Parallels (gift exchange)

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Name: Parallels
Date(s): 2011-2020
Founder: Franzeska
Type: gift exchange
Fandom: rarefandom, multifandom
Associated Community: parallelsfic @ livejournal, parallelsfic @ dreamwidth
URL: AO3 Collection
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Parallels is an annual fanwork exchange for rare fandoms of media from Asia. It was created in response to Yuletide, and is run by Franzeska on AO3. It started as a fanfiction exchange, but 2012 it was turned into a multimedia exchange and now includes fanfiction, fanart and vids.[1] From the FAQ:

Q: What kinds of fandoms are allowed?

A: Rare fandoms of any type of media from anywhere in Asia. (Anime, Bollywood films, kdramas, manhua, tokusatsu, komiks, RPF...)

Q: How do you define "Asia"?

A: With extreme vagueness. Anything on that top map in the Asia article on Wikipedia is fair game. I'll let in anything from Russia and any place that's partly in Asia or whose status is ambiguous. At this time, I am not allowing media about Asia but produced elsewhere (e.g. historical novels set in Asia but written and published in the US).[2]


  • Reveals were in August.
  • There were 64 works in 68 fandoms.


  • Reveals were in August.
  • 41 participants created 50 works in 51 fandoms.