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Escapade 2018

Escapade 2018 was held Friday through Sunday, February 23-25, 2019 (early check-in Thursday evening) at the Embassy Suites LAX North, on the LAX strip in Los Angeles, California.


Panels were scheduled from 11 am to 6 pm on Friday, 9-6 Saturday, and 11-3 Sunday. Friday night had a dance party with snacks, cake, and party fanvids, and Saturday night had the vidshow.

Fandom-specific panels


  • Anonymity in Slash Fandom: Choosing to Hide
  • Canon vs. Subtext
  • Confronting the Tensions Between Slash and Queer Representation
  • Fanvid Feels
  • Help! Men Have Ruined Everything I Love
  • Literature 101: Let's Discuss the Literary Merit of our Fan Fiction
  • Living in the Mirrorverse
  • Not Gay if it's a Threeway?
  • One Fandom, Many Canons
  • Prudery and License from Ancient Times through the Internet Age
  • Representing Slashers
  • Utopian Fiction Recommendation Party
  • What is that Unfamiliar Itch? When You Get the Het
  • Where Have All the Good Girls Gone?
  • Why Slash?
  • Wildcard Panel


  • Alternate Slash Card Deck
  • Art Show Gallery Walk
  • Book Club
  • Fandom Dating Game
  • Fandom Tarot Deck
  • Friday Night Dance Party
  • Future of Publishing
  • Game Night
  • General Fandom Pictionary
  • How to GIF
  • How to tumblr
  • Longfic Recs Exchange
  • Pros Viewing Squee
  • The Exorcist: Buddy Priests and Existential Horror
  • The Little Black Dress of Fandom
  • Transformative Works in 3D - Crafting Your Fandom
  • Vid Review
  • Weird Bollocks

Parties, etc.

  • The After Party
  • Dead Dog Party
  • Escapade Art & Charity Auction
  • Escapade Review
  • Escapade Songvid Show
  • Escapade The Website
  • Welcome to Escapade


First Half

  • Rainbowland The Good Place violace
  • Blonde Atomic Blonde cupidsbow
  • Arrow Prison Break Isagel
  • Flares Shadowhunters Shirasade
  • No One Is Alone* Big Eden dkwilliams
  • Temple of Thought MCU Shirasade
  • We're Getting There* Rogue One k8+therobot
  • Girl With One Eye Black Widow '87 AurumCalendula
  • Look What You Made Me Do* The Hunger Games Dar
  • Halfway Away Yuri!!! on Ice starlady
  • Farscape - Major Tom Farscape Bluemeany
  • I Just Want You to Know Who I Am due South AurumCalendula
  • Learning to Fly* Stranger Things Franzeska

Second Half

  • Level Up Killjoys Scribe
  • Bring Yourself* Due South Luminosity
  • Fire Enemy Mine cupidsbow
  • Soldier MCU Shirasade
  • A Fire Is Burning* Starsky & Hutch kat-byrd
  • Ex's & Oh's* Imposters Dar
  • Look What You Made Me Do Yuri on Ice Lola
  • DS9-American Idiot Star Trek: DS9 Bluemeany
  • You Have a Choice Minority Report Valika
  • Friends Stargate Atlantis Valika
  • What About Us* Star Trek: TOS Rhaegal & Ohalovaya
  • Missionary Woman* X-Men starlady
  • Irresistible* Avengers gwyneth

Dance Party

  • I Ship It original Not Literally Productions
  • 相爱相杀大舅子 (Uncles Who Love and Kill Each Other) The Man from U.N.C.L.E (film) Yaweeeeee
  • The Russian Angel Affair The Man from U.N.C.L.E (TV) Serenaar
  • Soccer Practice Stargate Atlantis bironic
  • Baby By Me Smallville sisabet
  • Army of Two Sherlock TheWhiteLily
  • Dear Fellow Traveller due South AbsintheSpoons
  • Marvel Footloose MCU Q's Movie House
  • Airhead Stargate: SG1 Braid7
  • Put a Lid On It Rivers of London odessie
  • It's Still Science Fiction to Me multi sci-fi azurish
  • Hey Mickey Legends of Tomorrow kuwdora
  • Confident Ghostbusters shinyjenni
  • Love Today Priscilla Queen of the Desert boom queen
  • love is a danger of a different kind Shadowhunters bonibaru
  • Prime Yuri on Ice AllegoriestAMVs
  • Le Disko Awakens Star Wars Moonfoot
  • Love Is Not Enough The Two Faces of January Franzeska
  • Free Animal Hawaii Five-0 Tizixx Zhou
  • Shell Shocked Black Panther Dino Thunder14
  • I Bring the Fire Star Trek: AOS Morra Morgenstern
  • Remember the Name Star Trek: Discovery me1thinks2
  • Stray Cat Strut The Professionals zzebeddy
  • WORK THIS BODY Haikyuu!! Katie K
  • Genghis Khan original - directed by Ninian Doff
  • It's Raining Men MCU DailyAsgardianNews
  • Grace Kelly Stargate Atlantis Dianna Williams
  • Shut Up and Dance Yuri on Ice Periru3
  • Va Va Voom Merlin obsessive24
  • Fever Sherlock Holmes films talitha78
  • Holding Out for a Hero Wonder Woman chaila
  • ready or not Shadowhunters bonibaru
  • BLOW ME The Sentinel HIDING麦子
  • Tainted love Stranger Things Nymeria
  • Blow Harry Potter jlv
  • Crown Black Panther Jim Koum
  • Getting along Leverage When The Darkness Falls
  • Perfect Places Kill Your Darlings Just Some Videos
  • Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Call Me By Your Name drewsarichfangirl
  • 9 to 5 Lego Star Wars eruthros
  • I'm Blue Star Trek Treon
  • Santa's Lost His Mojo Supernatural colls
  • Tonight (I'm F**king You) White Collar talitha78
  • Americano MCU & The Losers Дочь Змеи
  • Glitter & Gold Hannibal voordeel
  • Fancy Stargate: SG1 Barkley
  • Starships multi sci-fi bironic