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Pairing: Ash/Bianca
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: het
Fandom: Pokémon
Canonical?: possibly?
Prevalence: minor
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MareShipping is the belief that Ash Ketchum and Bianca are a couple or should be a couple. It comes from the movie, Pokémon Heroes.


When Ash is handed the picture of him and Pikachu, it is thought by supporters to be Bianca, because it is unusual for anyone to give away someone else's art (however, Pokémon themselves might not hold the same concepts of ownership, and is impossible to say if Latias would not give Ash something that wasn't hers, or if the sketch wasn't done for or by Latias, making it hers to give away, regardless). Bianca's hat is left on the easel. There is a possibility that Bianca tried to look like Latias in her human guise by leaving her hat there so that Ash wouldn't think it was Bianca who kissed him. When Ash sees Bianca and Lorenzo in trouble, Ash cries, "Bianca! And Lorenzo." Notice that he says Bianca's name first and with more enthusiasm, showing that he cares about her. Ash initially thinks it is Bianca first when Latias approached him, even after he knew Latias often took her form. Therefore, he was in a way looking forward to Bianca being there


Since Bianca was only mentioned in one movie, this ship isn't one of the more popular ships from the series.

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