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Pairing: Ash Ketchum/Iris
Alternative name(s): NegaiShipping, SatoAi (or SatoIris)
Gender category: het
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
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NegaiShipping is the name for the romantic pairing of Ash Ketchum and Iris in the Pokémon anime.

While some fans are open to this ship, many PokéShippers, Advanceshippers, and PearlShippers were upset when yet again another person joining Ash in his journey instead of his other friends journeying with them.


Negai is from the Japanese characters 願い (negai), which means "wish" (in terms of desire, prayer, or request). It is used to refer to the title of the Japanese series, "Best Wishes," because WishShipping had already been in use to refer to the Max/Jirachi pairing.

The Japanese portmanteau, SatoAi, is a combination of the character names Satoshi and Iris; "Ai" is the phonetic pronunciation of the long "i" sound.

Canon Interaction

Because pairings in the Pokémon anime very rarely become canonical, fans often debate about possible romances occurring off-screen or that may occur in the future. NegaiShippers have collected "evidence" from the various seasons of the anime as well as the official movies to support their pairing. For a complete list of "evidence," see Shipping:NegaiShippers at Bulbapedia or Episode Hints at Negaishipping World.

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