Elke Tanzer

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Name: Elke Tanzer
Type: fanwriter, reccer, link collector
Fandoms: HP, fannish butterfly
URL: Elke's Obsession (website), Elke on Dreamwidth, Elke on Journalfen, Elke on Insanejournal, Elke on Livejournal
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Elke Tanzer writes and recs in many different fandoms.

She also makes a habit of collecting links along themed lines in her Livejournal's "memories". These memories became the central gathering place for con reports (including con*strict, CON.TXT, Connexions, Escapade, and Vividcon, recs for various challenges (including I Saw Three Ships and Yuletide), fandom information for a variety of fandoms, and more.

She was a prolific contributor to The Directorium.