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Name: luminosity
Alias(es): sockkpuppett, Shimmer Twins (when vidding with Ozonebaby)
Type: vidder
Fandoms: Hannibal SPN BtVS Farscape AtS HL XF
Communities: Lum at DW Lum at AO3
URL: Luminosity at Critical Commons Luminosity's Eyecandy (archived page)]
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Luminosity is a giant BNF vidder.[1] In 2007, her vid Vogue went viral.[2] She was nominated[3] to be profiled in a double page spread in New York Magazine[4] and Vogue was rated by the magazine as one of the funniest videos, and the best fan video, of the year.[5] Luminosity returned to New York Magazine in 2008 to pick the best fan vids of that year[6]

In 2008, she judged the Video Remix Challenge alongside Larry Lessig, Henry Jenkins, Pat Aufderheide, JD Lasica, Kembrew McLeod, Mark Hosler, and Matt Mason.

In 2010, she was the subject of the September's Vidder Profile: see Vidder Profile Spotlight: Luminosity.

She was an early supporter of OTW; in 2007, she commented "I like keeping all of the fannish things I do in the fannish sphere, but sometimes it gets out, sometimes it goes viral, and I don't want to be sued out of everything I own if/when that happens. Hence, my support of OTW. :)" [7]


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