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Name: Wally (Mitsuru)
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer
Title/Rank: Trainer, Rival
Location: Petalburg City, Hoenn
Status: alive
Relationships: Wanda (cousin)
Fandom: Pokémon
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Wally is a rival character in the Generation III Pokémon video games. He also appears in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

There are many ships in the Pokémon fandom that feature Wally. Popular game pairings include LoverivalShipping (Wally/Brendan) and NewRivalShipping (or ProtégéShipping) (Wally/May), and popular manga pairings include RaltsShipping (Wally/Ruby) and MangaNewRivalShipping (Wally/Sapphire).

Other game pairings include VictoryRoadShipping (or WanderShipping) (Wally/Steven), and HairColorShipping (Brendan/Kris/Wally). GemShipping can refer to either a game ship (Brendan/May/Wally) or a manga ship (Ruby/Sapphire/Wally). Wally is also sometimes shipped with Pokémon, such as with BorrowedShipping (Wally/Ralts) and ElixirShipping (Wally/Gardevoir).

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