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Escapade 2013

Escapade 23 was held February 22–24, 2013 in Ventura, California.

This was Shoshanna's final year running the art auction. See On the Escapade art show, and on stepping down from it by the shoshanna (February 28, 2013).

She requested high bids to mark the special occasion. She got them—in part by participating. The auction included two high-stakes bidding wars: one for a customized calendar by Jencat, which Shoshanna bought (one of the convention co-chairs ran that auction) for over $300, and one for a silicone representation (a.k.a. dildo) of a ZPM, which sold for $700. The proceeds were donated to the convention's usual charity, Ventura County Food Bank.

(please add amounts raised for charity, art auction highlights, changes to the programming, number of attendees, other events of note)


Program Book (PDF)


  • Teen Wolf: All the Feels! by lovesrain44, Sharon (Amalthia) (Teen Wolf! All the Feels! All the Pairings! Come and talk about the show and why Season 2 was so effective in bringing on the emo! Bring story recs! Sourwolves welcome!)
  • Welcome to Escapade by Jennifer aka Megan Kent, Charlotte C. Hill (Start off the convention by greeting all your friends, and casting your votes for the wildcard panel (What do we want to talk about now...) and the flashback to Escapades past panel (Wayback Machine).)
  • Good morning, sunshine! (Can’t wait to get the party started? We’ve got coffee and snacks to set the mood.
  • Making Love Out Of Nothing At All by Aral, sinead, M’lyn (Two recent major fandoms—Inception and Teen Wolf–grew up around secondary character slash pairings. What are the elements that lead fandom to ignore main characters in favor of sidekicks? Come talk about the Other Guy pairings in slash fandoms past, present and future—what makes them appealing, and whether this focus on rarepairs is a fad or a trend on the rise. (So to speak.)
  • Leverage: Let’s Go Steal a Panel by Raine Wynd (Five years of Leverage has come to an end, but what happens next? Brainstorm ideas for stories, rec some existing faves, and talk about the show that was, and will forever be, about five unique people and one amazing premise.)
  • Calibre Fanfiction Plugins and Custom Columns by Sharon (Amalthia) (Learn how to use the more advanced functions in Calibre to set up custom columns and download fiction directly from multiple fan fiction archives into your Calibre Library, this is the panel for you. Bring your laptop! I’ll help you set up your Calibre and share my favorite plugins.)
  • Robot Love by Naked Bee, Basingstoke (Let’s talk about our love for artificial people: Data, David-8, GLaDOS, Hal, Marvin the Paranoid Android, the Terminators, and all their metal-hearted brethren. Where do robot-like characters like Spock, Parker, Abed, or Sidney Crosby fit into all this? What is it about them that makes them so lovable?)
  • Destiny, Identity, and the OT3 by Killa, kerithwyn ('Rith) (Season three asked a lot of hard questions, and pushed Audrey, Nathan, and Duke to face them head-on. It also gave us a whole lot more to chew on when it comes to the mythology and the history of Haven. But what about the future? Where will our heroes go from here? This panel will attempt to unravel season three, and speculate about season four.)
  • Mac Vidders Roundtable by Nate Y (What’s the best way to vid on a Mac? Our vidding options have changed a lot in the last few years, and it’s been a while since we had a roundtable to discuss and compare our tips, tricks, and processes. This panel is for all of the above.)
  • How Fan Fiction Changed Your Life by Denise Raymond, lovesrain44 (Let’s talk about life-changing stories. A story that turned you around, spun your head, made you look at things differently to the point where you could not stop thinking or talking about it. Where you wanted to marry not only the story but the person who wrote it. Wanted to talk to the writer about it until you understood why and how it changed you.)
  • Avengers : Monsters, Magic, and Nothing We Were Ever Trained For by Aral, sinead (Avengers—gods, monsters, super soldiers, humans, and where does Nick Fury fit in, anyway? Let’s talk about what it means to be metahuman, what it means to be human (and guess what category Coulson will belong in when he comes back), and how that impacts the characters, their relationships, and the fic.))
  • Professionals: They got together how?!? by Kris (krisserci5) (Match made by Cowley? They got drunk & fooled around? Near-death experience led to a declaration of true love? Near-marriage jealousy reveals new feelings? What haven’t we thought of? Come ready to convince us of your point of view, and bring story recs to share.)
  • The Art of the Pimp Vid by Franzeska Dickson (What makes a pimp vid so addictive one hit will get you hooked? Let’s talk vids for people outside of your fandom. Plot arc vids, character vids, pairing vids: How do you grab a new audience hard and never let them go? Hey there, little fangirl, the first taste is free!)
  • Person of Interest: The One Person (of Interest) Who Connects You to the World by Dorinda, Christy (One big theme of the show is the characters finding those connections amidst their isolation—against all hope, and maybe even sometimes against their will. How has the connection between Reese and Finch developed? How does their evolving connection, as well as the lost connections for their individual pasts, power them and the show? And how does each character’s search for redemption play into that?)
  • The What With the Where Now?! by Calysta Rose (Every time you turn around fandom is playing on a new site that has new functionality, new ways of interacting and new lingo. Join us in surveying places like tumblr, twitter and getglue.)
  • The Bromance Network: USA Network & the Marketing of Homoeroticism by Aral, sinead, M'lyn (With numerous shows featuring bromantic male friendships at the center of both the writing and marketing, USA Network has clearly got our number, and many of us are watching. But how do we feel about this? Exploited by the willingness to court our slashy desires without giving us canonical queerness? Happy to have so much slash-candy to devour? We can explore these questions and save a little time for squee about our favorite USA pairings.)
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Movie by Gloriana, Commodore Marie (You probably went into The Hobbit with the LotR films in your mind; if you'd read the book, you had *two* sets of expectations to deal with. Come talk about what you loved and hated about this new addition to the Middle Earth universe, and what you think Jackson has done for slash this time round.)
  • Bra shop visit (Join us at Aphrodite’s, a lingerie shop a few blocks away from the hotel that specializes in bras that fit large women, and fit them well! The staff is courteous, friendly and fun to be around, and they can size women at a glance. Never had a comfortable bra because you wear a 42 G? They probably have that on the rack; if not, they'll special-order it for you. In addition to lingerie, they carry sex toys and videos. We can do a tour of the upstairs, find out what sizes and shapes vibrators are made in, and do dramatic readings of the blurbs on the videos.)
  • Escapade Party (The social event of the convention. We’ll bring the snacks and drinks, you bring the good company.)
  • Party Annex/Vids (Bring your own vids, or we’ll have a selection. Get your groove on!)


  • No, Don’t! Elf (elfwreck) (Noncon: hot or not? From sex pollen to recovery stories, fandom sure does love to throw consent out the window. What makes these stories hot? What makes them offensive? And just where *is* that dubcon line?)
  • Wayback Machine (Chosen from the Escapade 2003 program book at the Welcome to Escapade panel, in this hour we’ll revisit one topic with a decade’s worth of hindsight.)
  • Grimm: Mayhem and Magic by bren/glacis (What’s a Grimm to do? His partner’s in the know, the werewolf is his bestie, his boss is making a move on his girlfriend who doesn't know him from Adam, the Witch wants a part of him, and so do the Royals... where does Nick go from here? May be time to switch teams!)
  • Fan Art Rec Party by Naked Bee, Barbana (It’s time for some good old fashioned art appreciation! In the absence of a slide projector filled with classic oil paintings, let’s have everybody bring a rec for a piece of fanart (any fandom, any style) and if possible an electronic device, print out, or original copy to show it on. We’ll go around the room giving everyone a few minutes to talk about your selection and why you chose it (pretty! sexy! intriguing! whatever!).)
  • No More Soundbites, Please: Fannish Consumption in 2013 by Raine Wynd (If you can Netflix your show, tweet your reaction to the TPTB, and read fanfic on your phone, how do you keep your enthusiasm about a show going? Does having more tools available to consume your show turn you into more of a fannish butterfly? Also, does the greater public awareness of fandom and fanfic, especially among actors, change your fannish behavior? Inquiring minds want to know!)
  • How to find stuff on the AO3 by Elf (Elfwreck), Calysta rose (How do you find exactly what and who you are looking for?)
  • Star Trek: 2009: Beyond K/S... or Not by Kathleen (CatalenaMara), Marnie (The next movie may provide more Kirk/Spock subtext than anything since The Wrath of Khan, but let’s consider the other possibilities, too. A potentially SPOILERY discussion of the upcoming Star Trek movie. Rampant speculation and discussion of canon and fic ideas encouraged.)
  • Romance Outside the Box by Killa (White Collar, The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Haven, Merlin, Leverage, True Blood, Fringe, Star Trek: 2009... what do all these fandoms have in common? Nothing a little OT3 wouldn’t fix. Fandom knows this, and some of us love the idea. Prime time TV flirts with the idea more openly all the time, and Leverage arguably made theirs canon in the finale. Is polyamory the next frontier? A panel to celebrate the threesome (and moresome) dynamic, and the fandoms that give us such shiny toys to play with.)
  • Elementary: If He Can’t Have Watson by bren/glacis (Maybe he’ll take the detective? Gregson and Bell are both hotties... and we know Sherlock loves to experiment! Or he could get wild with Watson, after all... or other possibilities lurking in his murky past? Come discuss!)
  • The Bestivids of Festivids by Nate Y, elipie, Anoel (This year’s Festivids featured everything from incest testtube babies to care bear Avengers to a surprisingly large amount of kickass femslash. Let’s watch and discuss some favorites from Festivids 2012.)
  • Resurrecting The Dead by Saklani, Delibby, Calysta Rose (With Netflix and Amazon Instant Video streaming many older shows (scifi, fantasy, buddy cop shows, etc), completed shows are getting a new chance at life. Come and share what new-old shows you’ve fallen in love with!)
  • So You Want To Be A Vidder by Franzeska Dickson (Nobody vidding your OTP anymore? Sad that vidders haven’t discovered your new favorite show? Why not vid it yourself? Come learn the very basics, from choosing programs in your price range to dos and don’ts if you’re planning to submit to cons.)
  • White Collar: Neal’s Daddy Issues by Julie (White Collar: Let’s discuss Neal Caffrey’s Daddy Issues—with both James Bennett aka Sam Phelps (his actual absentee father) and Peter Burke (his boss, possible boyfriend and a different kind of daddy).)
  • How Do Vids Work? by here’s luck, renenet (Let's talk about the techniques (not just the feelings!) that make a slash vid work. What makes for a vid that we watch over and over and that sticks with us long- term? We'll talk about these things with reference to a couple of specific vids, see what strategies, commonalities, and differences we can identify, and then open up discussion to additional favorites from the audience.)
  • SGA: The Cool Kid and the Geek by lovesrain44, Sharon (Amalthia) (Rodney loves John because John is sexy-handsome, lithe-and-cat-like, athletic, brave, and ridiculously pretty. He's also one of the Cool Kids, so, yeah, Rodney might fall hard. But Rodney is not sexy-handsome, lithe-and-cat-like, athletic, brave, nor ridiculously pretty. He’s the Geek, so why is John drawn to him? Come argue your point!)
  • It’s still one word after another by Denise Raymond, Basingstoke (Writing: we love to do it almost as much as we hate doing it. Of all the art forms, writing is the bad boy that tempts us when we’re busy doing something else and goes AWOL just as soon as we sit down. What are your disciplines, tricks and tips for writing when the Muse leaves the room?)
  • OTW – 5 Years And Counting by Elf (Elfwreck), Franzeska Dickson (The OTW has reached its five year mark. Let’s look back on its accomplishments (and failures) and learn what’s next. Find out if there is a project that grabs your interest and how you can help. A free OTW Support sticker to everyone who attends. Batteries sold separately.)
  • Lost Girl: The Little Faendom That Could by kerithwyn ('Rith), Killa (The third season of Lost Girl started with a bang—literally! The show continues to push the boundaries with its depiction of fluid sexuality and relationships. The new status quo between the light and dark fae promises greater possibilities for cross-cultural relations, and the presence of Tamsin and Vex makes the prospect even more appealing. Let's talk about the tangled, sexy character relationships and all the ways we'd like to see them play out.)
  • Mag 7: What holds the gang together? by Kris (krisserci5), Charlotte C. Hill (The deal was simple: a dollar a day, plus room and board, for a month. And now they've been together *how* long? What holds these seven loners together over the long haul? All pairings, all points of view. Bring story recs to share.)
  • Vidding Aesthetics by Franzeska Dickson (Vidders and vid watchers: let’s talk vidding aesthetics. How have styles changed over time? What makes a good vid and what’s just a matter of personal taste? What do you want to BURN WITH FIRE? Let’s get this cage match... err... discussion going.)
  • Art Show Gallery Crawl by Naked Bee (Join us for a group stroll through the Art Show to talk about the art. Criticism and squee equally welcome!)
  • Person of Interest: Two in the Shadows by Dorinda, bren/glacis (Finch and Reese—made for each other! Sprinkle in Carter and Fusco and Zoe, oh, my! HR and Elias are starting a war, Reese is heading for the courtroom, Finch is fixing everything as fast as his fingers can type, and Bear is taking notes, probably in Dutch. What’s next for the two who work to save others from the shadows? And when will they finally hook up??)
  • Oh No, It’s Gone: Finding Works in Old Fandoms by Raine Wynd (You’ve just discovered a new-to-you fandom, but the show’s been off the air for years. How do you find the fannish works or even more of the source? Where to start? Tips and tricks to finding more when less is available on the ‘net.)
  • Privacy, Secrecy, and the Fourth Wall by Calysta Rose, Charlotte C. Hill (The fourth wall between fans and The Powers That Be is shrinking day by day. Are the technologies we're using changing fannish etiquette {from invite-only mailing lists, to friends-locked journals, to all public all the time tumblr)? Should we run for the hills or embrace the change? Discuss!)
  • Marvel Movie Verse: What's Next? Who's Next? by Christy, Jo (The Avengers movie delivered on almost every promise made to us, and there's more waiting for us ahead. What do we know is coming and what might be on the horizon? And don't forget the mutants?)
  • Back Wen Fandom Used Bearskins and Stone Knives (Tour of the Zine Library) by Denise Raymond, Elfwreck (Come on a guided tour of the zine library. Learn about fanzine production methods, shifts in fanzine culture and what lies ahead on the horizon for fanzines. Due to space constraints, attendance will be limited.)
  • Supernatural Cafe by tartysuz, kadymae-devilc (New mythology, new characters, new ships! Share your Supernatural obsessions and recommendations.)
  • Escapade Songvid Show (Featuring new and nearly new vids from a variety of fandoms, the Escapade vid show is not to be missed. Choose your viewing environment: on the big screen in San Miguel B (quiet and attentive atmosphere), or the Vid Show Annex in Buenaventura (where conversation and commentary are welcome).)


  • Escapade Art & Charity Auction (It’s fun, exciting, and sexy (and that’s before the artwork)! This is your last chance to take home a lovely bit of crafts or artwork, and win those last raffle prizes.)
  • Vid Review (Flash all the way back to Saturday night to dissect our favorite vids (or not) vids from the show.)
  • Wildcard Panel (There’s always something that comes up at the last minute that we ought to be talking about. What is it this year? Topic to be selected at the Welcome to Escapade Panel.)
  • Star Wars: Future Buzz by Katbear (With Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars from Lucas, there’s shiny new light at the end of the tunnel to getting a new movie(s). Let’s chat about what you have liked or not about the previous and current SW movies and universe and what you would like to see or not see in the next movie. What direction do you want SW to go and what role, if any, do you see for George in the future?)
  • My lawn is Your Lawn! by Jennifer aka Megan Kent (New people flood into fandom every day from little kids to drawerfic writers who thought they were all alone. How do we make fandom spaces welcoming for new people without spoiling what was there before? Or would we rather shake our canes? Let’s talk about newbies, for better or for worse.)
  • Arrow: Straight-ish to the Heart by bren/glacis (Diggs is darling. Oliver is scrumptious. Tommy’s a treat. Detective Lance could be quite scintillating coming up against wicked Merlyn. What’s your take on the new lancer(s) in town?)
  • Writing Good Prompts by Elf (elfwreck) (What to include, what to leave out, what to expect from the resulting fic, if any.)
  • Pimping in 5 Minutes or Less by Delibby, Calysta Rose (Are you looking for a new show to love? Looking for a chance to share your love of a show? Come join us.)
  • Community: Community in Season Four: How Dark Has Our Timeline Gotten Anyway? by Aral, sinead (Most Community fans can agree that S3 took a turn for the dark. S4 will be underway by the time we gather for the con, without showrunner/creator Dan Harmon at the helm. How are we feeling about the new season? Does it feel like our show How does it fit with the evolution of the characters in S3? Are we hoping for a revival and S5, or just that it can end with dignity?)
  • 50 Shades of Crap by Dail (Why is it that bad het SM former fanfiction makes a bazillion dollars and well-written m/m is still only in back alleys? Is it worth it for us to try to write that original m/m story/novel that's been eating our brain?)
  • Escapade Review (This is the chance to laugh, to cry, to complain bitterly—to tell us what worked and what didn't, and what will make Escapade better for you (and others) next year.)
  • Dead Dog Party (Programming may be over, but the party’s not. Drop by to pick up your copy of the songvid DVD, register for next year’s convention, fill out a comment form, and hang out 'til your plane or ride leaves.)

Vid Show Playlist


  • Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt (Community), by Laura Shapiro
  • We Must Be Killers (The Defiant Ones), by cupidsbow
  • We're An American Band (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), by mresundance
  • White Blank Page (Hawaii Five-O), by Sian1359
  • The Lightning Strike (Multi-fandom), by obsessive24
  • Invincible (The Profesionals), by kat-byrd
  • runnin (Stargate: Atlantis), by Holdt
  • Walk After Yout (Sherlock), by Romanse
  • New York is Safe (Save New York) (The Unusuals), by jo (feochadn)
  • Experimental Film (Community), by Naked Bee
  • Worth Fighting For (The Avengers), by Gwyneth


  • Less Plot, More Stripping (Magic Mike), by elipie
  • Hope for the Hopeless (Shelter), by here's luck
  • Show Me Heaven (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly), by Franzeska
  • Red Right Hand (Supernatural), by cupidsbow
  • Home To Me (Multi-fandom), by Romanse
  • Be Good To Them Always (Sherlock), by Kass
  • Circle of Life (Game of Thrones), by Anoel
  • underneath (Stargate: SG1), by Holdt & Darcy
  • Conditions of My Parole (Teen Wolf), by M'lyn
  • Beautiful in Los Angeles (The LA Complex), by Anoel
  • Something To Talk About (The Avengers), by Franzeska

Justice (The Green Valley), a Ripper Street vid by Jo also premiered?

Vid Show Reviews

Notes from the Vid Review panel can be found here.[1]

Con Reports and Panel Notes

Escapade on Twitter


Lapis Lazuli ‏@lapislaz Next year, in Ventura! Miss you folk like chocolate misses peanut butter. #esc23

Laura Shapiro ‏@laurajshapiro Gearing up for the #Escapade art show. Here for the Shoshanna show, not the art. #Esc23 #naughtinessensues

Brak @NurseBrak Congrats to @nakedbee for finally making a sex toy the TSA can't identify. #esc23



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