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Pairing: Rum Tum Tugger/Mr. Mistoffelees
Alternative name(s): Tuggstoffelees
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Cats
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: fandom OTP
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Tuggoffelees is a pairing in Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS of The Rum Tugger and Mr. Mistoffelees. This pairing is, as of July 2020, the most popular ship in the fandom, appearing in almost one-third of all works tagged as CATS on AO3.[1]


It is unclear at what point Tuggoffelees overtook Mistoria as the most popular ship, but Tugger and Mistoffelees have been shipped to some degree since the beginning of the fandom. Many fans refer to 1998 film as their primary ezample of why they ship the two, and specifically moment in each of their stand-out songs. Shippers often point specifically to the song Mr. Mistoffelees and how Tugger seems to be in awe of his magical ability throughout it,[2] as well as the "terrible bore" line The Rum Tugger, which is often given to Mistoffelees.[3]

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