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Name: Franzeska Dickson
Alias(es): Franzeska, Franzi, olderthannetfic, Older Than Netfic
Type: vidder, fanwriter, metawriter and former OTW Board member (2013-2014)
Fandoms: X-Files, VR.5, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Space Precinct, Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma 1/2, Slayers, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, Crying Freeman, Forever Knight, Highlander, Crash, Harry Potter, Horatio Hornblower, Sherlock Holmes, Onmyouji, Hilary Tamar mysteries, Gabriel Knight, Supernatural, The Prestige, Speed Racer, Ocean's 11, Brothers Grimm, The Mummy, White Collar, Hawaii Five-0, Fringe, Nochnoy Dozor, Starsky & Hutch, CSI: Miami, Miami Vice, Wiseguy, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Smoke Signals, The Losers, Haven, Grimm, Longmire, MUNCLE/TMFU, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
URL: franzeska at AO3
franzeska at Dreamwidth
franzeska at LiveJournal
olderthannetfic at Tumblr
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Franzeska Dickson is a vidder and fanwriter in multiple fandoms. She has been in fandom since the mid-90s and is notable for using her real name in fandom. Fans sometimes confuse her with Francesca Coppa.

Franzeska runs the Parallels gift exchange and co-created the Media Fandom Oral History Project. She was elected to the OTW Board of Directors in fall 2012, and served until her resignation, which was effective June 2, 2014.[1]

OTW Biography

Franzeska Dickson does back office work in finance. Always a geek, she was introduced to fanfiction by at the tender age of 13 and has been in fanworks fandom ever since, first as a reader, then a writer and beta, and now a vidder. Her favorite venues and events are pan-fandom ones, including her own rare Asian fandoms exchange. She has previously served on the Content, Abuse, Webmasters, and Tag Wrangling Committees as well as filling various other volunteering positions within OTW.[2]


Franzeska got into fandom via Usenet in February 1994, when she was 13. She later moved on to eGroups/Onelist/Yahoo Groups and but left FFN for MediaMiner and FictionAlley. She was active on Livejournal during the heyday of journal-based fandom. As of 2014, she is mostly active on Dreamwidth and AO3 but remains subscribed to a number of mailing lists and is sporadically active on Tumblr. She has become interested in zines in the 2010s.


Franzeska is known for being very (very. very, very. very, very, very.) fond of any and all forms of characters being Presumed Dead, whether in her fanworks, in other people's fanworks, or in canon.

Notable Activities

Franzeska started out mostly discussing canon or lurking and reading fic, which she still does in many, many fandoms. Times she has been more visible in fandoms include:

Franzeska is a big fan of cons. She has attended Yaoi-Con, SHareCon, VividCon, CON.TXT, Escapade, BASCon, and others. She is also known to be a regular at fail-fandomanon and famed for the terrifying length of her gift exchange letters.

Notable Fanfic

Notable Fanvids

While some of Franzeska's more notable vids are more varied, she is primarily known for her adoration of Lord King Bad Vids and meta crack.

Other Fanworks

Franzeska started posting to Livejournal in 2002 and wrote many meta posts during Livejournal's heyday. She also wrote Your Vagina is a Bigot; My Vagina is a Saint in 2016, a work controversial largely for its claims about race in fandom. She has been known to do fan art very occasionally. She has done some fan translation from Spanish and Japanese to English.


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