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Title: Vogue
Creator: luminosity
Date: 2007
Format: digital
Length: 4:57 minutes
Music: Vogue by Madonna
Genre: meta
Fandom: The Female Gaze
Footage: 300
URL: original vid announcement; Streaming version on YouTube
"Strike a pose there's nothing to it." An example of the "abs and biceps and thighs" and other manly body parts on display in the vid.

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Vogue is a fanvid edited by luminosity, using footage from the film 300 set to the song Vogue by Madonna.

Vidder's summary: "Bite me, Frank Miller."

In 2007, the vid went viral.[1] Luminosity was nominated[2] to be profiled in a double page spread in New York Magazine[3] and Vogue was rated by the magazine as one of the funniest videos, and the best fan video, of the year.[4]

In spite of this widespread recognition, Vogue was deleted in January 2008 for unknown reasons after having been posted to iMeem, a streaming video service. According to an email from iMeem support, the video was removed after an unknown iMeem user complained that it violated the site's terms of service. iMeem support did not explain which of their many terms of service were involved, despite Luminosity's requests, leaving the vidding community uncertain as to how to avoid takedown notices in the future.

In response to the takedown, vidders began re-uploading Vogue in protest to other platforms such as Stage6, YouTube and Collegehumour.com. Some of these links still work 6 years later, long after iMeem went out of business.[5]

In the summer of 2013, Vogue was selected to be part of the vidding segment in the New York Museum of the Moving Image exhibition "Cut Up".[6]

Madonna Remix?

At the 2012 Superbowl, Madonna opened the halftime show with Vogue - accompanied by a vast number of dancing gladiators - thereby prompting much of the vidding community to wonder if Madonna was remixing Luminosity.

Reactions/Reviews to "Vogue"

Vogue" literalizes the Female Gaze by recutting the film 300 to the music of Madonna. "Strike a pose!" sings Madonna, as the vid lingers lovingly on slow motion abs and biceps and thighs in action, on graceful tilt of head, curl of lip, swirl of cloak. It is Frank Miller's racist and frequently misogynistic Spartan epic as women prefer to see it, distracted by the pretty. 300 is the hot bimbo you fuck so her mouth is too busy to talk....Mocked and dismissed as they are by mainstream society, fangirls have been staging a quiet revolution for decades - reclaiming the right of women and girls to gaze, as well as be gazed upon. [7]
A masterfully edited fan tribute to 300 that knows exactly what that movie was all about. [8]
In Vogue, Luminosity punctures the violence of 300 by defiantly aestheticizing both the battlefield and the men on it. She conflates the battlefield and the dance floor, subjecting the men to a female and queer gaze and setting Madonna up as this world's reigning pagan goddess. An instant classic that went straight into vidding canon. [9]
Můj vztah k tomuto fanvidu prochází už třetím dnem hlubokou proměnou. Když jsem ho viděla poprvé, říkala jsem si, že to je ukázka formalistického exhbicionismu, která se zcela míjí s mým vkusem a že nechápu, co na tom ti lidi z New York Magazine, kteří to ohodnotili jako nejlepší fanvid roku 2008, viděli. Oceňuji sice ono přeměňování jednotného obrazu na políčka, které skvěle odkazuje ke komiksovému původu tohoto příběhu . Ve způsobu, jak s nimi Luminosity pracuje, se vystřídá hned několik klasických komiksových postupů (dělený i navazují obraz, protipohled či prosté klipové znásobení obrazu). Je to něco zcela jistě pohybujícího mimo běžnou fanvidovou estetiku, ale to je tak všechno. Nicméně, čím víc o tom klipu uvažuji, tím víc se ta formalistická exhibice líbí. Zajimavé na tom je, že samotný film a Madonina píseň jako taková mě docela iritují. Jejich spojení mě však najednou baví. Tenhle klip dle mého tématizuje patetický estetismus filmu 300 a Millerův šovinismus a obrací je naruby. Drsní tvrďáci se pro divácké potěšení vystavují jako nějaké modelky na molu. Ta záplava oblin, svalů a šlah slouží ke zcela zřejmé fetišizace lidského (a tím myslím zejména mužského) těla. A mě to dává návod, jakým jediným způsobem se lze na film 300 dívat a užít si ho (namísto pouhého lamentování nad jeho absurditou). [10]
Nebýt toho všeničícího krutosongu, tak by se mi to opravdu líbilo. :( [11]
Uvažovala jsem nad tím.A belldandy vše co mě napadlo již napsala.S tím, že ty efekty alá komics a Madonna mě pouze iritují a nenacházím v tom cokoli pro mě pozitivního.Bitvu u Thermopyl jsem neviděla, i když doma ho máme.Ale když se odprostím od předlohy a budu to brát jako umělecký počin, i tak mi to nic neřeklo. [12]
[comment with a focus on the Madonna remix]: Lum's vid is, among other things, an argument: that the warfare shown in 300 is just as artificial, erotic, and posed as Madonna's Vogue, and that it presents masculinity as a performance, stylized as any dance. Now Madonna herself has done a live version at the friggin' Super Bowl, the very pinnacle of performative American masculinity. She is saying -- showing -- how thin a line there is between football and camp, and how the Super Bowl crosses that line.

The Super Bowl is camp: it is excessive, artificial, and lowbrow -- in Susan Sontag's words, "it's good because it's awful". The Super Bowl is also campy because it's ironic -- how else can you describe a popular TV show many people watch for the ads?

And if the Super Bowl is camp, then masculinity itself -- meaning, the way men in our culture act out being manly, how they perform and prove that they are manly -- has a camp quality, too. I think Madonna is pointing this out, just as for the finale, where she performs "Like a Prayer" in a way I can only view as pointed, for the season where "Tebow" became a verb. She is performing *about* the Super Bowl as well as *during* it, showing and telling how the game, and football, and American masculinity itself, can be ridiculous and campy.

I do think Madonna is pivoting off Luminosity -- there's no other connection between "Vogue" and pseudo-classical warrior hunks, and Lum's vid is well-known enough that Madonna (or one of her people) is likely to have come across it in the past few years. It really looks to me as though Madonna remixed Luminosity's remix, iterating culture. [13]
My favourite fanvid is Vogue by Luminosity. I love the way it reclaims the hypermasculinity of the 300. (C.S. Pacat, author of the Captive Prince trilogy, writing on Twitter)[14]


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