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Name/s: OfMonstersAndWerewolves
Fandom/s: Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Warehouse 13, The Legend of Zelda, Wolfblood, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, His Dark Materials, Of Monsters and Men, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Gentleman Jack, One Day At A Time, Good Omens, Merlin, Derry Girls, Wynonna Earp, Horrible Histories, Fire Emblem, Only Fools and Horses, Batwoman (TV series), Zoo Tycoon, Cats (musical), Watership Down, Phantom Manor, Theme Parks, Stellar Firma, Horizon (Gaming Series), Bastille, Ace Attorney, among many, many others
You can find me at: Ao3 Tumblr
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Been editing and creating pages since early October 2020. Worked extensively on several OUAT pages: Alice Jones, Robin Mills, Curious Archer and KnightRook.

My username comes from my love of both werewolves (mostly of the fantasy variety, rather than horror) and the band Of Monsters and Men.

For the foreseeable future in 2022, my main focus is on updating and creating Doctor Who related pages (see here)

Fannish History

I'd been creating fanworks and headcanons offline before I knew there was a term for it, probably most notably for The Lion King, though I've never posted any of it online.

I don't know specifically what my very first introduction to the world of fanfiction was, but one of the earliest instances I can remember was a few Remadora fics, apparently on LiveJournal (though I didn't know at the time what the site was) - specifically shimotsuki's story stash. One fic in particular, By a Thread, is one I was especially obsessed with.

The first fandom in which I was actively participating in online was Doctor Who, the show that means the absolute world to me and holds (and probably always will) a special place in my heart. I won't say where I was active mind. Shout out to Series 6, for reasons. And yes, my favourite showrunner of NuWho is Moffat.

I joined Tumblr to talk about Curious Archer, and am trying to help keep the fandom alive. Join us! We have beignets!

My Tumblr is now a hodgepodge of various fandoms, and left wing politics.

Fannish Contributions

I'm primarily a Femslash shipper, and hence most of my fics have reflected that. I'm very much open to writing whatever though, as I write based on whatever ideas spring up in my head.

I've written fanfic for the following fandoms:


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To Do List

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