinnerman (True Detective), by Lola
  • No Rest for the Wicked (Captain America), by Gwyneth
  • The Ladder Song (Star Wars), by Anneke
  • Glorious Dawn (Multi), by Electra(starlady)
  • ILYSB (Hamilton RPF), by Anoel
  • Savoy Truffle (Death Note), by Naked Bee
  • Kirk Fu (Star Trek: TOS), by T'Lara
  • Sparks (Blue Neighborhood), by Anoel
  • Everything's Cool (Constantine), by LithiumDoll
  • Stolen Houses (Die) (Walk on Water), by feochadn
  • Nothing but Cause and Effect (Hannibal), by Luminosity
  • Wild Boys (Mad Max Fury Road), by wyomingnot


  • Rocky and Bullwinkle (Supernatural), by ash48
  • Been Better (Killjoys), by LithiumDoll
  • Prove It On Me Blues (Agent Carter), by diannelamerc
  • Blank Space (MacGyver), by Jetpack Monkey
  • Hurt (Supernatural), by cupidsbow
  • Our House (Sherlock), by SmutCutter
  • They Are Afraid of Us Together (A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia), by Franzeska
  • Memo (Blue Neighborhood), by Kitty (aka Wintervanesce)
  • I Drove All Night (Star Trek: AOS), by T'Lara
  • Do My Thing (Supernatural), by Dierdre C
  • Once Upon a Dream (Gankutsuo), by Anneke
  • Wait for It (Star Trek: TOS/AOS), by Rhaegal
  • Complicated (The Flash), by elipie & kuwdora
  • Help I'm Alive (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), by Killa

Vid Show Reviews

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