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Escapade 2007

Escapade 17 was held February 23–25, 2007.


Program Book (PDF)


  • Designing Escapade by (redacted)(What are we up to this weekend? Plan wildcard panel(s) etc.)
  • Elves, Wings, Mpreg ... High School?! by Kady Mae, Russ McMillan (Of all the possible settings for AU, why is High School popular? We all hated it, so why are we sending our heroes there? This panel will examine the who, what, when, where, and WHY of the High-School AU genre.)
  • Rome: "Blood-Drenched" is the New Black by Melina, Killa (This isn't your mother's "I, Claudius." What's compelling bout this show, the relationships, the power dynamics? What's the role of historical accuracy versus authenticity? And if we find guys like Pullo, Vorenus, and Antony particularly hot when they're doing or saying something that makes us cringe (or when covered with blood) do we need immediate and intensive therapy, or is it perfectly okay fannish diversity? (This panel may include spoilers through 2x06.)
  • Browncoats, Squirrels, and Marketing Firefy To/By Fans by spring, Aral Griffen (Firefly fans "did the impossible" and created fan-organized marketing campaigns to fund Firefly and Serenity with an unprecedented degree of success. Now SGA's David Hewlett is reaching out to the Stargate fan community for help marketing his new indie film. Are fans being exploited? Are we exercising power like never before?)
  • POTC: Sailing Toward Trilogy's End by Hippediva (Reflecting on fanfic, art, and vidding trends over the fandom timeline of before and after the releases of CotBP, DMC, and AWE. Where have we been with pairings, themes, and genres from the first to the second films, and what does our course seem to be set on our way to toward the third?)
  • Quest for 'Guh' - Writing Powerful Sex Scenes by Aristide/Mairead Triste, rachael sabotini (What makes a sex scene work? What makes it hot? This workshop will discuss sex scenes: motivation, action, character movement (and no, I don't mean bouncing up and down), and resolution, and will offer a variety of tools (and no, none of them vibrate] to help enhance the "guh" factor for readers and writers alike.)
  • Cops, Spies, and Secret Agents by P.R. Zed, Justacat (Whether it's Pros, UNCLE or I Spy, Starsky & Hutch or Life on Mars, there's something irresistible about a bloke getting close to his partner. Come discuss the slash appeal of these Brothers in Arms pairings, in fandoms old and new.)
  • Star Wars: A Lively Blue Ghost? by Gloriana, KatBear (Star Wars, alive and well, or are simply deluding ourselves? Yes, there are new stories still flowing and the EU books keep coming, but have we become a fragmented shell of a fandom? Where is the new blood coming from, if any, and what is bringing them in? What is keeping the old fans coming back for more?)
  • Mixing It Up, Down, and All Around: Mixed Media in Fandom by Amatia (Interesting in created your own mixed media piece, but need some pointers? What to find out where to find various mixed media "stories" in your fandom? Let's discuss the more popular mixed media creations available online, or why there should be more—or less—mixed media pieces. We'll cover some of what's out there, could be out there, but hasn't been created yet, and maybe do a little fannish networking along the way.)
  • Wildcard Meta Panel (TBD Friday morning)
  • HL: Where Are They Now? by Devo (When you have Immortal characters, it's canon to imagine them living past the series timeline. What would Duncan, Methos, Amanda, Joe and other HL characters be doing now, in the 21st Century? How are they interacting with current events? Bring ideas and story recs. Crossover ideas welcome!)
  • Ulead Media Studio Pro 8 and Why It's Better Than the Rest by Amalthia (A compare and contrast of the semi-professional video editing software programs with a strong emphasis on Ulead Media Studio Pro 8. If you are new to vidding, or interested in upgrading your video editing software, this panel should help you make an informed choice.)
  • Is It a Crowd—Or An Orgy by Kay (Shows with ensemble casts have replaced the buddy show as TV's standard fare, giving us more pretty people to play with! But how many is too many? Let's discuss the fun, the challenges, and the sexy permutations of such shows as CSI, Lost, Heroes, Without a Trace, the Law & Orders, etc.)
  • HP: Slashing Snape by Meri, Chris, Ellen Fremendon (Severus Snape is Harry Potter's fandom's little black dress. He goes with anyone. For an ugly wizard with greasy hair and a bad temper, what makes him so attractive?)
  • Running a Fannish Convention: Slumber Party, or Local Gathering by Megan Kent, Spring (You've done it, you're doing it, or you want to try. What's worked, what hasn't, and what makes you want to drink heavily and hope someone else volunteers.)
  • Sex Tips for Slash Writers by Minotaur (When it comes to the nitty-gritty, is there anything you still are quite sure of? What fits where and how well? Do you ever wonder if it's really possible? Then come and ask a totally shameless gay guy slasher.)
  • FNL: Friday Night Lust by Kady Mae (There's the OT3 of Tim/Lyla/Jason, the mutual man-crush of Jason/Herc, the dorkable odd couple of Tim/Landry.... and now Tyra's leading Julie down the hallowed halls of the Landing Strip. We may not know what a Chop Block is, but we know there's a lot of slash in Dillon, TX.)
  • Genre TV's Next Wave by Melina, Maygra de Rhema (Is there a next wave, and if so, what is it? We currently have a crop of adult-oriented shows (Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood), shows that rely on our shared cultural context to further their storytelling (Heroes, Supernatural) and shows that are distinctly post 9/11 in nature (BSG again, The 4400). Where is genre storytelling, especially on TV, headed?)
  • SGA: John Sheppard: Psychokiller or Pretty, Pretty Princess by rachael sabotini, Russ McMillan (From mild-mannered sci-fi geek to special-ops xenocide, John Sheppard is one of the prettiest psychopaths in two galaxies. Which is the 'real' Sheppard? Can these two personalities be reconciled? How does this dichotomy in canon affect how we choose to portray him in fanfic?)
  • Free Webtools and How to Take Fandom Advantage by Tree Wishes (Lots of free tools are available on the web to help the needy fan! Tools to edit pictures, make icons, write stories, share recommendations, share stories, and be fannish are becoming more available and more user friendly. Come chat about tools like, google docs, pxn8 audacity, itunes, the gimp, bittorrent, imeem, youtube and lll other things that you come and tell us about!)
  • Crafty Slasher/Stitch 'n Bitch by Jane Mailander (Share your projects, bring your yarn, let's talk beading, costuming, dollmaking, and recipes...)
  • He/He—Slashy Round-Robin Stories Every 10 Minutes by JenCat004 (Round-Robin Mad Libs panel. Join the fun, and create a new, bizarre, and hilarious story every 10 minutes or so.)
  • Escapade Party (It's the event of the season! Not to be missed!)


  • Romance vs. Doom by Devo, rachael sabotini (In romance, everything is sacrificed for the Love object, and all is well. The Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex shows the dark mirror of romantic love, in which the pursuit of the Wrong Lover leads to disaster. This panel will explore examples from Torchwood (Cyberwoman), Due South (the Victoria eps), and others, and their relationship to the slash impulse. Inspired by an LJ essay by crabby lioness.)
  • SPN: Pleas Allow Me to Introduce Myself by Morgan Dawn, Kathy M (Thevetia), Calysta Rose (The Nature of Evil in Supernatural. We hear Sam talk about it. Dean worries about it. Gordon thinks he has a hotline to God on what is evil. So what is the nature of good and evil in the Supernatural universe? And how does this relate to Sam and Dean's futures?)
  • Mystical Bonds by Tree Wishes, Russ McMillan, and Meri (Vulcan mind meld, Sentinel-Guide bonds, Occlumency-mystical bonds play a great role in slash. Are they really the same thing with different names? Bonds with cities, life debts, and potions accidents... how do these work and which are best at facilitation that first-time slash interaction? And which new (and old) sources have supernatural mystical bonds that beg to be exploited?)
  • Making Sense Out of Life on Mars by soo (Is he mad, in a coma, or back in time? Let's speculate on just how Sam got back to 1973.)
  • Our Techie Toys by par avion, fashes (Our wireless routers are our lifelines. We rip our DVDS onto our home RAID arrays. We hack our TiVos. We port fan-made vids onto our video iPods. We budget significant time and effort to back up our media files and our stash of fan-made stories and art. And we just might be lusting after a new Mac iPhone. Let's talk hardware and software!)
  • Movie: Grease Trek! (Armed with only courage, determination, and the will to serve fries, Manager Cook, Spork, MopBoy, and the loyal crewmates confront their greatest fears. Chaos erupts in the final battle as the wrath of Cook's worst enemy jeopardizes the future of Frank & Frys.)
  • WTF Feedback!?! by Snapetoy, swtalmnd, Dementor Delta (There has been all kinds of discussion about feedback—how to give more, what is constructive, what are the best venues. But no one ever talks about what is and isn't appropriate in feedback! Feedback sometimes contains some odd personal info, some wacky comparisons, and even feedback to entirely different stories. We encourage authors to bring their best, worst, and weirdest feedback to share.)
  • Torchwood's Sexual Identity: Groundbreaking or Titillation? by soo and Melina (The sexuality of the characters on Torchwood crosses boundaries and defies easy description. From a meta perspective, is it groundbreaking or just titillation? From an in-universe perspective, how did Jack's team end up quite so—flexible?)
  • Femslash: The Other Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Ruth Sadelle Alderson (Femslash. It's a work that makes some of our hearts leap for joy and inspires complete and total disinterset—or even dislike and disdain—in others. Where can we find the good stuff? What makes it good? And what's up with the haters?)
  • DC Stands for Delicious Crack by Kady Mae (Let's celebrate slash-o-rama that is the DCU. From the glory of Superman/Batman to Big Barda and her Mega/Rod, this panel will touch on the canon, the fanon, and all those "I can't believe THAT got past the editor!" moments.)
  • Whores and Sluts by Gloriana (What's the attraction in writing our men like this? Or are you more of a buttoned-down, uber-controlled male in your persuasion—and what do these two extremes have to tell us about ourselves?)
  • HP: Kinkiest Fandom Ever? by Chris, Ellen Fremedon (How much has the PotterVerse influenced the kinkiness of slash? Many previously forbidden fandom taboos - chan, incest, twincest, bestiality, teacher/student—and all kinds of interesting kinks have now made their way into mainstream slash. Many are now perfectly acceptable, perhaps because top authors in the Potterverse write them—and so many read them! What is it about Harry, magic, and the gang that made this all acceptable? And... what other fandoms might give HP a run for the title - past, present, or future?)
  • But You're a Slash Fan! by Ruth Sadelle Alderson (Do you love Stargate: Atlantis, but you just can't see the McShep? Or maybe you can't read Harry/Draco because deep in your heart you know Harry belongs with Hermione. What draws you to those other pairings - or pushes you away from the the fandom-accepted ones?)
  • Popslash: The Bus School Alum Reunion by Ivy (Or Nostalgia and the Good 01' Days of Popslash Sure, we could have a popslash panel in which we talked mostly about Justin's solo projects, the never-ending postponements of JC's latest album, or what Kevin's doing these days, but really, this is shameless excuse for those of us who enjoyed popslash before, during, or after its heyday to reminisce about the stories, the communities, and the events we loved.)
  • Writing Taboo: When BadDirtyWrong Is (or isn't) the Point by Fashes, Gelasious (Does your slash pairing just happen to be brothers (la la la!), or are you really writing/reading Incest Porn? Where is the age line that makes preseries slash acceptable, and where squicky? What about the infamous Daddycest? Non-con or dubious-con with Demon!John and beyond? Specific issues of sexual taboos come up a lot in Supernatural fandom, but it's a fandom-wide question too: when we're breaking a taboo how far is too far, and how far is just Bad!Dirty!Right?)
  • Pros: 30 Years & Still Going Strong by P.R. Zed, Justacat (It was thirty years ago that Bodie, Doyle and their very tight trousers hit the airwaves in Britain, and they continue to inspire slashers to this day. From Circuit stories to LiveJournal, come explore our ongoing fascination with the lads of CI5.)
  • Mac Workshop by par avion, Lierdumoa (The ins and outs of vidding on a Mac.)
  • Is Flocked the New Black by Tree Wishes, Meri (Is the flocked post the future of fan communication? Are we returning to the dark ages of closed lists, zines under the table, and "have to know someone"? More and more LJ posts are locked, communities are closed, and groups are invitation only. Is there a way to protect our RL selves (and our fannish selves), yet share our fannish commentary and fic? How does this all look to a newbie? Where is our new comfort zone? And how do we keep track of all of this?)
  • SGA: The Meta That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Aral Griffen, Sinead (or, Authorial Intention and Unintentional. WARNING! This panel will include spoilers for SGA episodes not yet aired on Sci-Fi in the United States. Slash in the Stargate Universe: Normally, we don't like to make assumptions or talk about who the creators are and how that affects the texts they create, but the Stargate PTB seem to make it so obvious it's hard not to! So let's just do it, let's talk about how a bunch of middle-aged white geek boys write the men and women of the Stargate universe, how their ideas about gender and masculinity and heroism give us some of the best unintentionally slashy subtext on tv.)
  • Filking led by Jane Mailander (Slash-themed folksinging!)
  • Songvid Show (Where else can you go for an evening of slashy goodness, set to cool music? Hot, cute, or funny. We've got it all.)


  • Art Auction (If you have a dollar left, this is where you should spend it! Or come to ogle the art show staff. That works, too.)
  • Vid Show Review (Take apart what worked and what was missing from selected vids in the Saturday show. Audience participation at its finest.)
  • Fueling the Fires of Genderfuckery by Tree Wishes (When het is slash and slash is het and pronoun rules just no longer apply. Which of our boys is hot as a girl? Which of our girls is hot as a boy? More and more fandoms are producing genderfuck AUs, liberties, reincarnations, disguises, momentary illusions, temporary transformations, permanent shapeshifts... it's all hot, so let's share the good stuff.)
  • Torchwood: The Long, Strange Trip of Captain Jack (or Whatever His Name Is) by soo, Melina (Time travel conundrums: a leading cause of fannish nosebleeds. What do we really know about Captain Jack? What reasonable guesses can we make? And what do we think we know, but maybe not so much?)
  • SPN: Breaking Every Taboo, Crossing Every Line by Killa, Maygra de Rhema (Is there a space that it fills, or is it just a marvelous extra in your life? What do you learn from watching other vids, or do you learn anything? Do you think that vidders put a piece of themselves into their work?)
  • Flashslash! by Gloriana (Why is this the fandom that drives fans to go places they never thought they'd go? Incest, wingfic, genderswap babyfic, RPS—all of them are big in SPN, and all of them are drawing in scores of readers and writers who were never willing to go to those places before. Why do these guys make us break all our own rules?) (You'll get four words, and eight minutes to write a tiny piece using them. It's a great way to get the creative juices flowing again, and loadsa fun!)
  • Writing Race and Alien Characters by Denise Raymond, Aral Griffen (Science fiction has a long tradition of using "alienness" as a way to talk about contemporary race issues, and tv/movie creators often continue to play that out by casting people of color in alien roles. Continuing the fannish conversation about writing characters of color, let's look at writing aliens! How do we think about race when we write these characters? Does it change if the character is played by an actor of color? Does it change if the text itself does or does not highlight issues of race in its use of alien characters?)
  • Mag 7: Chris Larabee: Tragic Hero or Pig-Headed Bastard? by Megan Kent, Dail (Ashlyn) (How worthy is Chris to lead the Seven? Does he lead them because he believes in protecting the weak an innocent, or because it strokes his ego? Does he truly value Buck's friendship and support? Vin's? Anyone's?)
  • Escapade Review (Let us know how it went, what to change, etc.)
  • Dead Dog Party (This is the last blase to Escapade. Hang out. Eat. Talk. Drink. Talk some more. You know how it goes. Bring the leftovers from your room to share!)

Con Reports and Panel Notes

Vid Show Playlist

filk song lyrics, click to read

Before the vid show, a filk song was sung. The title was "Fandom Defection" and it was sung to the tune of "Rainbow Connection". A copy of the lyrics is on this page.

First Half  
SnowDeejay & KillaMiracles
Chasing CarsLaura McEwanStarsky & Hutch
You're So Damn HotMelinaTorchwood/Doctor Who
Change (in the house of flies)obsessive24Smallville
God Says Nothing BackMorgan DawnSupernatural
Cosy PrisonsP.R. ZedThe Professionals
Rock StarSianTorchwood
AmsterdamSEStargate SG-1
Words Fail YougwynethBig Eden
MainstreamCharmaBattlestar Galactica
Turn you inside outSisabetSupernatural
KryptoniteGianduja KissStarsky & Hutch
Second Half
By Any Other NameSmutcutterPhantom Menace
Invisible HandsMillySupernatural
They Can't Take That
Away From MeDualbunnyAngel
The Lonely PeopleLaura ShapiroDoctor Who
Killing in the NameGianduja KissLa Femme Nikita
Television, TelevisionP.R. ZedLife on Mars
Set the Fire to the Third BarSETorchwood
Pilgrim SoulM'lyn and gwynethThe 13th Warrior
See That My Grave Is
Kept CleanKillaSupernatural
The JourneyGayle F. & Morgan DawnLOTR

Vid Show Reviews

These are my Escapade vid show review notes, dictated last week using voice recognition software. The notes are very sketchy. Names and song titles are probably rife with errors. Remember, I am only reporting on what I think I heard (on a Sunday, at the end of a long convention. I do not necessarily agree with all of the points below.

Escapade 2007 Vid review:

1. Video show theme? Loneliness and alienation. Some of these themes are inherent within the TV shows (La Femme Nikita), some go against the show’s grain (Starsky & and Hutch).

Eleanor Rigby/Dr. Who video = bipolar video for a bipolar universe. The concept of alienation worked perfectly with this specific song choice “All the lonely people/Where where do they all come from?”

Only one video offered a happy ending = Big Eden movie video by gwyneth. There was enough connection between the lyrics and the action in the vid to follow and understand the movie plot. One person commented that she loved the less explicit fade up to the stars after the two male characters kiss. It felt very romantic and in keeping with the overall tone of the video.

Most vids were made for fans familiar with the source (as opposed to recruiter vids that required no exposure to the TV shows). One example of the video that did not require any knowledge of the source was melina123’s “You're so damned hot" (Torchwood/Dr Who)

Many videos needed the big screen to be effective - Change/Smallville for example needed the big screen to fully appreciate. In contrast, two people commented that sisabet’s “Turn you inside out” Supernatural video (a video that they both adored) did not seem to work as well on the big-screen. “Turn The Fire Up To The Third Bar” (Torchwood/sol se) had problems since its source was fuzzy and it did not play well on the big screen. However, that was somewhat mitigated by the vidder's use of soft focus and blurring effects (which -in some people’s opinions -- helped illustrate Ianto’s isolation and disconnectedness).

2. Second video show theme? Retro-classic editing style versus modern.

Big Eden (movie), Chasing Cars/Kryptonite (Starsky and Hutch), and Pilgrim Soul (movie, 13th warrior) all had both classical structure as well as classical feel (longer clips, more emphasis on facial expressions, and a sometimes exaggerated emphasis on emotional connections). Some commented that this style created a sense of nostalgia in them.

Examples of more modern videos = Eleanor Rigby (Dr. Who) and Change (Smallville). Not only faster edits, but also a more complicated narrative structure and strong use of color. For some people coming unfamiliar/cold into a fandom, the old/retro style was more appealing. However, consensus was that a video show needs to offer more than just “recruiter” videos and many enjoyed the more source dependent videos as challenging/satisfying.

3. Comedy? There was some disagreement as to whether “He’s So Damn Hot" (Torchwood) was a comedy vid. Some people believed that because the main character (Ianto) was on the “outside looking in" with unrequited lusting after Captain Jack, that this was not a comedy video. More consensus = Dualbunny's Spike//Angel video “They can't take that away from me” = comedy vid. One person noted that the video worked comedically perfectly upon first viewing, but the punchline lessened upon repeated viewing. Another person pointed out that this is typical of most comedy videos.

4. Song choice

Miracles video = song choice worked well to establish the hip longing tone for the show. Excellent recruiter vid.

Supernatural videos = God Says/Turn You Inside Out/Invisible Hands/See That My Grave = all of these videos had excellent musical choice. One person noted that interestingly none of the videos featured music that was similar to the music played on the show/music that is integral to the show’s plots (aka the songs were very different from the TV show's musical palette). However, the musical choices fit both the darkness and intensity of the characters. Someone else commented about the overuse of one image “the burning woman on the ceiling". This image needs to be more cautiously selected and even more carefully placed to match emotional intensity of both music and lyrics.

And then I started to drift… [9]



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