Haven (SyFy)

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Name: Haven
Creator: Sam Ernst, Jim Dunn
Date(s): 2010–
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: USA/Canada
External Links: Official Site
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Haven is an original production for the SyFy channel filmed in Nova Scotia (standing in for Maine). The show is loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid, retaining the idea of a young female protagonist and two older newspaper men as well as the small town setting but adding supernatural elements and many new characters.

Audrey Parker is the star of the show. She is an FBI agent with a mysterious past who is seconded to the local police department in Haven, Maine where she works with partner Nathan Wuornos and his father, the Chief. Rounding out the core characters is smuggler and rogue Duke Crocker and the owners of the local paper, Vince Teague and Dave Teague. Audrey is open minded about paranormal or supernatural explanations for the many strange things that happen in Haven and throughout the first season, she, and the audience, gradually learn more about Haven, its people and its secrets.


Haven immediately attracted buzz among fans before it ever aired for having a woman FBI agent as the centre of the action and also for containing many of the supernatural elements many fans love.

The canon relationships between Audrey, Nathan and Duke are complicated enough to make any fan happy. Audrey and Nathan definitely have some UST. Duke flirts with everyone, including Audrey, and seemingly at times, Nathan, who he has an antagonistic relationship with. Fans can easily find het, slash and threesome pairings in the main cast.

The casefic structure of the show, where each episode is a single paranormal case for Audrey and Nathan to solve, makes it easy for gen fans to explore other cases or to delve into the overall storyarc of just what's behind all the weirdness in Haven.

The fandom is small, with a few Yuletide stories appearing in 2010 as well as a trickle of works over the span of the first season.

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