Ecstatic Drum Trip

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Title: Ecstatic Drum Trip
Creator: Luminosity
Date: 2005
Format: vid
Length: 3:06
Music: audio made by Lum
Fandom: Farscape

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Henry Jenkins described ECSTATIC DRUM TRIP as a vid that “spins wrecklessly (sic) out of control, offering us a mad rush of images.” The vid is not only famous for its use of motion and fast cutting, but also for the fact that Luminosity made the audio by combining a percussive Rusted Roots track with samples from show to create a frenetic track about time.

There is excellent 2005 commentary on the vid here, at Tea at the Ford, including:

John Crichton falls through a wormhole into outer space, and also inner space, into and forever out of time. In the blink of an eye, there's a universe present for a moment passing, captured, and set free in every frame.


I made Drum Trip in June. I was up to my ears in the Scooby Road project, and I needed a break.
The idea of vidding Farscape to Rusted Root came to me before I ever saw an episode. I was going to vid "Ecstasy," which is the song after "Drum Trip," but I wanted to experiment with audio editing, and "Ecstasy" has (bizarre and mostly unintelligible) lyrics already. "Drum Trip" uses the vocals as just another instrument, and that made it possible for me to add more vocals. Now, when I listen to the album, "Drum Trip" doesn't sound right without my dialogue overlays.
And speaking of audio editing, I was inspired by a post on the Vidder list at Yahoo. The writer was hawking his "fan trailers" for X-Files, and he mentioned that fan vids weren't as sophisticated as his trailers, mostly because the vidders just used songs without editing them. I took quiet umbrage because I edit the audio on about half of my vids, moving verses around, deleting big chunks, etc. The gauntlet was tossed! (Luminosity)

aycheb said of the vid:

Music is driving, cool, clean hard. Something like late 90?s drum n? bass but this would be hard to dance to. Not the speed so much but its feels really tight. Constricting. Like being pushed through a wormhole?
Starts as he shatters then falls, wormhole images setting up the motion. Hurtling ever backward as if Crichton?s whole life is flashing before him. Is it the moment of death? Faster. First see all the people. Faster. Aeryn and Scorpious begin to dominate. Never together in the same shot. Anima and animus, the terrible twins, monkeys on my shoulder. Faster. Lots of double images, double helix, a life unravelling. Faster. That plant woman, rosemary and thyme. Faster. Images fragmenting, multiple reflections, nothing is real. Faster. Memories earthly and otherwise. Start of the blue period. Colour of death. Snowstorm. Old Man. Time up.
Ends alone as he began. Here I am.

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