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Escapade 2012

Escapade 22 was held February 24–27, 2012 in Ventura, California.

The program book included a tribute to Sandy Herrold, see her page.

Program Book Covers

The 2012 had six available program book covers.


Program Book covers: White Collar, WalkingDead, Supernatural, Sherlock, Haven, Hawaii 5-0, Inside Covers

Program book text.


DCU: Introduction to Young Justice, led by Sharon (Amalthia) (...including popular slash pairings, and comic recs. Discussion about the new reboot and whether or not it worked.)

  • Welcome to Escapade, led by Jennifer, Charlotte C. Hill (Start off the convention by greeting all your friends, and casting your votes for the wildcard panel (What do we want to talk about now...) and the flashback to Escapades past panel (Wayback Machine).)
  • Person of Interest, led by bren/glacis, Kris (krisser) (Chatfest about the Men of Mystery and their twisty universe.)
  • Avengers Assemble, led by Sharon (Amalthia) (Discussion on popular pairings, hoped for pairings, and favorite stories in Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. What sparked off the fan fiction explosion? What do fans hope for in the upcoming Avengers movie?)
  • Pimpfest (The fandom trade show. Pimps: This is your chance to hook passing victims, er, fans into your crush du jour. You can bring displays, flyers, fic samples, URL lists, DVDs, or just your enthusiastic self. Fans: drop by to get exposed to something shiny.)
  • The Kids These Days, led by Franzeska, jennifer (Ever wanted to tell someone to get offa your lawn? Strangle the next person who said that? Revive a dead fandom? Joined a fandom you were 20 years "too old" (or young!) for? Did you go from Usenet to mailing lists? From zines to livejournal? Are you eyeing Tumblr and Twitter with alarm? Let's talk about weathering changes in fandom with grace—or at least a little humor.)
  • Leverage: Let's Go Steal a Discussion, led by zvi, bren/glacis, Kris (Krisser) (Okay, but what are we really stealing, because not even the characters seem certain of their faves: Elliot backs up Nate even while he pokes at Hardison. Hardison is crushing on Parker and Sophie is crushing on Nate, and we still find some good f/f (and m/mf) in the mix. Come prepared to rally around your favorite pairing(s) and we'll all steal some serious fun from this panel.)
  • Vidwatching 101, led by Jerice, rhoboat (Vids have their own language and their own framework for discussion. It can be tough to translate vids into words, but if we have the same language, vid discussion can be wonderfully rewarding for both vidder and viewer. This panel is a primer to get us all on the same page.)
  • My Heros Have Always Been Anti-Heros K’Kathy, Kahtya Sofia (The Shield, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, maybe even Justified; we don't want our crooks, killers and terrorists caught. They stand morality and ethics on their ears, yet we hope they get away with their crimes. What makes bad guys so very good to watch? Will any anti-hero do? Or are there certain traits that are non-negotiable to make them 'likeable'?)
  • Supernatural: Butch and Sundance Ride Again, led by Maygra (Supernatural has a chronic condition: the systematic elimination of characters whose names aren't Sam or Dean. Where does that leave the Winchesters? Is the show really trying to tell us they have no one but each other? Or does the overwhelming loss damage our brothers beyond repair? Is there a point at which the show becomes too tragic, the characters too damaged, to sustain a fandom?)
  • Future Proof Your E-Book Collection, led by Melina (Worried that your ebooks might become the next betamax tapes? Learn how to future-proof your Kindle, Nook and Adobe Digital Editions books with a PC and some simple, free tools. Mac discussion welcome, if a Mac person wants to share her tricks.)
  • The State of Vidding Fandom, led by Franzeska, rache sabotini (Ten years of VividCon and roughly the same years vids have been distributed online, let's talk about the state of vidding and the community of vidders. Is there one? Where is it? How do vidders fit in with fandom at large? What are the different options for watching/releasing vids, and how do they stack up for vidders and viewers? If you love vids, joinu us—whether you vid or not.)
  • Grimm: Fairy Playground, led by bren/glacis (A newbie learning his craft, a wolf best friend and a reaper for a boss—they rewrote the rules. Who could come out of this intact (and in bed)?)
  • Getting From Brain Freeze to Hot Product, led by Katbear, Barbana (How do you develop new stories or art? What sorts of sources inspire you? Do new ideas sprout like spring grass or do you struggle to get the first word planted? Share your techniques, thoughts, or questions about moving from vague concept to a story or picture that excites you enough to work on it.)
  • Pro M/M vs Fanfiction, led by Denise Raymond, Delibby (Is a natural extension of writing fanfiction filing off the serial numbers and submitting to publishers? As the m/m genre becomes more popular and widely read, is that enough? There are some terrific pro authors who write stories we like, whether that's because they're coming from media fandom or just like their fic queer or kinky. Bring lists of books, authors, and publishers to share, and make sure you have a pen, tablet, phone, or laptop to take notes.)
  • Haven: Year Three of the OT3: Trust, Allegiance, and Identity, led by Killa, zvi, Kahtya Sofia, kerithwyn (For a show that doesn't take itself too seriously, Haven has managed to develop its characters and relationships along compelling lines that feed the fannish imagination. Where will Season 3 take the characters, and how will their complex dynamic change?)
  • Festivids Review, led by Franzeska (Festivids is a fannish vid exchange inspired by the Yuletide fix exchange. This will be a vid review-style panel where we show clips from some of this year's highlight vids and talk about the challenge.)
  • Don't Call It a Bromance (It's Just Canon), led by Raine Wynd (TPTB are increasingly aware of slash, and bromance is regular fare on TV canon these days. Does overt bromance make the fic and art hotter or just vanilla? Is there an anti-slash backlash in our shows? Is the emphasis on men's relationships making women disappear? Inquiring minds want to know. If you have answers, theories, or just want to squee, join in the fun!)
  • Sherlock: After The Fall, led by Christy, jo (What can we take away from Series 2 of Sherlock? How does it fit in/compare with book canon and other interpretations of the Holmes mythos?)
  • Invasion of the Outlanders: Garrow’s Law, The Fades, Bedlam, The Fixer, Wild Boys, led by M’lyn, Jo (There have been lots of fantastic new shows premiering overseas that American audiences haven't discovered yet. From the 18th century annals of the Old Bailey to Australia's version of Butch and Sundance, there's a lot of amazing TV to catch up on. Here's a taste of what you're missing if you're only looking for Doctor Who torrents.)


  • Marvel Movie Verse: Straightening Out the Canon, Not the Characters, led by Christy and Jo (X-Men has 40 years of canon, and now over six movies with their own universe. How do they intersect and what's next?)
  • MVD Vid Retrospective Show (Sometimes the oldies really are the goodies. Mary Van Duesen has made songvids since the 1980s, working in a range of fandoms. She has also remastered many old vids, and they look better now than they ever did. Come see some old favorites, or find some new ones.)
  • Free Range Pimping, led by delibby (Can you rave about the wonders of your new show, pairing, fandom? Need somebody to listen, and then to rave about their new fandom? Come join us. Prepare to pimp and be pimped.)
  • Lost Girl: The Little Fandom That Could, led by Killa and Charlotte C. Hill (Lost Girl subverts so many traditional ideas about sexuality, gender roles, and relationships that it is seriously rich territory for fannish exploration. The stimulating subtext provides such a provocative and surprisingly subversive framework for sexy funtimes.)
  • Needles and Hooks/Cosplay, led by Dail, Elf, Elke Tanzer (Lots of fen love yarn and/or costuming. Let's share the most useful and/or silly projects we do: everything from knitted fingerless mitts for typing to crocheted willie-warmers for fun to full-on costumes. Bring your current project, some past projects to share, and even better, bring enough copies of the instructions that everybody can have one.)
  • My Heroes Have Always Been Short-Order Cooks: When AUs Run Amok, led by Jo, Jennifer (Or: Some of us LIKE canon! How to write an AU without simply writing original fic about people who vaguely look like the characters you name them.)
  • SGA: Rodney and John: What We See is Not What We Get, led by lovesrain44 (We know we're adding slash to whatever's on the screen. With McShep, we really know. John the MENSA/slacker who knows how to fit in chasing brilliant yet obnoxious Rodney? How the Hell did we ever think they wouldn't kill each other, John with his P-90 or Rodney with his brain? Come prepared to argue the pros and cons of Sheppard and McKay, support your favorite character, and argue why Ronon is/isn't damned hotter than either of them.)
  • Spartacus: By Jupiter's Cock! Let's talk Spartacus!, led by kadymae devilc (Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, and now, Vengeance. It's sublime and ridiculous and we can't get enough of it. Let us gather in our appointed Ludus and dissect all the ways in which Spartacus is like nothing else on TV.)
  • I Love My Fandom, But I Hate My Show, led by Raine Wynd and Saklani (What happens when the series canon veers off in a direction you don't like, but you can't stop being in the fandom? Do you just write/vid/consume more of the stuff you'd rather see? Do you argue with others about the changes and how the show could be saved? Or do you just fade away slowly from your once true love in search for another? How did your favorite show jump the shark?)
  • Fringe: Double the Universes, Double the Fun, led by kerithwyn, killa and gwyneth (Fringe is in its fourth season, and more complex, and compelling, than ever. Now that we've seen more of the alternate universe, it's one small step to doppelcest!... and other, less prurient interactions, of course. Come talk about the most underrated, yet brilliantly written show on TV.)
  • Consuming Our Shows—Small Meals, Group Feasts, or Binge Sessions?, written by K'Kathy (Do you watch your favorite show with a crowd? Does the group mind and....)
  • Wayback Machine (Chosen from the Escapade 2002 program book at the Welcome to Escapade panel in this hour we;ll revisit one topic with a decade's worth of hindsight.)
  • Once Upon a Time: Everything Old is New Again, led by Melina (These aren't your great aunt Zelda's fairy tales, where the greatest ambition of a "good" female character was marrying up. This show's women are dynamic decision-makers—good or evil. Is the Evil Queen redeemable or just, you know, evil? Where do the men fit in? Is this a show slash fans can warm to despite the lack of an obvious m/m pairing?)
  • Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinboard, Oh My (and GetGlue, too!), led by Franzeska, Agnes Tomorrow (In the past year, the ongoing fannish diaspora has picked up speed, as more fannish activity has moved away from LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, and onto sites like Tumblr and Twitter. And then there was the Delicious implosion. Now there's GetGlue, a social network specifically for entertainment. Let's talk about navigating these sites—their strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them.)
  • Comedies in Fandom: Unfairly Ignored?, led by Denise Raymond (Why are comedies so ignored in fandom in favor of dramas? There are a lot of great comedies out there doing unique and fun things like Parks & Recreation, New Girl, Community, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, but fandom doesn't seem to care. Why? Explore this while discussing what your favorite comedies have been up to this season or in the past.)
  • Walking Dead: Slaaaash. Must Have Slaaaash, led by K'Kathy and Jennifer (Zombies, slashable characters, killing children, Norman Reedus - what more could our dark hearts desire?)
  • SG-I: Best Fan Fiction Recommendations OR Daniel Jackson: Messiah or Hopelessly Naive Idealist?, led by Bonnie (Come prepared to share some of your favorite stories or SGI sites, and while we're doing that, we'll discuss whether ascendance helped or hurt Daniel Jackson's already stellar reputation.
  • Tour of the Zine Library, led by Elf (Scheduled tour of the Escapade zine library, including some of the more famous/controversial/ultra-rare zines.)
  • Remakes, Reboots & Sequels, led by delibby (Some are great (BSG, Dr. Who, ST), some are downright awful (S&H, Charlie's Angels, V), and some on the horizon are too scary to consider (21 Jump Street, Wiseguy). What makes remakes work. What shows would you like to see remade? What should never be touched?)
  • Professionals: Pros 101, led by Krisser (Of course this fandom still has legs, but what do newbies need to know? Crash course on the canon and fanon around Bodie, Doyle, other CI5 agents, and satellite characters and events that make reading fic and watching vids that much more fun.)
  • SW: New Buzz?, led by Katbear (Star Wars fandom has been chugging along with books, cartoons and fan creations; will the new 3D versions of the movies give it new life, bring back fond memories, or just make George even more money?)
  • Art Show Gallery Crawl, led by Naked Bee (Join us for a group stroll through the Art Show to talk about the art. Criticism and squee equally welcome!)
  • Old Fandoms - The New Shiny, led by Saklani, Franzeska (What's the appeal of getting into a fandom whose canon (show) has been off the air for a long time (i.e. 5+ years or longer)? Is it the built-in fie library/art/meta/backstory? Or is it that producers can't "ruin" a canceled show? How do you find other fans and publicize your new contributions? What can be done to continue to sustain and grow old fandoms?)
  • White Collar: We're Still slashy, But is It?, led by Julie (Are the producers and writers sabotaging our slash? Let's discuss the idea, and how to subvert the new themes back to our fannish will.)
  • Running a Fandom Thing-a-Thon for Porn and Egoboo, led by zvi (Tips, tricks, and warnings regarding the noble and inglorious herding of cats, I mean, fans, to produce the fic, art, icons, and other fanwork nearest and dearest to your heart.)
  • Orgy of Manpain, led by Bonnie, Kadymae devilc ( Call the waaambulance and bring the wangst! We all know that 'breaking the cutie' is a key component of a hero's character development. But when it all goes from subline ("mangst") to the ridiculous ("deus angst machina")? Bring a box of kleenex, because this panel aims to have you crying—with laughter.)
  • Sherlock: Series 2: Love It? Hate It? Let's Discuss, led by Tracy Lee and Charlotte C. Hill (Will discuss series 2 which has not been shown in the US. So SPOILERS galore.)
  • Mentalist, led by bren/glacis (Come talk about Jane and Cho or Lisbon or Red John or whatever engages you!)
  • Escapade Songvid Show (Featuring new and nearly new vids from a variety of fandoms, the Escapade vid show is not to be missed. Choose your viewing environment: on the big screen in San Miguel B (quiet and attentive atmosphere), or the Vid Show Annex in Buenaventura (where conversation and commentary are welcome).)
  • The Late Night Songvid Show, With Even More Shiny Vids (The late show contains a delightful variety of newer vids for those of us who never sleep—and can't get enough of good vids on the big screen. Note: if this is past your bedtime, these vids will be re-aired on Sunday at noon, and included on the con DVD set.)


  • Art Show and Charity Auction
  • Vid Show Review, led by Jo and Greensilver
  • New Media, New Forms: Everyone is a Curator, led by sinead, zvi and Naked Bee (All kinds of fanworks are more accessible than ever before. Online tech has spawned new forms: fanmixes, picspams, podfic—as well as making vids and graphic arts widely shareable. Yet fandom still tends to be defined as all about the fanfiction. How have non-written works enlarged your fannish experience. What's in your fannish gallery?)
  • Natural Woman, led by Kahtya Sofia (We've lamented the lack of strong, believable female characters (who dress appropriately). But now we have them: Gemma Teller and Audrey Parker; Salt and Haywire; we've got Bechdel-passing women who look like they can throw a punch. Still, most of them are in the sci-fi or action genre, so are we really seeing progress? And what are we doing with them, as fans?)
  • Nearly New Vids (So many wonderful vids were submitted for the Escapade show that we couldn’t fit them all in the early show. Here’s your chance to see the rest in the daylight hours (replay of the late-show vids).
  • Mag 7: My Paring is OK. Your Pairing Sucks!, led by Charlotte C. Hill, Dail, Krisser (In a fandom famous for pairing wars, let's get it all out in the open and put it to bed. Come and defend your pairing of choice, and enjoy others doing the same. Inflatable lightsabers, laughter, and the ability not to take yourself seriously. All welcome.)
  • Wildcard Panel
  • Femslash Fandom Faire, led by zvi (It's a story/With some lovely ladies/ Which needs the love of some fannish ladies to be all it can be. Come tell us why your favorite show, book, or movie is the next Wicked, Grey's, or Rizzoli & Isles (Pictures, links, bribes, welcome.)
  • H50: Keep Extremities Inside the Ride for Safety, led by M'lyn (Some fans are deeply disappointed with the second season of H50. If the show is having a sophomore slump, can it pull out of it? What are the things we desperately want to improve? How is it still going strong? Should we get off this ride/island before we're completely sick?)
  • Escapade Review
  • Dead Dog Party


One of Escapade's traditions is to sing filk songs before the vid show. This filk song was written by Jane Mailander:

Music: "Looking for Love"

Friends said "There's a new show that's starting this fall.
Get some tapes or some DVDs, or TIVO it all."
The pilot was boring, the writing just hurt.
The lead couldn't act - but then - he pulled off his shirt...
Now I'm
Watching the show for all the wrong reasons
Watching the show through too many seasons,
Acting that sucks, and plotline malfeasance -
Like -I- give a damn!
Looks like I found a brand-new obsession,
One I talk about in confession,
Can't believe - I'm watchin' this show.
I hate to admit I'm addicted to this.
I've seen grade-school plays enacted with more finesse.
I love searing dramas... that grip at the heart -
But it seems these two men grab a much lower part!
So I'm

Vid Show Playlist




Vid Show Reviews

Notes from the Vid Review panel can be found here.[1]

Con Reports and Panel Notes

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  • "Is it called the "dead dog" because we all fall asleep like dogs?"
  • "in the consuite, discussing how we think our favorite characters would vote in any given election. Cons are awesome!"
  • "In #WhiteCollar discussion despite not having seen s3. Everybody thinks you could slash Mozzie but no one wants to read it."
  • "I think lot of slash fans think they have a *lot* more impact on the choices of the writers and directors than they really do."
  • "I'm sure there are plenty of awesome vids set to slow, contemplative songs. One of these years I will actually find one."
  • "#escapadecon in seven words: it is 1990 up in this joint."
  • ""Shockingly hot ... for a retiree" overheard at #escapadecon (referring to the Die Hard vid at the vid show)."
  • ""Sometimes I think entire fandoms are mass hallucinations."
  • "I'd forgotten how slow vids were in the 80s were. Feeling very fond watching them but my attention wavers."
  • "His nipples glistened in the wind." #escapadecon
  • "The "Sherlock Series 2" and "Orgy of Manpain" discussions are at the same time. Redundant? #escapadecon



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