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The Pokémon fandom is infamous for its extensive idiosyncratic pairing names that are often confusing and intimidating to newbies.

Naming Conventions

Nearly every conceivable pairing has a name in the form "____Shipping" (though the "s" may or may not be capitalized). These names are generated by fans, usually on forums. Some pairings have a name that is more or less universally-accepted while other pairings have no general consensus on what should be the ship's "official" name. Though most ship names attempted to relate the characters involved, such as PalletShipping because both characters come from Pallet Town, many are seemingly random and inexplicable (though the Shipping Names Explained thread at Bulbagarden has attempted to shed light on some of the mysteries).

One benefit of the ship-naming tradition is that it applies equally to the parts of the fandom that use characters' Japanese names and those that use characters' English names. It is common to see pairings designated by names separated with an "x" (which sometimes but not necessarily designates the seme and uke), but fans often feel the need to include both the Japanese and English names of the characters; for example, a fic might be labelled Ash/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi. This, as well as portmanteaus such as SatoKasu and ShiShi, could confuse fans not familiar with characters' Japanese names (especially if they are used to Western fandom designating pairings with a virgule).

Today, the go-to list of ship names is The (In)Complete List of Shippers, which takes submissions of new pairing names on a mostly first-come first-serve basis. As of November 2011, it has over 11,000 different pairing names. Below is a list of some of the most common pairings and their various names.

Animeverse Pairings

Person/Person Pairings

"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category
AdvanceShipping Ash x May Satoshi x Haruka SatoHaru (サトハル) AdvancedShipping, AaMayL, ADV m/f het
AmourShipping Ash x Serena Satoshi x Serena SatoSere ChildhoodShipping, AASL m/f het
ApprenticeShipping Tracey x Professor Oak Kenji x Dr. Ōkido IdolShipping, HeroworShipping m/m slash
BoulderShipping Ash x Brock Satoshi x Takeshi SatoTake (サトタケ) CompanionShipping m/m slash
BrocketShipping Brock x James
or Brock x Jessie
Takeshi x Kojirō
Takeshi x Musashi
TakeKoji (タケコジ)
TakeMusa (タケムサ)
JimShipping, KoiShipping
m/m slash
m/f het
CafeMochaShipping Ash x Cilan Satoshi x Dent m/m slash
CavalierShipping Gary x Dawn Shigeru x Hikari ShigeHika (シゲヒカ) GADawnL m/f het
ColdCoffeeShipping Barry x Paul Jun x Shinji JunShin (ジュンシン),
ShinJun (シンジュン)
m/m slash
ComaShipping Paul x Ash Shinji x Satoshi ShinSato (シンサト) m/m slash
ContestShipping Drew x May Shū x Haruka ShuHaru (シュウハル) DAML m/f het
DaddyShipping Ash x Sammy Oak Satoshi x Yukinari SatoYuki (サトユキ),
YukiSato (ユキサト)
m/m slash
EgoShipping Gary x Misty Shigeru x Kasumi DenialShipping m/f het
GymShipping Brock x Misty Takeshi x Kasumi TakeKasu (タケカス) m/f het
IkariShipping Paul x Dawn Shinji x Hikari ShinHika (シンヒカ),
PADL m/f het
ImageShipping Misty x May Kasumi x Haruka HaruKasu (ハルカス) f/f femslash
KissShipping Ash x Melody Satoshi x Fleura SatoFleu (サトフル) m/f het
KodakShipping Trip x Ash Shooty x Satoshi m/m slash
LightrockShipping Brock x Dawn Takeshi x Hikari TakeHika (タケヒカ) m/f het
MareShipping Ash x Bianca Satoshi x Kanon m/f het
MemeShipping Ethan x Serena Ethan x Serena EthaSere m/f het
MorpheusShipping Ash x Angie Satoshi x Aoi SatoAo (サトアオ) m/f het
NegaiShipping Ash x Iris Satoshi x Iris SatoAi (サトアイ),
AaIL, PalmtreeShipping m/f het
OrangeShipping Tracey x Misty Kenji x Kasumi KenKasu (ケンカス) OrangeIslandShipping m/f het
PalletShipping Ash x Gary Satoshi x Shigeru ShigeSato (シゲサト),
SatoShige (サトシゲ),
ShiShi (シシ)
ShiShiShipping m/m slash
PearlShipping Ash x Dawn Satoshi x Hikari SatoHika (サトヒカ),
AADL, ShinouShipping m/f het
PokéShipping Ash x Misty Satoshi x Kasumi SatoKasu (サトカス),
BikeShipping, GakiShipping, etc.
m/f het
SapphirePearlShipping May x Dawn Haruka x Hikari HikaHaru (ヒカハル),
HaruHika (ハルヒカ)
f/f femslash
ShoppingShipping Brock x May Takeshi x Haruka TakeHaru (タケハル) NeoThirdWheelShipping m/f het
RocketShipping James x Jessie Kojirō x Musashi KojiMusa (コジムサ) Jessie x James, JAJL m/f het
TwinleafShipping Barry x Dawn Jun x Hikari JunHika (ジュンヒカ) FutabaShipping m/f het
WishfulShipping Cilan x Iris Dent x Iris DenA (デンアイ) m/f het

Person/Pokémon Pairings

"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category
AltoShipping Ash x Latias
(can also be Ash x Bianca)
Satoshi x Latias SatoLati (サトラティ) m/f het
BlueShipping James x Meowth Kojirō x Nyarth m/m slash
PikaShipping Ash x Pikachu Satoshi x Pikachu m/m slash
SatochuShipping Ashachu x Pikachu Satochu x Pikachu AshachuShipping m/m slash

Threesomes and Moresomes

"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category
SakataShipping Ash x Misty x Brock Satoshi x Kasumi x Taksehi Sakata m/f/m threesome
(het and slash)

Gameverse Pairings


"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category Region
BurningLeafShipping Red x Leaf Red x Leaf LuckyShipping f/m het Kanto
CheckmateShipping Cheren x Hilda (White) Cheren x Tōko f/m het Unova
ChessShipping Hilbert (Black) x Hilda (White) Tōya x Tōko TouTou (トウトウ) AgencyShipping f/m het Unova
ClingyShipping Lucas (Diamond) x Barry (Pearl) Kōki x Jun m/m slash Sinnoh
ConflictingShipping Blue x Leaf Green x Leaf OldrivalShipping f/m het Kanto
FerrisWheelShipping N x Hilda (White) N x Tōko f/m het Unova
FortuneShipping Lucas x Dawn (Platinum) Kōki x Hikari KouHika (コウヒカ) ShinouShipping, CommonerShipping f/m het Sinnoh
HeartSoulShipping Ethan (Gold) x Lyra Hibiki x Kotone HibiKoto (ヒビコト) NeoQuestShipping f/m het Johto
HoennShipping Brendan (Ruby) x May (Sapphire) Yūki x Haruka YuuHaru (ユウハル) FranticShipping f/m het Hoenn
PreciousMetalShipping Ethan (Gold) x Silver Hibiki x Silver HunterShipping m/m slash Johto
IsshuShipping Hilbert (Black) x N Tōya x N m/m slash Unova
KuroShipping Hilbert (Black) x Cheren Tōya x Cheren m/m slash Unova
LoverivalShipping Brendan (Ruby) x Wally Yūki x Mitsuru RaltsShipping m/m slash Hoenn
OriginalShipping Red x Blue Red x Green MasaraShipping, NamelessShipping m/m slash Kanto
NewBarkShipping Ethan (Gold) x Kris (Crystal) Hibiki x Kris QuestShipping, MangaQuestShipping f/m het Johto
NewRivalShipping Wally x May (Sapphire) Mitsuru x Haruka RaltsShipping f/m het Hoenn
RebelShipping Hilbert (Black) x Bianca Tōya x Bel f/m het Unova
RedemptionShipping Kris (Crystal) x Silver Kris x Silver SpecialJewelShipping f/m het Johto
SequelShipping Rosa x Hugh Mei x Hyuu f/m het Unova
ShiroShipping Hilda (White) x Bianca Tōko x Bel f/f femslash Unova
SoulSilverShipping Lyra x Silver Kotone x Silver SpecialJewelShipping f/m het Johto
TwinleafShipping Barry (Pearl) x Dawn (Platinum) Jun x Hikari FutabaShipping f/m het Sinnoh
NewReplacementShipping Kris (Crystal) x Lyra (Pokémon character) Kris x Kotone f/f femslash; clonecest Johto
ContestQueenShipping May (Sapphire) x Lisia Haruka x Lutia f/f femslash Hoenn
GreySkyShipping Nate x Hugh Kyouhei x Hyuu m/m slash Unova
DarkmistShipping Hugh x Cheren Cheren x Hyuu m/m slash Unova
DualRivalShipping Cheren x Bianca Cheren x Bel f/m het Unova
VisorShipping Nate x Rosa Kyouhei x Mei f/m het Unova
TranceiverShipping Nate x Yancy Kyouhei x Ruri f/m het Unova
LiveCasterShipping Rosa x Curtis Mei x Tetsu f/m het Unova
BoutiqueShipping Serena x Shauna Sana x Serena f/f femslash Kalos
Tierno x Trevor Tierno x Trova m/m slash Kalos
KalosShipping Serena x Calem Serena x Calme f/m het Kalos
BrightTomorrowShipping Shauna x Calem Shauna x Calme f/m het Kalos
AbandonmentShipping Serena x Emma Serena x Matiere f/f femslash Kalos
MoonlilyShipping Moon x Lillie Moon x Lilie OceanflowerShipping f/f femslash Alola
CuteBonesShipping Hau x Gladion Hau x Glazio SunAndCloudShipping m/m slash Alola
MonochromeShipping Hilbert (Black) x N x Hilda (White) Tōya x N x Tōko m/m/fot3 Unova
EntourageShipping Lucas (Diamond) x Dawn (Platinum) x Barry (Pearl) Kōki x Hikari x Jun m/m/f ot3 Sinnoh
GodTierShipping N x Red N x Red m/m slash Crossover
LonaShipping Moon x Gladion Moon x Glazio f/m het Kalos
AllWrongShipping N x Cheren N x Cheren m/m slash Unova
SecondBestShipping N x Nate N x Kyouhei m/m slash Unova
OrphanedShipping N x Emma N x Matiere f/m het Crossover
VoidCubeShipping Rosa x N Mei x N f/m het Unova
TokiwaShipping Lyra x Leaf Kotone x Leaf f/f femslash Crossover

Non-Player Characters

Gym leaders, Elite Four members, etc. not shipped with main protagonists or rivals.

"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category Region
SacredShipping Morty x Eusine Matsuba x Minaki MatsuMina, MinaMatsu m/m slash Johto
OriginShipping Steven Stone x Wallace Daigo x Mikuri DaiMiku (ダイミク), MikuDai (ミクダイ) m/m slash Hoenn
GracefulShipping Wallace x Winona Mikuri x Nagi MikuNagi, MizuTori f/m het Hoenn
HardenShipping Archie x Maxie Aogiri x Matsubusa m/m slash Hoenn
IgnitionShipping Flint x Volkner Ouba x Denzi ODen, DenO m/m slash Sinnoh
GlistenShipping Maylene x Candice Sumomo x Suzuna f/f femslash Sinnoh
BetelgeuseShipping Cyrus x Mars Akagi x Mars f/m het Sinnoh
AirplaneShipping Elesa x Skyla Kamitsure x Huuro f/f het Unova
PerfectWorldShipping Professor Sycamore x Lysandre Dr. Platane x Fleur-de-lis FuraPura (フラプラ) m/m slash Kalos
LaserbladeShipping Clemont x Korrina Citron x Corni f/m het Kalos
BoilingWaterShipping Malva x Siebold Pachira x Zumi f/m het Kalos
ChangeTheWorldShipping Lysandre x Cyrus Fleur-de-lis x Akagi m/m slash Crossover
ClonegeuseShipping Archer x Ariana Apollo x Athena f/m het Johto
CoolCapeShipping Ghetsis x Olympia G-Cis x Gojika f/m het Crossover
CommanderShipping Shelly x Tabitha Izumi x Homura f/m het Hoenn
DreamyHairShipping Fennel x Colress Makomo x Achroma f/m het Unova
FlamingFelineShipping Lysandre x Olympia Fleur-de-lis x Gojika f/m het Kalos
FrozenFanboyShipping Brycen x Zinzolin Hachiku x Vio m/m slash Unova
GingaShipping Saturn x Cyrus Saturn x Akagi m/m slash Sinnoh
HippocraticShipping Ghetsis x Lysandre G-Cis x Fleur-de-lis m/m slash Crossover
LaunchShipping Proton x Archer Lance x Apollo m/m slash Crossover
MizuhikiShipping Cynthia x Cyrus Shirona x Akagi f/m het Unova
AbsoluteControlShipping Giovanni x Cyrus Sakaki x Akagi m/m slash Crossover
AlphaFemaleShipping Courtney x Shelly Kagari x Izumi f/f femslash Hoenn
AntiGravityShipping Ghetsis x Colress G-Cis x Achroma m/m slash Unova
BeautifulPerfectionShipping Lysandre x Ghetsis Fleur-de-lis x G-Cis m/m slash Crossover
BeautifulWorldShipping Malva x Lysandre Pachira x Fleur-de-lis f/m het Kalos
NaturalChromeShipping N x Colress N x Achroma m/m slash Unova
NibiruShipping Cyrus x Olympia Akagi x Gojika f/m het Crossover
PseudoScientificShipping Colress x Caitlin Achroma x Cattleya f/m het Unova
SinfulShipping Jupiter x Mars Jupiter x Mars f/f femslash Sinnoh
SkullShipping Guzma x Plumeria Guzma x Plumeria f/m het Alola
SupremacyShipping Aliana x Bryony Akebi x Bara f/f femslash Kalos
SyntheticRuinationShipping Guzma x Lusamine Guzma x Lusamine f/m het Alola
TbhShipping Jupiter x Cyrus Jupiter x Akagi f/m het Sinnoh
WisdomShipping Petrel x Arian Lambda x Athena f/m het Crossover
YakuzaShipping Giovanni x Ariana Sakaki x Athena f/m het Crossover
YinAndYangShipping Professor Oak x Giovanni Dr. Ookido x Sakaki m/m slash Kanto
RockSmashShipping Roxanne x Brawly Tsutsuji x Touki f/m het Hoenn
DevilShipping Sidney x Phoebe Kagetsu x Fuyō f/m het Hoenn
SeamountShipping Matt x Tabitha Ushio x Homura m/m slash Hoenn
InterpolShipping Nanu x Looker Kuchinashi x Handsome m/m slash Crossover
FireworkShipping Lysandre x Giovanni Fleur-de-lis x Sakaki m/m slash Crossover
NeverYoungShipping Lysandre x Lusamine Lysandre x Lusamine m/f het Crossover
BlackandBlueShipping Lysandre x Guzma Lysandre x Guzma m/m slash Crossover
SteelFedoraShipping Steven Stone x Riley Daigo x Gen m/m slash Crossover


NPCs (who aren't rivals) shipped with protagonists/rivals.

"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category Region
ChampionShipping May (Sapphire) x Steven Stone Haruka x Daigo f/m het Hoenn

BlueOrbShipping May (Sapphire) x Archie Haruka x Aogiri f/m het Hoenn
CannonShipping Proton x Lyra Lance x Kotone f/m het Johto
RedOrbShipping May (Sapphire) x Maxie Haruka x Matsubusa f/m het Hoenn
DroughtShipping Brendan (Ruby) x Maxie Yūki x Matsubusa m/m slash Hoenn
EnvironmentShipping May (Sapphire) x Archie x Maxie Haruka x Aogiri x Matsubusa m/m/f ot3 Hoenn
EverlastnightNightShipping Guzma x Moon Guzma x Moon f/m het Alola
GoldenLaunchShipping Proton x Ethan (Gold) Lance x Hibiki m/m slash Johto
GretelShipping Hilda (White) x Ghetsis Tōko x G-Cis f/m het Unova
IridiumShipping Serena x Professor Sycamore x Lysandre Serena x Dr. Platane x Fleur-de-lis m/m/f ot3 Kalos
JezebelShipping Lyra x Petrel Kotone x Lambda f/m het Johto
KingsRockShipping Serena x Lysandre Serena x Fleur-de-lis f/m het Kalos
MoonringShipping Colress x Rosa Achroma x Mei f/m het Unova
NobelPrideShipping Lysandre x Calem Fleur-de-lis x Calme m/m slash Kalos
ReformShipping Red x Giovanni Red x Sakaki m/m slash Kanto
ThwartShipping Giovanni x Leaf Sakaki x Leaf f/m het Kanto
GirlPowerShipping Cynthia x Dawn (Platinum) Shirona x Hikari f/f femslash Sinnoh
SpectralColorShipping Nate x Colress Kyouhei x Achroma m/m slash Unova
KerrShipping Calem x Professor Sycamore Calme x Dr. Platane m/m slash Kalos
AkatsukiShipping Dawn (Platinum) x Cyrus Hikari x Akagi f/m het Sinnoh

Mangaverse Pairings

Pokémon Adventures/Special Pairings

"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category
GymShipping Brock x Misty Takeshi x Kasumi TakeKasu (タケカス) m/f het
LuckyShipping Red x Green Red x Blue ReBuru (レブル) m/f het
MangaPokéShipping Red x Misty Red x Kasumi ReKasu (レカス)
OldrivalShipping Blue x Green Green x Blue GuriBuru (グリブル) m/f het
OriginalShipping Red x Blue Red x Green m/m slash
PreciousMetalShipping Gold x Silver ShiruGo(シルゴ),
GoShiru (ゴシル)
m/m slash
SpecialShipping Red x Yellow Red x Yellow ReIe (レイエ) m/f het

Electric Tale of Pikachu Pairings

"Shipping" Name English Cross Japanese Cross Portmanteaus Other Names Gender Category
MangaShipping Brock x Sabrina Takeshi x Natsume TakeNatsu (タケナツ) m/f het